Follow-Up to the Fukushima Post

My Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation post triggered some appreciative, insightful and also intensely reactive comments on other blogs, raising a few points that I feel led to address here in case they add additional clarity for people. I also encourage people to check out the many inspired and heart-full comments left on the original post here. I have not had time to address each person individually, but I do appreciate everyone who has shared their experiences, opinions and wisdom. I enjoy hearing from you, and I love that people are paying it forward even through this blog.

A discussion came up following my article, re-posted on Jean Haines’ blog, regarding over-giving not healing people, with specific reference to Lyme Disease as something that tends to plague over-givers. Just wanted to share my responses here for clarity:

laurabruno says:
Thank you for opening this discussion. From the context of my own blog readers, this topic has been covered in many previous posts, including on Lyme Disease, finding boundaries with narcissists and reinvesting one’s energy into appropriately balanced channels that give back, too. This article on its own simply shares what I have noticed happening, which as I said, may only be with a small percentage of people or as my last paragraphs say, we may all just be FUK’d and need a miracle. Here is my Lyme article. I have worked with many Lyme clients, helped my ex husband heal from Lyme and also recovered from it myself.

Many Blessings and thank you for raising these issues here, since Jean’s readers haven’t had two years of me talking about boundaries. 🙂

laurabruno says:
January 8, 2014 at 6:10 pm

Also, just to clarify that I am referring to a difference between codependent over giving and being generous from the deepest core of soul and Self –the difference between depletion and radiance. 🙂


On a different blog, which I won’t name here so as not to fuel the fires over there, my Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation article triggered accusations of me being everything from:

1) A fundamentalist Christian Bible-thumper (still completely tickled about that one!) 😉

2) The initiator of dark Arconic energy attacks (perhaps even being part of the off-world Arconic control network believed to be responsible for all the evils on this planet)

3) An un-evolved, greedy egomaniac who has no business offering advice or “healing”

[Update and Full disclosure: this is a conflation of two people’s ongoing comments, the originals of which you can read by clicking here, since G linked to this post from the one I had hoped not to create further fire storms on. One commenter took umbrage at this summary, and, yes, discerning readers will likely find the original comments far more eye-opening than my summary.]

4) “Just plain silly.” “Really a little silly.”

As a side note for people wanting to insult me or hurt my feelings: I take the word “silly” (from the original “Seelie”) as a high compliment, and probably always will. Those who know me will know why. 😉

Anyway, I’m not going to post all the comments, as the summary above covers most of the ones I’d like to address here. I’ll just post my replies below, in case they clarify things that others wondered but didn’t ask:

Laura Bruno:

Wow, P_____, I am sorry you felt so non-resonant with this article and took one Bible verse as hammering you over the head with guilt and shame. If you were familiar with my work, you would know that I have had my own kundalini awakening from a 1998 brain injury, volunteer extensively in my community, and that I am anything but a fundamentalist Bible thumper. This is one of only a few Bible passages I’ve ever quoted over the years on my blog, and I do not personally practice that tradition. I wish you much healing or peace or whatever it is you would most love, and I will simply reiterate this bolded part of the article:

“All of which is to say: take my observations however you will. I offer them here not as a definitive, provable conclusion, but rather in hopes that they may help people to live more fully, generously and healthily in these extremely challenging and exciting times.”

If you didn’t take them that way, then my observations are not a match for you. I’ve now received personal emails and comments from dozens of people who felt truly loved and understood by this post. I wish you heartfelt comfort through yourself, Spirit or someone else with whom you resonate. Peace … Laura

And after the above reply resulted in more strongly worded variants of items 2 thru 4 above:

S______ and P_____, I wish you both well and will just reiterate what I have shared in the article, disclaimers and all, including the idea that sharing one’s gifts does not need to mean everyone quits their day job and becomes a healer. Shoveling a neighbor’s driveway can be a gift — and I have no doubt P____ would have experienced it as such. Art, poetry and hand me down clothes can be a gift. My point was and remains to do what you can with what you have wherever you are.

I shared about the kundalini awakening to attempt to let P____ know that if she had delved a little deeper, she would have found some similarities and sympathy from me rather than an attack. Perhaps these Julian Rose articles articulate my underlying point far better than I apparently have in my article:

Wishing you both heartfelt blessings.

I also wanted to share three other comments: the first, posted on my repost of the Julian Rose article “You May Wake Up, … But Will You Get Out of Bed,” the second, my response to her, and the third, sent to me in a private email, minus any identifying details. These additional comments reveal so much of what I’d love to convey to others:

Posted by Mary on January 8, 2014 at 4:12 pm

Another great post and so much along the lines of the guidance I’ve been hearing lately.

Just this morning – for myself and others who might still be on the fence, unsure of where you fit in : “Just do *something*, try any activity of service until you find one that clicks. If you want the Universe to respond to your cries of putting you into service, you need to create ripples of the vibration you want more of. Get up, get out and try new things until you find something that fits.”

I’ve been hearing, almost over a loudspeaker, “Now is the Time”, get up, get moving, do something!

Thank you for these posts because they validate in the physical what has been coming through for me.

Posted by laurabruno on January 8, 2014 at 4:20 pm

You’re welcome. It also reminds me of Rob Hopkins (the founder of the Transition Town concept): “The Power of Just Doing Stuff.”

As Transition’s “cheerful disclaimer” states, “we truly don’t know if this will work. Transition is a social experiment on a massive scale. What we are convinced of is this:

if we wait for governments, it’ll be too little, too late
if we act as individuals, it’ll be too little
but if we act as communities, it might just be enough, just in time.”

Sent to me via private email:

You know what i find so interesting is that the finer connections in your writing, which I have not read anywhere before have been acknowledged, the connection between receiving gifts and giving back, cancer, radiation and transmuting, i get the feeling that kind of flew over the heads of many but those that are paying attention, embrace that understanding in their hearts, it will bring about profound shifts for them, quickly, especially those on the west coast, in the Islands, especially if they have kids, of what to do, how to face a very palpable fear as radiation exposure is always viewed as a no win, game over scenario for humans.

This whole understanding of humans being capable of transmuting ‘dense’ energy such as toxic radiation isn’t being discussed, until now. You’re trying to get that door opened. You would think others would be trying to help you instead of offering resistance. They will, other intuitives will be coming forward echoing the same as it’s in the collective now. I find it interesting how you’ve been introduced and getting such benefit from Orgonite at this exact time as its role is transmuting toxic energy into high vibe energy, pure alchemy!

blessings! 🙂

Yes, blessings, indeed! No one said these were easy times, but they are richly layered and deepening times. Healing times. They are times for speaking the Truth in Love and for letting our actions express the true love within our hearts. Again, I encourage people to check out the wonderful sharing in the comments on the original post. Also, if you have not read those two Julian Rose posts linked above, please do click through if you feel so led:

Julian’s on the front lines of rallying the troops of love, freedom and healing, realizing the first two as key requirements for the third to happen — on any level.

Blessed Be!

9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary on January 9, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    I guess I could have felt attacked if I was not open with myself about the fact that I know can do much more than I’m doing now. I came into this world with a message in my heart, one of peace, cooperation, brother/sisterhood, respect for ourselves, our planet and the other beings with whom we share our home. I have not yet really offered this message, like it has been a secret I’ve been keeping hidden for some reason, but I see now is the time to get up and allow my true self to shine forth and let that message out!

    I too have been beaten down in this life, placed in a family (of my own choosing) where I was told I was wrong to have this alignment, I was subjected to an abusive alcoholic narcissist growing up. I get co-dependency.

    For me, in no way did the original post suggest co-dependent giving or sacrificing of healthy boundaries, not one iota of fearfulness of returning to that sick dynamic I knew growing up was triggered. Maybe this isn’t correct, but I think there is a place one can get to where we no longer fear being used (that lack of fear brings new types of people into our sphere – no more blood in the water for the sharks to smell?), where we are naturally able to come from that place of self empowering radiance, and dare I say, attract those who are a healthy match to our gifts, no longer manifesting the presence of vampiric beings who, in my opinion, only reflect some darkly hidden belief about ourselves that we don’t deserve loving, healthy relationships.

    It’s an opinion that might upset a few but that’s OK. 🙂 It’s my truth, for now. I used to post on a forum about psychic attack and would rip the fluffy bunnies who suggested this to shreds! I see it differently now I guess. This is not to say that vampiric abusers are excused, but I think they have their own misery to deal with and so I feel some genuine compassion for them, as they are stuck in a place I know can be very painful.

    Just a note from my perspective.



    • Thank you, Mary! I agree with what you’ve shared and am so pleased to have witnessed some of your own processing to this place of peace and empowerment, as shown through various comments you’ve left on the blog over the years. You’ve been very generous with your process here, revealing your own vulnerability in ways that you may never know how much you’ve helped others to shift their perspective through your own process, sharing and words. I agree that you have much more to offer this world, but I also know that in your own way, you’ve been dropping little seeds for others, too … for far longer than you may consciously realize. 🙂



  2. Posted by Isabelle Takahashi on January 10, 2014 at 12:58 am

    I’m not sure if this was appropriate but thought I’d mention Andrew Ebisu’s videos on You Tube. Andrew is an Australian filmmaker of Japanese descent who has been making videos on in support of the Fukushima Truth Movement.

    The Bombing of Kyoto – On Fukushima Beach 3

    and more recently,
    Pandora’s Poison, part 1 of 2 [On Fukushima Beach 4]

    I thought the first documentary in particular is one of the most eloquent and beautiful pieces on this dark subject. Also the fact that Andrew is bilingual helps.




  3. Posted by Raven on January 10, 2014 at 4:04 am

    Well, you know you’ve knocked the wasp nest down when all the wasps want to sting you silly. You’re a brave warrior soul, Laura. Most of us get that and we love you for it.



  4. Posted by Sunny on January 10, 2014 at 6:08 am

    I am inspired by your courage Laura. Much of what you said resonated very deeply within me. I had 6 weeks of radiation therapy in 2000 for DCIS. Afterwards I regretted that I had let my fear guide me to this decision but knew I had to make the best of it. I had just moved to my first farm. Every swing of the hoe to create raised beds or weed etc. reminded me of the radiation because of the pain in my body but the gardening was such good therapy. I would garden for hours and then lay in a tub filled with epsom salts to recover. I became an herbalist, a beekeeper and a lover thru and thru of our beautiful Mother Earth. Later I became a Bikram yoga practitioner. After 3 years of practicing I regenerated the sweat glands under my radiated arm. I do believe I’ve mutated in a positive way from the radiation. When Fukushima happened in 3/2011 I was living in CA. One of the articles written about the possibility of the radiation harming us here in the US compare it to medical radiation treatment. I’d never seen the comparison before. I was shocked at how much I had actually received. I no longer use western medicine. I have taken responsibility for my health and feel amazing at 59. I think our attitude is 99% of who we are. I realized that cancer saved my life because it made me look at how I was living and I changed when I saw that I had always been waiting for someday to arrive instead of living in the now. I think this has saved me. So thanks for your article and for being who you are. We all need to wake up and be who we’re supposed to be. I know lots of people will think I’m crazy but I don’t care. I have learned to listen to my heart and to others who come from theirs. Bravo Laura! I applaud you and hope you keep blogging. We need to hear it.

    In deep gratitude,



    • Thank you, Sunny, and thank you for sharing some of your amazing journey here. Very inspiring! Cancer can be one of the biggest “healers” out there. I have known many, including my own dad, for whom cancer opened wide the doors of their hearts. Thank you for your work to heal our Earth, too. Many continued blessings to you … Laura



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