The Power of Your Emotions

Today, we have another series of comments turned blog post, this time from a discussion on Jean Haines’ blog. The discussion included after this long introduction covers ideas of being “in this world but not of it,” the Temperance Card and the Age of Aquarius, as well as the importance and power of your emotions. As regular readers know, I very much value the importance and power of love and forgiveness. I also recognize that love sometimes means calling out abuse, and then following that emotional line with action to stop future abuse.

The New Age and “Ascension” Movements have become so indoctrinated with the idea of “if you fight it, you feed it” that it’s tempting to lose sight of other choices. It’s not an either/or option of “live completely passively or become a violent thug.” We don’t need to “join them” and employ the same methods of violence and “power over.” We have other options besides “fight” or “flight.” We can also acquire different weapons that lift the old “fight” into newer territory. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” was said by the same genius (Albert Einstein) who reminded us, “No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Like it or not, the subtle shift that turned the Peace Movement into the Anti-War Movement effectively neutered a force powerful enough to change the world. Before the CIA flooded hippies with LSD, real, honest, core emotions fueled a desire for world peace. A desire accompanied by powerful actions like organic gardening, creative (yet non-violent) non-compliance, and alternative community lifestyles. The power structures infiltrated the Peace Movement in the same ways they’ve infiltrated the New Age, Awakening and Truth Movements — from one angle, drugging people out with hope-ium, pharmaceuticals, or “natural” highs that leave people completely ungrounded and therefore powerless to effect on-the-ground change … from the other angle, converting righteous anger and empowering passion into mindless rage.

If we want peace to become a real, tangible force again, then we need to find middle, upper and lower ground — we need to seek until we find the best footing to implement real change. Pie in the sky is a fine starting place, but right now we’ve got drones in the skies … and many of the hopium “pacifists” not only voted to continue those drones, but they continue to endorse and enable violence through head-in-the-sand non-violence. If we can’t figure out how to stop violence, then at the very least, we have a sacred responsibility to create real, grounded alternatives so that a Tipping Point can actually happen. Slapping a “Love ‘n’ Light” sticker on genocide and tyranny doesn’t transmute such evils into “Bliss.” Not in the real world, anyway. Yes, infuse the real world with bliss — raise the default vibration — but doing so requires an occasional visit to the messy physical and emotional realms. The more often we visit, the more chances we have to influence the direly necessary clean-up and renovations.

For those who like the pseudo-Awakening Matrix Movies: it’s not just about Red Pill or Blue Pill. We can take a Purple Pill or — here’s a radical idea in the age of BigPharma– how about No Pill? How about actually allowing ourselves to feel those emotions, to observe them before discarding them as irrelevant or “low vibe.” Maybe we want those emotions … or at least to harvest their energy. How about reclaiming options that are rightfully ours but currently not offered for public consumption? We can become (to use another biblical expression) “wise as serpents, harmless as doves.” Many truly good, caring people have embraced the “harmless as doves” part, but far, far fewer have taken the “wise as serpents” part to heart. Wisdom begins by knowing ourselves — even the parts we wish weren’t there. Maybe especially those parts!

Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” We live in a world where the DSM-5 classifies pretty much every single emotion as a psychological disorder that requires “treatment.” A world where BigPharma medicates the emotions into oblivion; a world where fluoride — which is essentially pineal gland poisoning Prozac — is pumped into public water supplies, as it was used in WW2 gas chambers to keep prisoners from freaking out and becoming troublesome. Yes, the internet and news are filled with “fear porn” and vitriol, but in our attempts to reclaim sovereignty over ourselves and to heal our planet, let’s not throw the babies out with the bath water.

Babies are precious. So are our emotions … as long as we nurture them, get to know them and learn how to trust them again. Despite all the attempts at divide and conquer and false duality, we don’t live in a black and white world. There’s plenty of Shadow to explore, and if we’re afraid of exploring it, including the emotions and energies that frequently dwell there, then we will continue to offer ourselves up to manipulation by those who’ve fully embraced the “wise as serpents” aspect while only paying lip service to “harmless as doves.”

Please note, I am not advising anyone on pharmaceutical medications to go dump their prescription med’s in the toilet. If you would like to get off prescribed med’s, please do consult a doctor, naturopath or other professional with experience in mitigating withdrawal effects, as pharmaceuticals create actual dependencies, which need to be safely addressed. The Hippocratic Oath advises, “First, do no harm,” but again … we must always remember to be “wise as serpents.” We live in a co-opted world. If we wish to free ourselves from all the layers of creepy infiltration, mind control, and the current — happening right now in mainstream society near you — Zombie Apocalypse, then we need to reclaim our emotions, learn what they are and how to work with them rather than being controlled by them. Respect, not control. If those emotions weren’t so powerful, then the NWO/transhumanist agenda wouldn’t work so hard at manipulating and/or eradicating them. As Starhawk says, “Where there’s fear, there’s power.”

I trust some people will find bits of resonance and assistance in the following comments, too:

Greater Arcana says:
December 26, 2013 at 4:42 pm

That sounds like fear still talking. Jean said we have to lose attachment to that fear in the opening of this post. The name of the ascension game is to be on this earth, but not OF it. Forgiveness and understanding are what these military dogs, their superiors, and even those in the top tier of the cabal need. They were not loved enough. That’s the real lesson here. Learn it or continue to do things just like they do.

Tempering metal is one of the hardest processes to achieve. The same goes for tempering our base consciousness upward into spirit. I give you the Temperance Card. One foot on earth, the other within water, symbolizing spirit:
Jean says:
December 26, 2013 at 4:49 pm

🙂 Sometimes, though, I think we need to express our feelings, all the while knowing we aren’t going to act on them. To keep them inside is not wise . . . When they come out in the open, I thinkit is sometimes easier to deal with them. . . Hugs, ~Jean
laurabruno says:
December 26, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Well said, Jean, and also, just a note:

In the Tarot (and many other places) water represents the emotions, not spirit. Wands/fire are the suit of spirit. Emotions are extremely important, as they keep us in touch with our soul. The Temperance Card is a great illustration, but it is showing the importance of balance AND the connection between Earth and the emotions in the Age of Aquarius –Aquarius being the water bearer.

Jean says:
December 26, 2013 at 11:28 pm

I agree with your words, but I would like to add that it is important that we keep the emotional pathway to our heart/souls clear, so the messages we get from our hearts are accurate . . . I hope you can agree with this. . . Hugs, ~Jean


Yes, Jean, I am very much a proponent of people clearing emotions and also transmuting them into higher vibration and/or using the emotions to fuel passion towards something positive we do want in this world. I just find that many times there is a desire to skip the step of actually being in touch with the emotions in the first place. That’s rampant in repressive “religions” but also very much something to keep an eye on in the whole “Ascension” movement. Denial is not the same as transmutation; refusing to look at what’s happening is not the same thing as pivoting from what’s not wanted and recognizing our own levels of influence to change things — in thought and intention, yes, but also, quite often in action.

That’s one reason why I appreciate Neil so much. I think you would agree that he’s quite a passionate guy. He’s got that fiery Irish energy that can seem like a lot of bluster to people, but if you look beyond the bluster, it’s clear he has a tremendous amount of Love. Too often, Tough Love or speaking truth to power is seen as “negative” or “fear based.” Not dealing at all with Shadow emotions simply does the NWO’s work for them — instead of them needing to censor and medicate us, we do it for them through fear of anything that’s not “Light.”

There is a difference between darkness and evil. Compost occurs in darkness and fertilizes the soil; without it, the soil becomes sterile. There’s a huge connection between soil and soul, between humus and human. Soul grows in the dark; spirit grows in the light. As humans, we have and need both. Earth is Ascending. One of the easiest guarantees of being on that track is to align ourselves with Earth, our bodies and our emotions. In order to do so, we need to spend some time in Nature, eating real, non-GMO foods and removing toxic poisons — on all the levels with whatever tools we find effective.

I think we are essentially coming from quite similar perspectives given your story of your own healing. I just hate to see people immediately stamping out anything as “fear” or “not high vibe enough.” Fear is sometimes a valid warning system to “pay attention,” “be careful,” “change your path,” etc. Anger at abuse can provide courage and strength for action to halt such abuse. The key is not to get stuck in these emotions. That’s where the Temperance card provides a good model.

I find Abraham-Hicks’ concept of an Emotional Guidance Scale extremely relevant and empowering for people: … You can’t immediately access bliss from a place of despair; each emotion provides stepping stones to preferred ones, but again, if we just try to put a brave or happy face on things without real honesty, inner and quite oftentimes OUTER work, as well, then we haven’t “Ascended,” we’ve just deepened the denial structure. Thank you for your blog and the comments/discussion.


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  1. Posted by brad on December 27, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    This is one of the most clear-sighted, spiritually-based yet down-to-earth perspectives and commentary I’ve come across. Glad there are people, like you, seeing things this clearly and giving a coherent voice to it. Thanks!


  2. Posted by Mary on December 27, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    Interesting. Similar topic came up for me this week as well. I watched a documentary on Forgiveness. One of the stories they shared was of a woman and her friend who were axed while staying overnight in Klamath Falls. Terri said she immediately fell into the passive forgiveness route and pretty much lost over a decade of her life bouncing from emotional trainwreck to numbness. She discovered that she needed to revisit the site where the violation took place and reclaim herself and her anger. She said that the “cheap grace” she afforded the perpetrator, actually was detrimental to her recovery. She lost touch with a very important part of herself through this ‘cheap grace’, she lost touch with her will.

    Her personal process asked that she stand up and act on this injustice, to campaign to create awareness of this abuser (the man actually was notorious for abusing women in the town) and his actions.

    To me, this is one example of when it’s healthy to acknowledge and channel our anger into creating awareness and change, to cut a pathway out of a well worn rut.

    I feel I can relate to her story very much as I have been through some abuse myself but always felt guilty about being angry about it, as if I would become like those who harmed me if I did allow myself that anger. I too can feel my will hijacked to some degree by this kind of thinking. Its a helpful discernment to understand that the emotion itself is very human, very much a part of our 3D experience, the choice should not whether or not to allow the emotion, but how we should choose to act on those emotions. Nice words, now if I can just employ these ideas myself…. 🙂

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing, love those syncs.


  3. i also have a real big thing about the new age and ascension movements also drugging themselves up. if not pharmaceuticals that are sweeping the general public numb, there’s always the “new age” substances numbing up the spiritual public as well, and it really is a sore subject for me, as while i honor free will and choice, i also see the flip side of what is going on that people are explaining away with more spiritual fluff to support these things. and i just don’t support it at all


  4. Bravo Laura: I love blustery Irish people and their unabashed expressiveness…they are my people 🙂

    And…the Irish are not averse to exploring and showing their shadow material…as we know, most Irish poets and authors speak specifically to that beautiful soulful Plutonian journey of the underworld…this is the place of “humus,” the pre-human form, Avalon and the Holy Grail. Their (Irish-Celtic-Faery & Tribal Cultures of Britain too) depth is unmatched in our modern new age world and they know well that the waters surrounding their brilliant green isles are filled with wild and incredible emotional material–reflections of their soul paths…that they have to cross those waters to get to the farther shores.


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  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments and insights! I’ve had a busy weekend with family in town so haven’t kept up with the blogosphere. Wishing you all continued growth, love and courage in these exciting times! Blessings and love, Laura


  7. good points, Laura. I find that there are two “kinds” of choices. You can act in service to others, or you can act in service to yourself. Neither choice is necessarily good or bad, and sometimes by acting in service to yourself, you are serving others (and vice versa). Non-action can serve yourself (we all need our “me” time), but it can also serve others if strategically placed. There is a lot currently being used against us in subtle ways – it is not a direct war, but a war to defeat the enemy by allowing us to defeat ourselves. That includes pharmaceuticals, religion (including “new age”), media, etc. So at this time we can stop giving energy and investing in these things that are contributing to the corrupt system. It can be one or two things – in theory, we still have to survive in this world. I believe what we are moving towards is a time where we create a positive energy flow rather than negative (for example, electric energy: currently we take, when we could give back). That will happen next year. Then other things will be free to take place… and the sky really isn’t the limit…

    As to “ascension” that too is a “perspective”. I believe we all “ascend” several times a week so it’s not like it’s a one-time deal. We’re just led to believe that so that we have “hope”. But the fact of the matter is, we’re perfect now. ❤


  8. Posted by procomptor on December 30, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Wow someone that has actually come full circle and probably more than once! I used to enjoy fighting as I was a chocker setter for a logging outfit when I was very young. If you were not aggressive you either ended up isolating yourself from the crew or dead.

    I have of course mellowed with age and profession. Having children and pets also adds temperament to your life. But recently I was attacked by several guys that were after my till from my business. I was able to fend them off because I actively work out and still have some of my skills as a kick boxer left over from my younger days. I wonder sometimes if the anger needed to protect yourself and those that depend on you is worth it until something like the above event happens.

    It is hard being a man of 57 years young when sometimes certain events bring me to tears and it’s hard to share this publicly when you don’t want other guys to think you’re a pushover. I never really understood how to go from angry to passionate at the drop of a hat until after my 32 year marriage failed. My ex would give me a hard time because I looked mean at times & she would call it bad attitude. Most of the time it came from a memory I was rolling through my brain or something I wasn’t comfortable doing. I finally reached the point where I just didn’t show emotions fearing someone would see me and then judge me on my facial expressions. Then right after we separated one of her complaints was that I never smiled and gave the impression I was just grumpy all the time!

    Finally a couple of years ago I said the heck with what other people think and decided to smile when I could but if that is uncomfortable then just look like I am in deep concentration. Occasionally I get the “What’s wrong is everything all right”? I just smile and say ” Oh ya I’m trying to remember something”.

    I would prefer to wear my emotions on my sleeve like I use to but it seems that people these days are so quick to judge a book by it’s cover. If I see someone is not happy I keep my distance unless the situation involves others and then try to find out the facts before judging. To be honest excessive smiling scares me! I figure the person is on drugs or is trying to hide something inside. We all prefer to be happy but lets be honest for a moment and admit that when someone cuts you off sharply in traffic it’s perfectly normal to give them a dirty look…right? If you go around them with a big smile and a wave you will creep them out! Seriously just try it:):):)

    Thanks Laura for this article as I find it hard to expect that being enlightened means always feeling great and being happy. That would be the same as expecting an 18 year old to have the same emotions as a 50 year old. I found I was beating myself up over not being able to maintain happiness indefinitely for the first few months this year. I am 50% happier but I also find myself crying over bad events 50% more. I figure that’s a fair trade off. My life or country being threatened still makes me angry but I am ok not having a gun and finding better ways to defend both!



  9. good earthly reality. Emotions are signals we must learn to read and use – not be controlled by. Well said Laura.


  10. Thanks, Kade!


  11. Thank you for sharing this, Mike. I used to get profiled all the time at the airport. I mean ALL the time! Several reasons were theorized, but the one that surprised me most was that I “smile too much.” “People probably think you’re on drugs.” The truth is that whenever I travel, I listen to sacred chants so I can tune out everyone else’s negativity and just be in my own space. The resulting vibration is so radically different from all the hustle-bustle, angst, anger, rushing and frustration that I probably do stand out like a freak. Kinda sad, actually, when you consider that we naturally have that joyful spiritual connection, but it’s seemingly severed in so many ways that you look like a wacko for giving people heartfelt smiles at the airport!

    Carl Jung has such a great line: “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate.” I prefer to feel the so-called negative emotions fully so that I can consciously decide what to do with them instead of having them boomerang in unexpected and more difficult to deal with ways.



  12. Yes, I agree with you, dreamwalker444, there’s a tendency to try to oversimplify things that aren’t necessarily all black or white, right or wrong, service to self or others. Since the web of wyrd is so tightly and intricately woven, we don’t always know what’s what. I am realllllly looking forward to a period of magnetic energy balancing the overwhelming slant towards electrical energy on this planet. Lode stones, ley lines … we are all electromagnetic beings, but everything is disproportionately slanted to electricity. Anyway … yes, in our natural state, I believe we’re meant to be spiritually tuned in to the Earth in such a way that it’s a give and take of energies, not just taking. That’s the power (for now anyway) of consciously giving back to the Earth with kind gestures like picking up litter, nourishing the soil, even small rituals to honor the land. ❤


  13. Well said, Chele! Yes, the weather and the elements remind those isles of something bigger, darker and deeper than the ego or shallow platitudes … and we can all benefit from such rich cultures! LOL, those are my people, too — I have a lot of Welsh, Irish and British blood in me … and the Fire Faery makes an occasional appearance. 😉


  14. Yep, T! I know you know it. 🙂 xoxo


  15. Wow, very interesting, Mary! Thank you for sharing about the documentary, too. In this world where sexual assault and sexual abuse has had such a profound negative impact on our society, I wish more people would get angry enough to do something about it. Yes, it’s a question of love, too, but how much love is enough to “cause” a priest who’s abused hundreds of children to “reform himself” so that he’s no longer a predator. At least in Ireland, they are standing up and kicking known pedophiles out of the country. I read somewhere that something like 80% of a town had been abused by one priest, and one woman was forced to have her abuser officiate at her wedding! And that’s just in the Catholic Church … there’s all the government trafficking, MK Ultra, etc. Stepping into anger and shifting that into fuel to do something about it can actually get things done. To just say “oh, these people need more love and I’m just damaged goods from being a ‘victim’ and I can’t even get my emotions right” is really not much different than the child who tells her mom that her dad’s raping her and the mom yells at the child.

    Those who speak of the Archons talk about them surfing off our emotions and their solution to this is to stop having emotions. They completely bypass the (to me) obvious point that if Archons can surf off the power of our emotions, then so can we! It’s a question of consciousness and finesse — blind rage is not as effective as calculated strategy fueled by passion for what you know is right. Both can come from the same trigger experience, though.



  16. Thanks so much, Brad!


  17. Posted by Gianna deGirolamo-Gaudio on January 1, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Wonderful dialogue. So glad to hear people are willing to struggle internally to find the way. It’s as powerful as the civil rights movement, this one: The Spritual rights movement. I may have something to offer in a book coming out very son….Self101
    What you don’t know you don’t know.


  18. Sounds like a good book! 🙂


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  20. […] power, forgetting that if beings derived great strength from slurping up your emotions, then those emotions hold great power. Certainly, you don’t want to feed your controllers, but discarding that source of power falls […]


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