Faery Tale Tunnel of Love Found – Make a Wish

Jayn sent the link to this article to me, too, last night, but I love Tania’s write-up. I also find it soooo … something … as we have a train and a blank factory wall across the street from our magickal little faery cottage. When we first moved in, I became obsessed with getting a mural on that wall, because I kept seeing an enormous woods there. I asked the faeries for help getting the mural approved and painted, and they showed me that those woods *already* exist there and that’s why I keep seeing them. They also urged me to channel my ideas for community and volunteer projects into community gardens and helping impoverished people find real food and beauty in their midst. They’ve really upped the magick to put these goals on the radar of many people in Goshen. Meanwhile, I feel that faery woods getting stronger and stronger. A little birdie *might* have scattered morning glory and sunflower seeds to coax the beauty from that 3D land. These photos remind me of what my inner heart sees and knows as the mists return and the veils grow thin.

Tania Marie

tunnel-of-love-ukraine-fairytaleI’m enjoying an evening to myself in the tranquility of new inspiration I have found gently swelling in my heart of recent. A day spent hiking and picnicking ended with a passionate sunset bursting with fuchsia, lavender gray, and corals. And it was the sunset, I watched alone as I drove home, that really mesmerized my soul and ignited with a spark I’ve felt kindling.

Perhaps all of the abundant new energy swirling inside of me, along with a new seed of life that has romanticized my new exuberance, has me in an extra sweet and magickal space.

Is that possible? Lol! Why yes!! Expansion is limitless.

I am continuously in awe and wonder by the amazing surprises life unwraps at each new turn – fun, sometimes scary, but always full of exciting possibilities. And while I never know exactly where they are taking me and how they will look…

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  1. Posted by Nikkoale on January 5, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    Hi, Laura. I posted a link on my facebook page and wanted to share with you what I wrote about it…

    “I posted a link to Tania Marie’s post earlier. It was reposted on Laura Bruno’s blog. I love what she says about it. I hope that if you are drawn to read this that you will surf around on her site, especially about the posts she has of the work she and others are doing around Goshen, Ind. So inspiring about what can be done in communities that are mired in despair through government abuses. Being dependent upon our government is not the answer to any problem… and there are so many communities and people out there proving it every day. Please check out her blog, and I think you will come to admire Laura as much as I do.”

    I am so thankful that I was led to your work, Laura — and, through you, to Tania’s, too. Blessings, all!



    • Oh, very sweet! Thanks, Nikkoale. We’ve definitely got some challenges on our plate, but I am so encouraged by what’s happening here and other places. Many blessings!



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