Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation

This post has been rolling around in my brain for quite sometime, and I’ve now had several requests to write about it, including in the comments section of “Amazing Orgone.” The paragraphs that prompted the questions were:

“… I was inspired to check for the effects of orgone after listening to some dire reports about Fukushima’s effects on all foods grown in the Northern Hemisphere.

“I track radiation via my own internal Geiger counter, and Leuren Moret’s assessments jive with mine. She recommends using a BioMat, following a macrobiotic diet and many of the things I listed in an earlier article about radiation and diet. From a Medical Intuitive perspective, I’ve also noticed that clients and friends who embody and pass along the most positive healing energies are actually thriving on the Fukushima radiation, whereas ones who refuse to share their spiritual and creative gifts are noticeably struggling, oftentimes from illnesses directly associated with radiation poisoning.

“I keep saying, ‘It’s evolve or die time,’ and I’m not kidding. If you have gifts, please pass them on. As with Reiki, whenever you give a treatment, you receive one, too, because of the positive energy that flows through you. Share your gifts with the world, whatever they are. The process of passing along the good vibrations may well save your life. The energies on this planet are shifting so that they will eventually no longer support parasites and vampiric energies. No time like the present to ensure you’re giving and receiving in balanced ways, and if you must, erring on the side of offering more than you demand in return.”

I need to preface the rest of this article by reminding readers that I am not a nuclear expert, not a doctor, not a scientist, and the only Geiger counter I use is the energy reading mechanism that naturally exists within me. Although I have clients and friends literally on every continent of this world, including in Hawaii, Taiwan, Australia and many on the US West Coast, statistically speaking, these people represent only a very tiny slice of the larger population. I also need to note that my clients and friends tend to be much more conscious and aware than the average population. I do, however, also occasionally interact with people who don’t even know what Fukushima is, who have no idea why we’d want to avoid GMO’s or even what they are, who think “energy work” involves an electrician, and who live paycheck to paycheck from jobs that don’t require them to think beyond the immediately pressing details of their lives. The observations I present in this article include those people, as well, but I’ve obviously had greater opportunity for discussion and energy scans of clients and friends.

All of which is to say: take my observations however you will. I offer them here not as a definitive, provable conclusion, but rather in hopes that they may help people to live more fully, generously and healthily in these extremely challenging and exciting times.

Awareness about Fukushima radiation has begun to trickle into public consciousness, despite a near media blackout, quietly raised official levels of “safe” radiation, the turning off of West Coast radiation monitors, and a new Japanese law that criminalizes reporting about Fukushima. In a sudden switch from the typical media silence, the LA Times recently urged its readers to stop eating Pacific seafood.As a result of growing public alarm about dying, tumor-ridden, starved, ill and/or bleeding sea life off the West Coast, as well as individuals recording extremely high radiation levels via their own Geiger counters, local governments and news media, along with some internet articles have all tried to quell public outcry by assuring us that, though they’re “baffled,” and “mystified” by all these “inexplicable” things happening, they can certainly confirm that none of this has anything to do with Fukushima.

Cleverly, they don’t say it has nothing to do with radiation, just “not from Fukushima.” The creepy part is that it may not matter. Does your body care if radiation comes from Japan or from illegal nuclear dumping off the US Coast? Does your body care if radiation leaks out from Japan or from the nuclear reactor or weapons dump closer to home? We’ve had a nuclear waste issue in this country long before 3/11/11. Due to Fukushima concerns — which imho, are quite real — people have also begun to uncover invisible elephants closer to home. Instead of “either/or,” think “both/and.”

Having lived all along the Central and Northern California Coasts, in addition to the Oregon Coast and Seattle, I’ve been well aware of the pockets of cancer, particularly in Marin County, which has the highest breast cancer rates of anywhere in the nation. Marin is gorgeous, and I loved all the misty magic of that area, so I considered moving there until a friend told me to research breast cancer. Sure enough, Marin County has 38% higher breast cancer rates than most of the US. A regular at the various Cafe Gratitude organic raw food restaurants in Northern California, I always felt vaguely alarmed when I’d see a sign by a donation jar for one of their young, high vibe and organic-raw-food-eating staff in San Rafael undergoing breast cancer treatment. As a Medical Intuitive, I know that many factors contribute to cancer, and extensive studies of Marin County have apparently revealed the same thing. No environmental toxin factors were discovered to account for the absurdly high rates of breast cancer. On the other hand, I do recall reading a study that found clusters of breast cancer closer to water there.

I’ve shared Medical Intuitive Observations on Breast Health before, but I mention the Marin County situation because I’ve intuitively monitored it on occasion since 2008 when I began to formulate a wild theory about radiation and health as it relates to one’s connection to place. At that time, I did sense some kind of radioactive waste coming from somewhere, and I still do; however, I also sensed that some people — not me in this instance, but some — could live in that environment without developing cancer, so long as it was the right place for them to be.

I also noted (and I mean this as no offense to anyone living in Marin County) an odd disconnect between level of Consciousness and level of generosity. Psychics, raw foodists, yoga teachers, channelers and self-proclaimed New Age guru’s are a dime a dozen in Marin County, yet despite what you’d expect to be an atmosphere oozing health and joy, I often felt a palpable contraction of ego, competition and sadness in the air whenever I visited. The consumption of high vibe things was off the charts, but the practical offering of those gifts from high vibe living seemed disproportionately lacking. The passage from Luke 12:48 often came to mind: “But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Update: this verse triggered some people due to its seeming judgment, so I am replacing it with a Gospel of Thomas verse that declares more closely what I was originally attempting to convey:

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

Until Fukushima happened, these observations and words just kind of floated around in the realm of curiosity and a possibly isolated scenario, but since Fukushima began dumping untold amounts of radiation into the air and ocean, I’ve noticed these factors becoming much more apparent and consistent. Long ago, I received a message that human evolution would be triggered by a nuclear event. I thought maybe a war, but whenever I encounter someone undergoing radiation treatment or exposure to excessive radiation, I always remember that original message. Radiation triggers mutations. It activates and accelerates potentials, both negative and positive. In November 2013, I commented on Jon Rappoport’s (possibly tongue in cheek?) poem, “Fukushima Man,” which profiles “the one schmuck in fifty million who thrives on radiation”:

“Brilliant! And I have been getting that message for about a decade, maybe more, that radiation mutates with a possibility of TRANSmutation. Evolve or die time. I love this poem.

“In all seriousness, do you think that’s why 30 states have recently created police blockades demanding cheek swabs and blood?

“As a Medical Intuitive, I’m noticing these effects very clearly. The clients who are really stepping into their full beings are thriving on this radiation, even if they live on the West Coast. On the other hand, those who continue to resist the shifts they’ve known they need to make are exhibiting many effects of radiation poisoning. It became really noticeable about six months ago and it has definitely stepped up a notch in recent weeks. Thriving vs. thyroid nodules, hair loss, unexplained weight loss, etc. … But the ones who’ve figured out how to use this radiation as juice are supercharged.

“We do have the means of cleaning up Fukushima — through mushrooms, through a dimensional rift, through a massive healing of the waters and realigning with Nature. It IS possible. Whether or not most people do it is another thing entirely…. Much Love and tangible, loving, healing ACTION is what I keep recommending. Those doing it are thriving. Those not? Not so much….

“Brilliant, brilliant poem.”

What’s frustrating for some of the people struggling with radiation symptoms is that by society’s standards, they seem like people already sharing their gifts. Only they — and people like me who can read their energy — know that they present only a fraction of the value they could offer to the world. They wonder how cancer scares, hair loss, thyroid issues, etc. can be happening to them when they “have studied Reiki,” “meditate” and “think positively” … when they try to live such a “high vibe life” and yet other people in their lives who have no interest in spirituality don’t seem to have these sorts of problems.

Again with the Gospel of Thomas verse: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

When I ask if they’re offering Reiki, teaching it, sharing their insights from meditation, actively generating positive actions from their positive thinking … I get a bunch of excuses for why “that hasn’t happened. Yet. I’m going to do all of that when ____ [indefinitely postponed future external event resolves].” This pattern involves all energy, including money, which is simply one of our most dysfunctional means of circulating energy into our environment. People who handle large volumes of money need to be especially careful right now how that money passes through them. Do they use the energetic gifts at their disposal to transmute blood money from corrupt institutions into energy that promotes good in this world? Do they invest their own money into generous healing and liberating projects for the Earth and/or their community? If not, then handling all that money energy becomes exponentially toxic to their system.

Ditto all the high vibe lifestyles that summon energy into the body, mind and spirit. After that energy arrives, what happens to it? Cancer is incredibly creative energy. If someone summons massive amounts of energy and then refuses the call to create something positive beyond themselves, then that energy pools inside them and creates malignant, rapidly producing cancer cells. “Pay it forward.” The more you receive, the more evolution requires you to give. No, it’s not fair, and no, you can’t fake it. From the outside, someone can look highly generous, but inside themselves they know they’re really not living and giving anywhere near their full potential. [Please also see the follow up post, “Overgiving, Resentment and Breast Cancer,” which explains in detail what I do and do not mean by generosity and bringing forth what is within you.]

This planet has reached crisis stage largely due to the selfish and oblivious actions of humanity. Consciousness can be taught to people with kind, generous hearts, but selfishness and people who consume as much or more than they return are an evolutionary liability. This trait of excessive consumption is a stronger evolutionary filter than what’s consumed. From an evolutionary standpoint, a gas guzzling redneck who offers everything he has to those in need will pass through easier than a New Age dabbler who collects training and certifications but fails to translate those gifts into tangible offerings to Earth or community. The gas guzzler can be given a new car, but the spiritual energy guzzler who refuses to dirty themselves with nitty gritty compassionate action requires much more internal shifting.

Kindness counts, and radiation amplifies the internal effects of whether or not kindness creates positive things outside oneself or whether it ferments, festers and mutates inside. The Universe does not demand everyone quit his or her day job to become a healer; evolution simply asks that people share what they can where they can, now, without excuses. Art counts. Platitudes don’t.

If someone has the consciousness to recognize how deeply this planet and its various species are struggling and still continues to postpone action, then really … what will it take for change?! If pondering the imminent extinction of life as we know it can’t get that person over the ego concerns or fears of vibrant living and giving, then the greater creative wisdom of this planet will not likely view that person’s particular genetic/spiritual mix as an evolutionary combo to carry forward. The Original Instructions for humanity require us to live in balance with Nature and as caretakers. From an evolutionary standpoint, people who recognize those Original Instructions and yet knowingly neglect or refuse to implement them, are part of the problem, not the solution they smugly consider themselves to be.

The other big factor, unrelated to generosity, but equally important in my observation, is how connected people are to place. When someone feels deeply connected to where they live, their energy interacts with the planet at that location, healing and evolving with the Earth. Many people have felt led to move in recent years, sometimes to hot spots — radioactive or otherwise. By tapping into our specific contract with the land, sea and sky, then we reconnect with the larger whole. Radiation becomes simply one of many, many factors, rather than an overwhelmingly detrimental one. As with generosity, though, we can’t fake it. We’re either connected to where we live, or we would be wise to find some way to get wherever we do belong.

Again, that Gospel of Thomas verse applies: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Those who lack the conscious awareness to know whether or not they belong somewhere or have a higher calling elsewhere won’t feel the effects of misalignment as much as someone who knows better but refuses to act on the message. Those who recognize the need of this planet and its various species, who know that Spirit supports right action and yet refuse to walk in Faith find themselves struggling right now. This is not a time for fence sitting or talking the talk without walking the walk. I strongly recommend finding ways to connect with the land, sea and sky wherever you are and to ask for guidance and support in getting wherever you feel called to go.

What’s the positive in all of this?

I cannot prove any of this, except as I’ve heard from various “talkers” recently that life has taken a sudden turn for the worse. It seems to improve for them as they invest larger parts of themselves in the areas their heart and soul cry out to support. Whenever they pull back those energies they feel called to express, then the symptoms or life circumstances hammer them again. The more energy someone summons, the greater the effect. The more exposure to radiation — from Fukushima or otherwise — the greater the effect.

“Where there is fear, there is power.” People can shift their attitude and response to fear and tap into huge surges of power to move beyond perceived limitations. Visionaries can tap into their local environment and thereby create a positive feedback loop of radiation and creativity. People can use these intense times to hone awareness of preferences or longings that well up deep from the soul. This is not a time for repression; it’s a time of increased awareness and compassion followed by creative action. Magick, art, volunteer work: whatever positive channels of expression feel right will experience extra juice and transmutation the more radiation we find ourselves exposed to.

And if I’m wrong, and all radiation is completely toxic and unavoidable? Well, then we’re all Fuk’d and we might as well live in ways that invite and invoke miracles and a state of Grace.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

“Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live.” ~Jackie Windspear

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  1. great post!! sharing ❤


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    This is an insightful post from my dear Laura Bruno sharing about the potentials for transmutation of radiation into thriving rather than struggling. Tangible action and tangible offerings are the name of the game. She and I have both been sharing about the power of creative action vs. repression of your soul longings and gifts, in countless posts. Read her thoughts and decide for yourself. If nothing else, you’ll find it thought-provoking and as she states at the end, at least we’ll “live in ways that invite and invoke miracles and a state of Grace.”


  3. Posted by Sherry Joy on January 7, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Fantastic article and spot on… it….thank you for the article


  4. Thanks, Sherry Joy!


  5. […] Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation […]


  6. […] Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation […]


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    Thank you Laura. This is wonderful. So much wisdom and ideas to ponder and meditate with. I feel your intuition is very wise and true on this. I also noticed while reading that tho my illness is not primarily radiation related ( tho I did live near a nuclear trigger plant leaching radioactive waste for years) that I am experiencing another angle if this energetic effect.
    I have always worked to give back, to give to others to do healing and help others whenever and wherever I could. I have not yet been successful in healing myself tho-in clearing the blockages of traumatic experiences and feeling the joy and goodness within myself that others tell me I give to them. It’s something I’ve become aware of and have been working to change but your post showed me how it is part of a continuum of energy not just a unique failing but a piece of a larger pattern. Balance comes with flow, and health comes with balance. Blocking the flow of energy is what creates illness not the radiation or whatever. The radiation, toxics, bacteria etc are merely triggers of our own imbalance. When we restore the free flow of energy thru the whole system-which includes us and our environment-then balance returns and healing occurs.
    Rather than being disconnected from the land, I have been so immersed in connection that I lack boundaries. I am the land. Each poisoned bird, murdered tree and paved forest added to the weight of sorrow (blockage) in my internal system.
    When others reconnect to the land and begin taking responsibility the weight rebalances, the circle becomes complete and all-land and humans-can heal.
    I could not seem to find a solution because I perceive myself as integrally part of the systems not separate. I see now the solution is only possible as all within the systems return to balance.
    I am so grateful for everyone who is engaged in returning to their deep connection with the land and one another. Not only will the people and the land be healthier including me, now I can also make sense of my reality:-)


  8. Posted by Mitch Mattraw on January 7, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Great article Laura, so glad you decided to publish this, I know it’s been percolating for a while, love what Tania Marie said above “action vs repression” that should be t-shirt!


  9. I’ve been following you for a while and this is, by far, the most inspired and most highly resonating article I have read from you and I would like to reblog it on my own blog and share it in other ways. Bless you Laura. I have family on the West Coast. In my own work as a QHHT Practitioner we are told that there are those who will remain unaffected by the radiation for various reasons. You so lovingly were able to put many of those reasons into tangible concepts and words. I am in rural Kansas absolutley certain I am in the right place. Before purchasing this land I laid on the ground. Asked for a sign…at first, I felt there was no sign save the deep peaceful feeling I had in my heart. Then, I stood up and saw a small blooming sunflower at my feet. Not a miracle unless it is cold and MARCH. Sunflowers bloom in late August here or more like September. That sunflower was God telling me I was in the right place. And I am doing the best I can…yes, teaching reiki, a class in town last week! And more besides that with my work with Dolores Cannon. Thank you again.


  10. Posted by Nancy Kay Anderson on January 7, 2014 at 11:34 pm

    Absolutely one of the best articles I have read in a long time. Thank you for your thoughts and insights……


  11. Posted by Raven on January 7, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    I am SO glad you wrote this, Laura. Absolute insight, lovingly presented. I’m sharing far and wide…. Thank you so much.


  12. Posted by wolff on January 8, 2014 at 12:07 am

    Thank you for your true sounding insights. As philosopher Rudolf Steiner said, “The aim of our present state of evolution is to reverse the habit of taking, to that of giving”.


  13. Posted by Janaki on January 8, 2014 at 1:34 am

    Thank-you for this article. It truly resonated with me & will be “food for much more thought.”


  14. Much resonates here even as it hurts–I’m one of those who has always struggled to find a place I “fit in”. I struggle as a freelance in the creative biz, one reason being I once lacked confidence in my work–now that I’ve resolved that (or have started to) I recognise that the continuing challenge to my confidence is that I live in a place it simply isn’t appreciated–and I say this after many years and a lot of traveling and seeing the opportunities and appreciation for artists elsewhere. I am making long term plans to change my place of residence (this is due to me being in Singapore, of which any long-distance move means immigration hurdles) and have a kid (and her father, from which I’m separated) to consider in my decisions as well. I had a shaman/oracle tell me the reason why my career has been slow in developing is because I haven’t been nurtured (understatement of my life!), my energy dissipates serving those closest to me, and I am susceptible to being weighed down by people/environments low in vibe. I do know these fall under the “yeah but” category, but at least I have no other big attachments to where I am, and I have tried to see the potentials here: I have a little garden and a good relationship with the neighborhood energies, I have many spiritual teachers, and the environment is physically safe for kids. I know I can make good here, but at a cost to myself, for the time being–it has been confirmed for me that the best place for me ultimately lies elsewhere–somewhere much less urban and with more nature! For the moment, I’ve set my goal to create a nurturing environment around myself–it’s always what I’ve done, creating what I want from scratch. I fully intend to share, so I hope this, for now, is enough. (If it isn’t, I’m going to need a lot of help. 😉 )


  15. Well done, 2 thumbs up! I think this applies to any type of illness out of the many people suffer. If we isolate ourselves we become much like stagnate water where only fungus and bacteria dwell. If we open up and allow ourselves to flow with others in a positive open flow then much better things can survive with the current. I am not an expert by any means. I am only a thermal dynamics engineer awakened Christmas of 2012.

    I went thru some bad times where sitting alone and feeling sorry for myself simply made me ill. After the awakening I started (indeed needed) to be around people as much as possible. I am so much happier and healthier. I dropped prices at my computer business and even write off money owed while trying to donate time helping people to learn about computers. Speaking 100% honest I am way more profitable, happier and feel much healthier!

    Great article and I hope this spreads like wildfire so everyone can experience the huge uplift that giving of ones self brings to your very sole! Remember the old but wise sayings brothers and sisters, “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”. May the awaking bless all soles!



  16. Posted by Chris on January 8, 2014 at 6:11 am

    One can be directed or guided better by being in a state of love and peace, which then allows you to seek out herbs and natural substances to fortify your body to enhance your immune system, which is designed to isolate and remove toxins from your body.


  17. Posted by Mary on January 8, 2014 at 6:51 am

    Wow. Very powerful. Well done. Thank you for writing this.


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    Great article! Glad you took the prompts and wrote it… Thanks


  19. Once again, Laura-ji, your words have penetrated straight into my soul. You have expressed the ideas that I have been struggling to articulate & provided great relief and inspiration simultaneously. Being a bit of a New Age dabbler myself, living 2 blocks away from the Pacific Ocean, I take your words to heart and marvel at how they seem to be written just for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  20. Thanks to everyone here for the wonderful and insightful, heartfelt comments! Wishing you each healing and radiant blessings! Love, Laura


  21. Excellent post Laura.


  22. Thanks, Inelia! 🙂


  23. A discussion came up on this article reposted at regarding over-giving not healing people, with specific reference to Lyme Disease as something that tends to plague over-givers. Just wanted to share my response here for clarity:

    Thank you for opening this discussion. From the context of my own blog readers, this topic has been covered in many previous posts, including on Lyme Disease, finding boundaries with narcissists and reinvesting one’s energy into appropriately balanced channels that give back, too. This article on its own simply shares what I have noticed happening, which as I said, may only be with a small percentage of people or as my last paragraphs say, we may all just be FUK’d and need a miracle. Here is my Lyme article. I have worked with many Lyme clients, helped my ex husband heal from Lyme and also recovered from it myself.

    Many Blessings and thank you for raising these issues here, since Jean’s readers havent had two years of me talking about boundaries. 🙂

    laurabruno says:
    January 8, 2014 at 6:10 pm

    Also, just to clarify that I am referring to a difference between codependent over giving and being generous from the deepest core of soul and Self –the difference between depletion and radiance. 🙂


  24. Hi Laura,

    This is a terrific article with a ton of truth in it. I live in Albany Oregon about 50 miles from the coast and have seen the Geiger counters clicking off 160-180 counts instead of the normal 30 at the coast. I have also seen this same response happen when testing rain water from here to Colorado. We have all been dosed in this area without question as X amount has to be in the local water systems. I don’t think any extra radiation is good but who really knows how many have been negatively effected so far?

    I think since the Feds have purchased some 20 thousand plus iodine pills it is probably a good idea for people concerned to purchase and take there own. That is only one of the toxic materials however. There are several with their own antitoxins available such as cloves and even cinnamon. One thing I like about your article that ties into another I read is the fact that positive good attitudes are always good signs of internal healing capabilities. The more one gets depressed over something the worst it seems to infect them. This article also pointed out that no one knows long term effects on so many people on smaller amounts of dosing. I hear it’s worse than one big dose and then I here the opposite. Here’s the part I really liked about the other article that goes hand in hand with yours. X amount of radiation tends to mutate live cells so who knows what the giving of yourself to help others and the soul lifting experience that gives back in combination with small dosing will do.

    I know this is not going away anytime soon and will eventually effect the entire planet. I just don’t see a way for someone to avoid it unless they never eat sea food, filter all water or other beverages, stay out of the rain and snow and grow all their food indoors with only filtered water and soil. You would also have to eat pre-dated canned food before your secure method took hold. That wouldn’t work for me as I have no place to grow indoors. It has already been 2.8 years of exposure including the original big cloud that hit back in 2011 so YOUR IDEA HERE IS A GOD SENT! This is a proven way to heal so throw in a 10 minute meditation with the 528 hertz to help the healing and eat more local organic veggies! The cloves, cinnamon and other antitoxins are simple and natural to throw in.

    Thanks Laura this was such a big help for me in finding the last ingredient for my own personal antidote!

    Throwing some Bright Blessings & good cheer your way…..Mike


  25. […] Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation post triggered some appreciative, insightful and also intensely reactive comments on other blogs, […]


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  27. Posted by Kat on January 10, 2014 at 2:04 am

    What a HUGE insight! I’m intuitive myself, and have seen some of God’s gifts to me amplified since I underwent 30 radiation treatments 10 yrs. ago…didn’t make this connection ’til now, though, thanks to you. You have made so many very important points in this post, but the wisest, truest statement you make is that of generosity of spirit and the sharing and helping of others, without so much emphasis on self. As God said, “Do unto others…” God bless you for sharing your miraculous thoughts! Love, Kat


  28. What a great story, Kat! God bless you, too! Love, Laura


  29. Laura… I have been thinking about this for awhile…as a healer… Radiation being an form of energy…trying to isolate it outside of the inner spectrum of fear…any more insight as to where it falls on the overall cosmic energy spectrum would be appreciated…some of these higher vibrational energies we seem to become downloaded with might be at a higher energy level..also our new crystalline structures might also be able to ward off nuclear radiation a healer I am thinking if I can use my consciousness to isolate it…I might learn how to help others to mitigate it and isolate it I barking up the wrong tree?


  30. Hi Gordon, I think you’re barking up a viable tree, but I have not figured out the HOW of all this. I just sense that it’s spontaneously happening in some people, and there seems to be a connection to how fully they are living their purpose through their hearts. I did read an interesting article about how radiation levels seem to be concentrating in sand, which is high in silica. Extrapolating from that, if we believe the channeled material that people are shifting from carbon to silicon based lifeforms, then it could be that those shifting to silicon/crystalline based bodies have become like radiation magnets, but I have absolutely NO scientific basis for saying that. I also haven’t encountered any clients or friends where it has run across my brain that they are “going crystal.”

    I know sugilite was discovered in Japan around the time of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and is thought to have been the crystal world responding to humanity’s need for ways to mitigate radiation. I’ve not heard anyone claim that humans are turning into sugilite, though! It’s an interesting question, and I’m continuing to explore and observe things myself. Right now, I’ve shared what I felt confident sharing in the above article. Apparently, that was enough for now, since it has stirred up quite the hornets nest among some of the New Age crowd who aren’t inclined to participate in tangible, compassionate actions in the real world. I get my information as needed, and usually only get the go-ahead to release it when enough people will be receptive to the information so that it can be utilized rather than entirely dismissed. 🙂


  31. Thanks Laura….

    I have been actively shedding layers and layers of myself, especially the very trying, painful, and otherwise issues that I have had to absorb in this sometimes short and brief times of mine…though I am all of my sixty plus years now…

    I have spiritually awakened to some of these higher dimensional frequencies…as Cayce would say as “being one with the Creative Force or a God…”

    So much so that over a year or two ago I had this vision where I looked into my chest area where our heart is located and saw a crystal….later looked at another time into my solar plexus and saw a merkaba structure…

    All this was in alignment with other things that I had been reading about how our carbon based physical structure was changing into a crystalline based body…how this breaks down for me is that it is like going from a dial up internet connection to broadband…everything is intensifying along with the speed of connection with you and anyone else I focus on…

    Radiation might just resonate with other darker, lower vibrational energies and like all other energies similarly endowed can react to light in a similar manner… “what doesn’t kill, will only make you stronger…”

    Or maybe in the homeopathic vein….a very small dosage will cure the larger…

    I have been centering on the Fukushima reactor building in summons by a plea by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors about this very thing…there seems to be a lot of intergalactic support …all the while I am trying to quantify exactly where this radioactive energy is on the whole scheme of things…

    Anyway…really thanks for everything you are doing…one thing Tom said that the elementals directly under the reactor building were really, really suffering from the radioactive water…

    Will continue to do everything I can…planet earth and I are one..

    God bless you!



  32. Thanks for sharing this. The merkaba has come up quite a bit in sessions and with friends, so if we put that into the crystalline category, then yes, it has come through. I have been working with the Devas of radioactive elements, since in the natural form, radiation is their territory. I am also sending energy to the waters, as even science shows that water responds to words and intentions. Blessings and thanks! Laura


  33. Yep. I’m doomed. I never intended to pass on my genetic code anyway. As a child, I promised myself not to have kids. So this isn’t completely due to the illness inside my genetic code.


  34. You raise an interesting point about genetic code. Is it what science thinks it is — via procreation … or is there something like the 100th Monkey effect that happens with spontaneous evolution? Neither? Both?


  35. Posted by Mo on January 13, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing this beautifully articulated perspective.

    I’ve been turned off by much of the spiritual elitist attitudes in the new age movement. “Our/my way/belief is THE “right” way.” 😦

    Opening to my “place” 🙂 and to sharing the healing in the best and highest way possible 🙂

    Many Blessings


  36. Posted by Blaise on January 13, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    This is very beautiful. It connects me to that which wants to move, to evolve, and which accepts no excuses. I am learning to get out of the way, and I feel a deep resonance between your article and my “personal” process.
    Thank you.


  37. So glad this article has helped people to tune in and open to what they feel deeply at their core. Blessings!


  38. Posted by Gloria Lee on January 15, 2014 at 2:06 pm

    Wonderful food forthought and action. I am becoming more soft, giving, loving.


  39. […] now had numerous people contact me with the same general follow-up question to my Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation post. Essentially, these people have asked if I’m aware of the connection between […]


  40. […] more here Medical Intuitive Observations about Fukushima Radiation […]


  41. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    At author Mike Clelland’s ( ) recommendation, I have been reading a fascinating book called “Mutants and Mystics,” by Jeffrey J. Kripal. (If you get it, Mike tells me the physical book is beautiful, but I’ve already been devouring my Kindle version.)

    In any case, this recommendation popped up very synchronously after my recent interview on A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic, when Lance and I spoke about philosophical and spiritual implications of the Marvel films and TV series. “Mutants and Mystics” explores the history of comics, the Sci-Fi genre, worldwide mystical experiences, UFO phenomena and … radiation as a key factor in human evolution. This last point, of course, reminded me of my January 2014 post on Fukushima radiation and the potential for mutation or *trans*mutation, i.e. human evolution.

    When this article first came out, it went quasi-viral on various high traffic websites and sparked all manner of reactions, so I hesitate to repost it; however, if anything, the message comes through even louder right now.

    A few notes: for anyone who does not already know, I am NOT a fundamentalist Christian! I would think that’s obvious from the rest of the posts on my blog; however, the inclusion of one Bible verse triggered some major freak outs and accusations. I’ve since found a verse from the Gospel of Thomas that more closely expresses what I was trying to convey, and since this verse has also haunted me for nearly a decade, I replaced the original with this verse. Hopefully, that will allow the message to move through with fewer reactive blocks. Also, one other note about the concept of over giving or codependency: that’s not the kind of bringing forth I mean! If your giving triggers resentment, then it becomes toxic. Giving of your true joy heals; forcing yourself to live according to others’ expectations can make you ill or even kill you. Live joyfully; allow your gifts to pour forth, and you will feel a corresponding flow into the new.

    Big blessings and lots of love …


  42. Thank you for this insightful article. I lived in California for 28 years (until 2005) and most of the time from 1987 to 2005 I lived in Marin County (with a year on the Peninsula and a year in the city again). Most Marin residents were aware of the breast cancer clusters, especially in areas like Fairfax. There was a philanthropist who sponsored a talk by Dr. Helen Caldicott in Mill Valley, CA to speak about her life’s work as an anti-nuclear and environmental activist, motivated by being a mother and grandmother. Dr. Caldicott said that the U.S. government sprayed Strontium 90 over the SF Bay Area and Marin County in the 1970’s. She believed that this experiment led to Marin having some of the highest breast cancer rates in the nation, which is odd, since much of the county is pristine wilderness. However, we also were often bombarded by chemtrail spraying. I even encountered an eye-stinging mist while hiking after seeing many chemtrail planes spraying that day. Who knows if this added to the problem?

    I knew many women residents of Marin who dealt with breast cancer, some survivors and others who did not. I had a roommate for 3 years in San Anselmo that I met in massage school. Nobody I ever met lived a healthier lifestyle. She didn’t smoke, drink, or eat sugar. She ate seasonally and organic, wore organic clothing, and slept 8 hours nightly on organic bedding. She carried those large heavy glass bottles long distances to retrieve Spring water for cooking and consuming, before we even realized the dangers of certain hard plastics and BPA. She had a supportive spiritual community, was financially smart, and relatively stress-free. Like many massage therapists, she later enrolled again in school to study nursing, as it was a more stable and lucrative career choice.

    After I had returned to Massachusetts, she developed breast cancer, She opted for alternative treatment instead of radiation or chemo, but it was discovered at Stage 3. I visited her in 2007 and we did a massage trade like we used to, but I could tell she was weak. She led everyone to believe she was improving. Despite rest, lots of emotional support, juicing and living a healthy lifestyle, she passed away in 2008. It seemed rather sudden, as we all thought she was recovering.

    When I got into the healthcare system in Massachusetts, my income was low so that I enjoyed free coverage when I didn’t have a job at a company that gave me health insurance. In California, I had been without healthcare coverage most of my adult life, and had gone to public health clinics for the annual exams and women’s health checks. Back in Massachusetts, I had several scares and had to get additional mammograms, sonograms and checkups for breast cancer for a 2-year period before I was given the all-clear. I often wondered if this didn’t arise from having lived in Marin County. However, I am thankful to enjoy excellent health now, although I do still eat wild-caught Alaskan Coho Salmon as part of my diet, because Atlantic Salmon is all farmed.

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  43. Thank you for sharing some of your story and that of your friend’s journey. Wishing you all the very best.

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  44. A brilliant post with profound insights for humanity in these challenging times. It’s now or never to harness your creativity and gifts and to share them with the world. Blessings beauty. I thank God that you helped me open to my own creativity which truly was the key to saving my life…not to mention enjoying life again to it’s fullest.


  45. ❤️ So glad you lived to tell your tale and the create such beauty in this world! Big love, Laura


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