Overgiving, Resentment and Breast Cancer

I’ve now had numerous people contact me with the same general follow-up question to my Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation post. Essentially, these people have asked if I’m aware of the connection between “overgiving” and breast cancer, and — given this connection — shouldn’t I amend what I’ve said about potential radiation and breast cancer in Marin County?

I hope this article further illustrates what I’ve attempted to share. Again, please take what resonates and leave the rest. These articles are based upon my own observations and thousands of Medical Intuitive and Life Coaching sessions, which began before I even started offering these readings professionally in 2001. Although I’ve done a lot of readings and helped a lot of friends and family members over the decades, I do not claim to have “the one right answer” all the time. It’s always difficult to write a catch-all article for anything, due to so many individual facets and layers of living and healing; however, when I publish general observations, I do so from a place of very obvious (to me) long-term patterns. I have not worked with every breast cancer survivor, nor do I know everyone in Marin County.

Neither do I intimately know the inner process of every single frustrated artist, caregiver or person who feels called to collect healing modalities without paying the blessings forward in some tangible offerings to community. I don’t suggest that everyone needs to become a healer, but rather that the process of joyfully offering your deepest, heartfelt gifts to the world — whatever these are — has a noticeable, consistent healing effect. A commenter on Zen Gardner’s site referenced the Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” That’s essentially my observation here and in the Fukushima article. Radiation acts as a catalyst and an amplifier of whatever dynamic already exists inside.

In response to the idea that breast cancer comes from “overgiving,” I’ve replied enough times now that it feels right to share this publicly:

Yes, I am familiar with the overgiving thesis; however, in my own work, I have noticed that it is the RESENTMENT that causes the toxicity, regardless of the actual degree of overgiving. If someone resents what she perceives as overgiving, then sometimes that turns into a need to “get this off my chest.” When the soul cries out for change but the person refuses to shift the energies, then the body expresses a symbolic then literal “need” for mastectomy.

I have known extreme narcissists to develop the same pattern of breast cancer because they felt the resentment, even when the woman was actually quite an energy vampire in relationships. The perception of overgiving is much more relevant than the actual quantity of giving. Many times the perception is correct, but I find it so interesting (and consistent) about the resentment. All that talk of “joyful giving” is really a good and healthy thing — if you can’t give joyfully, then there comes a point where it is healthier not to give (and to be honest with yourself about why you feel you cannot do so). Otherwise, both soul and body will demand changes to the attitude/circumstances around giving.

My 2009 article follows:

Breast Health: Some Medical Intuitive Observations

Medical Intuition is the ability to access information from a person’s body and surrounding energy field, which exists on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. With so many women suffering from breast cancer or monthly breast pain, I thought I’d offer some Medical Intuitive insights on breast health. In this area, prevention works especially well. I’ve divided this post into physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns I frequently see affecting breast health. Please keep in mind that I do not intend this article as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I’m only sharing patterns I’ve noticed in nearly eight years nearly 13 years as a practicing Medical Intuitive.

Physical Factors

1) Diet. The American Cancer Society recognizes the role of antioxidants from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as protective against free radical damage associated with cancer. Some studies have also shown correlations between heavy meat-eating, colon cancer, and breast cancer. For a comprehensive list of FAQ’s about the ACS research on various foods and supplements, please click here.

Eating lower on the food chain does seem to help people, but I have known plenty of vegetarians and vegans who still got breast cancer. Clearly diet doesn’t change everything, but it does seem to offer some protection. I have noticed some correlation between following a 100% raw vegan diet (organic when possible) and the cessation of monthly PMS-related breast pain.

2) Vitamin D-deficiency. Dr. Mercola and Dr. John Jacob Cannell have both raised the awareness of Vitamin D’s importance in overall health, including breast cancer reduction. Having worked with several intuitive clients for whom Vitamin D deficiency came up as an issue for testing, I’ll say that so far, my Medical Intuitive observations seem to agree with what these doctors share; however, I’ll let them explain the science!

3) Self-Breast-Massage. Sluggish lymph causes much of the pain of tender breasts, and it can also put people more at risk for future breast cancer. You can get that lymph flowing through brisk, bouncy walks without a bra, jumping on a rebounder, or by doing a self-breast-massage. This short YouTube video shows you exactly which movements will pump the lymph out of your breasts in a healthy way. Highly recommended!

4 ) Reiki. This ancient form of energy healing operates on all the levels, including physical. Because stress activates potential for all health issues, especially those affecting the breasts, Reiki’s relaxing effect supports breast health. As a non-invasive treatment, Reiki also allows a woman with breast cancer to receive physical nurturing without the risk of spreading tumors. For more on Reiki for breast cancer, please click here.

Mental/Emotional Factors

1) As part of the Heart Chakra, the breasts house our deepest emotional wounds and our greatest capacity for love. Resentment aggravates the breast tissues as much as physical factors like caffeine! Practice forgiveness for breast health. If you have trouble letting go, you might find this meditation helpful.

2) Combat Candida. You might wonder why I list Candida here instead of under “Physical Factors.” True, yeast overgrowth affects the physical body, but it also thrives in thought and emotional patterns that negatively affect breast health. Candida resonates with “victim.” A particular kind of victim: the kind of victim that feels overburdened by life, that feels like everyone walks all over her. The kind of victim that carries a lot of unexpressed resentments and worries. The kind of victim who just can’t seem to move beyond the inertia of current life circumstances.

Candida thrives in this environment! You can take all the pau d’arco tea, probiotics, and oil of oregano you like, but if you don’t change the mental/emotional patterns, you’ll have a very difficult time ousting your Candida. Meanwhile, you’ll have all that grief, mild depression, and resentment festering in your Heart Chakra. Not good!

If you catch yourself acting like an oppressed person, shift that energy immediately. You create your external world, and your experience of the external dramatically influences your internal terrain. For the sake of your breasts (and your happiness), take steps to move beyond your self-imposed limitations.

3) Get Creative. The breasts and arms extend from our hearts. Breasts produce milk to nurse babies, and arms produce artwork, healing, writing and hugs. The Heart Chakra wants to create. If you do not channel that creativity into some positive flow, the urge for creativity may not disappear. Cancer is a very creative disease.

Even if you’ve never painted before in your life; even if you’ve never considered yourself a healer: get some energy flowing through that Heart Chakra! Hug a stranger. Awaken your healing gifts. Embrace your desire to beautify your surroundings. Doing so may just save your boobs.

4) Love Your Breasts. While I have never read any official study on this topic, I have noticed that women who have difficulty accepting their breasts or femininity often develop breast cancer or other problems with the breasts.

Remember, the body responds to your thoughts, attitudes and the deepest longings of your soul. If the body hears that you hate your breasts, it may take you at your word and orchestrate a removal of them via mastectomy. As part of your Heart Chakra, the breasts listen very closely to the cries of the heart. If you want healthy breasts, let them know you love them. And let your softer, feminine side know that it’s ok to be a woman. In fact, it’s beautiful, and wonderful and you honor the breasts as two of those obviously feminine markers.

In February 2009, Rory Freedman of Skinny Bitch fame wrote a great post called Boobs. Go ahead; follow Rory’s lead. Release your inner diva and let those breasts know how much you love ‘em!

Spiritual Factors

Breast issues encourage humans to explore the tender realm of the heart as an evolutionary portal. Offering ourselves as channels for unconditional compassion for humanity, the galaxy and beyond supports the breasts. So does honoring Mother Earth. More than any other part of the body, breasts symbolize Motherhood. Awakening the Goddess within, loving Earth’s creatures and Nature, and cultivating a spirit of generosity all resonate with the wisdom and guidance of our breasts.

When we actively engage and listen to our bodies, they can speak in gentle whispers instead of screaming for our attention with pain or disease. With communication and love, body and soul become intimate, and we radiate their joy.

8 responses to this post.

  1. Love this post Laura. Thanks for reminder of sat nam meditation great symbchronicity for me to hear again. Time to whip out my cd. Oxox



  2. You’re welcome, Dawn! Yes, it’s a good one. 🙂 xoxo



  3. Posted by Glow-er on January 18, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    one more related factor in breast cancer (while accepting the above – I have to admit to some of the emotional “stuff” you describe, and like the Blue Room meditation among others for that) is environmental chemical exposure. A relative who had breast cancer 17 years ago and was treated in Manhattan at a well-known hospital said her surgeon told her confidentially that he thought chemical exposure played a much greater role than admitted, more than genetics (which the media love to tout). Also – a personal communication from the activist group Breast Cancer Action was that they had attended a summer conference on breast cancer, where for the first time, nutrition was accepted as of great significance in prevention, treatment, and post-breast CA life – which they saw as a victory!



    • Yes, definitely. Every area of our lives now we are assaulted with chemicals, from BPA to pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals, chemtrails…. So pervasive I forgot to mention them! Thanks 🙂



  4. Great article Laura. As a summary sentence, I would like to add that loving your breasts should extend to your entire body. Women are so obsessed with how our bodies appear, when in fact gratitude comes easier from being aware of how amazing are bodies are— how we heal, how powerful and strong we really are, how fast we run, swim or do whatever physical things we do. My body amazes me every day. If we just hold that belief, our bodies continue to amaze us every day.

    Thanks for being you, we need your intuition to show us our powerful ours is!



  5. Excellent points, Raven! Yes, love our amazing bodies and our amazing selves. We are so much more beautiful and powerful than we usually recognize. 🙂



  6. […] living and giving anywhere near their full potential. [Please also see the follow up post, “Overgiving, Resentment and Breast Cancer,” which explains in detail what I do and do not mean by generosity and bringing forth what is […]



  7. […] When threatened, the Solar Plexus latches onto perspectives that make us feel significantly smaller or larger than we really are. “Who am I to shine?” comes just as much from ego imbalance as the most obvious narcissist steamrolling anyone in his or her way. False modesty, professional victim status, bullying, “snowflake triggers,” and energy vampirism are all signs of Solar Plexus imbalance. The anger, frustration and reactions such imbalances spawn needs to go somewhere. Quite often, that Fire energy gets squeezed back to the Water Center, creating burning sensations instead of healthy digestive fire. (For a discussion of what happens when unexpressed anger and frustration get squeezed up to the Heart Chakra, please see, “Overgiving, Resentment and Breast Cancer.”) […]



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