8 things Harry Potter fans are doing to fight real-life dark forces

I love this! Truly, it is our compassion, childlike wonder and our imaginations that will bring in our preferred new world. Hollywood tends to sensationalize everything and channel so much of that energy into negative programming. It’s deeply encouraging to see fans redirecting their own energy into positive and helpful things.

Spirit In Action


8 things Harry Potter fans are doing to fight real-life dark forces

If Harry Potter were a real person, he’d fight child labor, voter suppression, and poverty. Here are several ways Harry’s fans have taken his values from the books and movies into the real world.

By Katrina Rabeler, YES! Magazine / December 4, 2013


Actress Emma Watson (center) poses with actors Rupert Grint (left) and Daniel Radcliffe (right) at the world premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2” in London in 2011. Harry Potter fans have joined together to carry Harry Potter’s fight against injustices into the real world.

Dylan Martinez/Reuters/FileAndrew Slack finally read the “Harry Potter” series when he gave in to pressure from his students who were obsessed with Harry, the teenage wizard who uses magic, courage, and wit to confront dark forces and save the world.

YES! Magazineis a…

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  1. haha!! i love it too! thanks for sharing xoox!



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