About the Trigger Word “Sustainable”

After yesterday’s post about the trigger word “entitlement,” someone asked me, “How is sustainable a trigger word? In that it implies the current way is not sustainable? I don’t quite understand it.” I have posted on Agenda 21 before, but some people either weren’t interested, didn’t read my blog then, or haven’t made the connection. I don’t think any of you are “dummies,” but the Agenda 21 For Dummies video [below] summarizes things quite well. As you watch, you’ll learn that “sustainable” became the less offensive code word for “Agenda 21,” another of those global control treaties signed in 1992, along with the dreaded Codex Alimentarius.

The Codex focuses on controlling every aspect of our lives through food, in particular by restricting everything to BigAg and BigPharma, including mandatory rBGH in all cows and milk and the regulation of all foods, crops and natural supplements. Europe is seeing the fruits of Codex in action with the move to criminalize all heirloom seeds just two years after making most herbs and natural remedies illegal. Enforcement presents challenges, but Europeans have already witnessed major restrictions on homeopathic medicines, “novel” foods (i.e. most superfoods that weren’t introduced in Europe until after 1992) and now with seed saving and even growing anything non-GMO-corporate owned.

Agenda 21 focuses on restricting land use. Just as the Codex presents itself as an innocuous attempt to “protect” people from “potentially harmful substances” (like peppermint or organic foods!), Agenda 21 presents itself as a logical, eco-friendly way to build communities. The initial stages make so much sense that many communities find themselves saturated in Agenda 21 dogma and financial agreements before they realize what they’ve signed on for. Like Codex and now the TPP, Agenda 21 aims for total global control, rejecting national sovereignty, state or local laws in favor of corporate-government decided “regulations.” The end game involves postage stamp sized mini-apartments, stacked high into the sky in extremely dense urban areas with rural life ended as “unsustainable” and the Earth left free for only a small number of self-appointed elites. The rest of the world’s population will remain corralled in mega-cities, all in the name of “smart growth and sustainability.”

I won’t post the rather colorful reply I sent to my friend who asked about why some people take offense at the word “sustainable,” as this topic really gets the Fire Faery spewing creative …. well, you get the idea. I love, love, love Mama Earth, but I prefer people directed initiatives, not sneaky, co-opted local “decisions” designed to steal land without compensation, dumb down our population (yes, Common Core follows Agenda 21 guidelines) or turn pristine natural areas into high density housing or business parks in the name of “saving Gaia.” Can you spell crony-Communist hypocrites? I can. Agenda 21 sounds good. At first. But when you dig deeper, you begin to recognize some truly disturbing, yet somehow not surprising, globalist takeover tactics. Although every entity has some kind people working in it, in general, the UN is not your friend.

I will post several videos and links below, so that you can educate yourselves. Goshen is saturated in Agenda 21 initiatives, and many people here find those changes (bike paths, neighborhood associations, revamped higher density downtown buildings) some of the most positive things happening here. These changes seem so innocuous and obviously positive that many liberals cannot understand the massive Tea Party resistance to something as seemingly no-brainer as a bike path. What liberals don’t realize is that this — “Goshen has been selected as 1 of 10 pilot communities to work with the American Planning Association (APA) Sustaining Places program on developing Comprehensive Plan standards. The city will likely be incorporating some of the APA standards into the update of the current comprehensive plan.” — is in-your-face Agenda 21.

Instead of refusing to participate, though, I intend to attend all the planning meetings I can. Why not have influence on where I live? The globalists will push their agenda anyway, tying to standardize guidelines around the globe. Since some of the core principles of Agenda 21 make sense, some of us have decided to attend the meetings to figure out ways to implement needed changes without bowing to federal funding that traps our community into unforeseen agreements. Yes, the creative work around! We cannot honestly look at the state of our world and our land and refuse to recognize that we need to change. The question becomes how will we change? And at whose demand? Since Goshen exists as one of only 10 pilot communities for this project, I view this as a great opportunity to honor the planet in ways that also respect people’s freedom and property, especially our precious, small organic farms.

If you live in one of the following 10 pilot communities, I encourage you to get busy and make your voice heard. You probably won’t get your community out of prearranged agreements, but you can have major influence over the way things go down. As Julian Rose says in his latest fabulous article, “Now You’re in Charge.” Clear your vision and find the courage and conviction to help implement it. When each of us does what we can in our own communities, we ensure the most positive outcomes around the world. Just because some people came up with a tricky global plan for domination, doesn’t mean we can’t pick and choose the best fruits from that plan while refusing to let those fruits’ seeds take over the world. We have influence — far more than most people recognize. The globalist control freaks count on the peon’s not stepping into their own power and responsibility.

According to the Sustaining Places site: “APA has selected 10 pilot communities to help refine the plan standards developed by the Comprehensive Plan Standards Working Group and explore the possibility of a designation program:

Auburn, Washington
Foxborough, Massachusetts
Goshen, Indiana
Memphis/Shelby County, Tennessee
New Hanover County, North Carolina
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Rock Island, Illinois
Seattle, Washington
Savona, New York
Wheeling, West Virginia

“These communities were selected based on the following criteria:

Size of jurisdiction
Stage in comprehensive planning process
Commitment to monthly conference calls and attendance at the National Planning Conference (NPC) in Atlanta April 2014

“If you have comments or questions, send an e-mail to compplan@planning.org .”

Below you’ll find some of the best videos and links I’ve found, which explain Agenda 21. If you know what you’re dealing with, you can much better navigate the fine line between empowered, intelligent communities ready for the future … and complete global dystopia living in shoe boxes without a breath of fresh air, individuality or freedom. You decide by your vision and your actions.

For those who think this is all Right-Wing conspiracy crazy talk, I’d suggest you visit the site: Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21.

The following video shows a Democrat Pro-Choice Lesbian speaking to a Tea Party luncheon, because these people recognize the need to work together:

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  1. Posted by Nikkoale on January 21, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    I first heard about Agenda 21 back in the 1990s when I was the editor/publisher of a small regional newspaper that covered companion animals. I sounded the caution back then about Agenda 21. Fortunately, my readers were fairly savvy about what it was trying to do. But I only had a small readership, so the word didn’t get “out there” in great numbers.



  2. There may be specific and targeted pilot communities, yet there are signs of Agenda 21 everywhere…insidious developments within many communities. In Santa fe we have a proliferation of condominiums and other multi-family units built alongside the government buildings and main street in town during the early-mid 2000’s, a barely used rail system and bike/walking path that runs through the complex of these condos, a so-called community park and gathering area where the farmers market, artisan shops, and primary rail station exist…all with approved plans and a lot of money to expand this particular area in a time when so many other businesses are failing. What town of 75,000 needs three multiplex cinemas with 6-14 theatres in each…and plans to build yet another? And these are just a few of the more obvious signs of related and hidden efforts to centralize and contain…



  3. Thanks for raising the alarm however you can/could, Nikkoale. I hope that as things have traveled further along more people begin to pay attention.

    Chele, I remember some of that from when we lived in Santa Fe — and many of the most traditional businesses and homes suffering!

    Rosa Koire (the Democrat against UN Agenda 21) is from Santa Rosa, CA, where I used to live. She mentions what’s happening in Sonoma County, and I can vouch for what she says. Where we lived in Petaluma had been constructed as condo’s per Agenda 21 guidelines, complete with the mixed use retail space as part of them. No one bought the condos and they were completed shoddily, and even years after construction, no one rented out the retail space. Meanwhile, we have all these cookie cutter “communities” springing up all over the place.

    Just last night I saw that Goshen is proud to announce new “high end” townhomes that will line the natural area by the Mill Race, turning it into Yuppieville with $200,000 – $500,000 stacked and packed units 7 per building. The average single home price in Goshen is around $70K-100K, so I’m wondering who in their right mind is going to pay such exorbitant prices (for here) so they can hear their neighbors and be relegated to condo regulations.

    Granted, many of the single homes in Goshen are run down, but the encroachment of Agenda 21 is off the charts here. Why? Because like so many areas, the economic “recession” has left city officials desperate for quick money that looks helpful on the surface. I’ve had very little luck explaining Agenda 21 even to Transition folks. My next angle will be to try to attend a Republican meeting at least to make people aware of the planning meetings happening over the next few months. I’m not trying to start fights, but if we can find ways to create the essence of positive changes w/o hitching ourselves to crippling debt and obligations to the Feds and UN, then I think we will all be happier in the long run. Unfortunately, the PR folks for Agenda 21 are REALLY good. In this world how do you look rational when fighting “green,” “sustainable” and “bike paths?” The people who have finally begun to listen to me at Transition are working to find ways to address the needs through private enterprises and personal initiatives so that any city regulations become redundant. That’s the best I think we can do at this time, since clearly, the agreements have already been made.

    Shiver me timbers! As I wrote to a friend of mine last night:

    This world is so tremendously f*cked that it’s a good thing I’m an optimist who believes in pixie dust, alternate universes and magick. Knowing what I know and seeing what I see, if I didn’t believe in those things with all my heart and soul, I would probably just zip on outta here into the Faery Realm and not return. As things stand, I view it all as a compassionate challenge, but whooooooweee, there are some big @$$ problems barreling down our butts in this country, and very much so in Goshen due to the massive poverty here. I figure I am here for a reason, and there are a lot of caring, good, proactive people here, too. I just keep intending that the sparks hit the powder keg on a wet day or that we have enough time to transform the powder keg before the sparks start flying. People are always telling me, “I wish I had your intuition.” Um, no. Most people would drop this intuition like a hot potato. It’s a lot to carry and try to strategize work arounds without completely alarming people so that they shut down even more. A very delicate balance, indeed!



  4. Sent via email from a Seattle resident:

    “It does strike me as odd Washington is the only state with two towns on the list, only 10 miles from each other, hmmm.

    “BTW, Seattle is exploding with ‘growth’ fueled by Amazon, apt building’s are being crammed into every available lot, rents have trippled in just a couple years, the hottest trend is the ‘micro apt’ 250ft or less! yikes and young people are happy to be in these, why? Most are saddled with so much College debt they can’t really afford anything else if they want to live alone, so sad!

    “Thank you for reminding me Transition Town Seattle is next on list of folks to get involved with.”



  5. Thank you so much for all of your detailed explanations of what us actually wrong with A21 and how it is being implemented.
    The process of keeping it real and truly sustainable is exactly what you describe-just as we worked in small groups to develop the really good ideas in the plan we knew then that the only way it would ever work was if enough
    people locally all over the world got involved directly in keeping the beauracrats from co-opting and manipulating the process.
    The type of development you describe is only sustainable (that they are enforcing) in already dense cities like New York or Lagos where the dense housing with planned natural areas is an improvement over urban sprawl and blighted tireless inner cities.
    Nothing can be sustainable if it doesn’t WORK for the living beings involved. We gave to take into account nonhuman life and leave larger tracts of actual wilderness for wildlife but that does not mean concentrating human habitation by force. It means that ALL the humans have to have a change of heart from selfish to caring.
    it sucks that it must develop from within sometimes because it seems like so many really don’t feel any need to change before it is too late.
    coming from a culture where “private property” as far as land is complete nonsense I don’t get the idea that people should be able to do whatever they want no matter how harmful to other living beings just because they pretend they can ” own” the Mother of life that supports us all.
    It simply doesn’t make sense to me. But at the same time I don’t see corporations or government doing any less damage so I don’t have full confidence that we can protect the land by that sort of control ( tho it has at times been needed).
    I really like seeing the liberal hippies perspective detailing in such a great degree with the libertarian perspective. My only problem with the libertarian perspective when I attended meetings with them was the complete lack of environmental protection or sense. Some things *have* to be taken careful care of for Life including human life, to continue. So if we can come together on solving the essential problems without things like A21 effectively then we achieve the next stage of our evolution into true peaceful anarchy.



  6. Oops that should have read blighted TREELESS inner cities except that android now “corrects” what I write into random things I don’t want to write!:-/ it appears to have a tiny vocabulary too since it doesn’t like at least 50% of the words I type. Creepy to be viscerally reminded if the kind of control we are discussing while attempting to discuss it!



  7. Yes, those auto”correct” words are rather revealing, aren’t they? I finally turned autowrong off my iPhone, because it kept correcting words to things I’ve never even written before. Since when is Kim’s more common than Mom’s?

    I agree, for already blighted treeless inner cities, A21 could be an improvement, but for organic farms, already walkable towns and rural areas, it really poses a threat to sustainable economics and sustainable living. If all the small farms get regulated out of existence, then where will we get local food? Oh, I know! Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto will make sure we’re all fed. Right…….. Fight the good fight, through positive means. It takes a lot more to control than it does to implement preemptive solutions since they’ve already revealed their game plan in order to gain our permission to implement it.

    Permission DENIED.



    • I think that’s the point you were making re the development only working in certain areas. There is no one size fits all rule- and that was exactly what the original groups designing A21 came up with. That solutions had to be local NOT  imposed from above.

      The more I read about what people don’t like about it the more astonishing it is-because all of this was addressed in the process as objectionable things brought up that had to guarded against or prevented. It looks like all the work so many people did to create this was just a side show since someone intended to use it exactly how we all voted against every time:-/

      An older person involved when it was created told me not to get too excited about all the good wording we fought so hard for-and now I see why. 

      Its funny when the military industrial complex does something evil you kinda figure of course they did but when something is designed to be an instrument of the people and turns out to be a trick that really shocks me. 

      I suppose this is what Franklin meant when he said you’ve got a democracy if you can keep it! Societies that work well are all hands on universal participation.  

      I dislike the auto correct for many reasons but most because it actually resists politically proactive words-i have to type some things multiple times and then back up and actively choose them. No matter how often I use some words it will never autocomplete them. Truthout is the worst because it keeps giving me “truthiness” which is not even a word!



  8. Posted by Nikkoale on January 22, 2014 at 12:41 am

    The Faeries have it right… “Respect, not control.” Agenda 21 isn’t a good thing for anyone. Those — whether they are conservative or liberal or whatever — who are willing to throw the political boxes away and find real solutions to the problems that present themselves will be open to your ideas, Laura. Those folks will probably have a few good ideas of their own that will flow in harmoniously with what you are doing.

    You have Light Support here!



  9. Thanks, Nikkoale! Yes, those faeries are smart cookies, aren’t they?!

    Ohnwentsya, yes, unfortunately, it does seem like most of the meetings were side dressings to the real agenda; however, they still need our permission to implement it.

    One note, though, Franklin is often misquoted. What he really said was, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A Republic has some key differences from a democracy. See here for details: http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/AmericanIdeal/aspects/demrep.html

    In particular, a Republic prevents “tyranny by majority” by protecting individual rights even if the majority does not hold those beliefs. Separation of legislative, executive and judicial branches would be part of the forethought in creating a Republic, along with the Bill of Rights. We currently have a co-opted, brainwashed tyranny of the majority “democracy,” which has led directly (and predictably) to a dictatorship/re-concentration of all the separate branches and safety valves right back into the hands of a self-appointed elite that’s above the law — in this case an executive branch in bed with corporations and globalists. Clearly we need to find a balance in that the “right” to destroy the planet infringes on ALL of our rights! But the idea of an unbridled rule by majority is not the original blueprint of this country.

    Democracy gets a lot of excellent press, but democracies don’t usually end up protecting rights, because a true democracy is only as good as how informed and vigilant the voting public is. Republics have built in safety valves, whereas democracies can be much more easily corrupted. That’s one reason the media and “history” books have worked so hard to convince Americans that we have a democracy rather than a Republic. Small word change=huge paradigm shift, and not in the People’s favor… Few people even realize this happened or how it led to so many of the worst abuses by the US Government we see today — a government that’s really just the thug arm of the gangster/bankster NWO, of which Agenda 21 is a key weapon.



  10. Posted by rogerthesurf on January 27, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Agenda21 is alive and well.

    In my country we are been taken for a ride with virtual confiscations of land whenever there is an excuse, the pulling down privately owned properties in the CBD of my city in order to rebuild to a sustainable model and the destruction of vulnerable businesses.

    Agenda 21 is in our local government, legislation, education and God only knows where else.

    All this is in my blog at http://www.thedemiseofchristchurch.com
    There are two posts there, read both and its important you check out the links

    I also suggest you all check your own national and local government websites for the following words.
    “agenda21″, “ICLEI”, “sustainable” and “population”.

    You may get a shock!





  11. […] latest door springs from a delicate local situation trying to balance encroaching Agenda 21 plans for our town with the real world need for sustainability and community — not the co-opted […]



  12. […] In Goshen, I fought very hard to have it included in our City Plan from 2014-2024 to encourage front yard gardens instead of lawns and to protect the rights of people trying to live off-grid. Florida and California are the worst in terms of code enforcement. They have forced people back onto the electric and water grid even if they are self sufficient. There is a war going on against self-sufficiency. You really need to do it in a stealth way. Despite that being the most sustainable way of living, the “sustainability” movement has been co-opted by mega corporations and masquerades around towns an… […]



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