Poetic Justice ~ End of Privacy and the Dropping of the Veils

What the NSA and Shadow Government goons fail to realize is that they are bringing into being a world in which nothing remains hidden. In their attempts to know every last detail of every correspondence, thought and emotion, they’ve injected into the holographic Universe the very thing they most fear: transparency. The more they push to end privacy, the greater humanity’s abilities grow to pierce the veil. Since the effectiveness of Shadow Government and unbridled corporate fascism depend upon secrecy, I say, “Bring it.”

Transparency works both ways. These psycho’s who demand to know everything are creating a world in which the people also can see beyond the veils. Auras speak volumes of truth, regardless of what lying lips or the propaganda press profess. “They” have much more to lose than most of those they’re spying upon. Want an end to privacy? I say, “Bring it.” Let’s see all those rattling skeletons and rotting corpses in the Shadows. Let’s see the festering corruption at the core of the proffered “reality.”

And then … we will also see the glory of humanity, the natural kindness of human hearts, and the brilliance of our healed and unmanipulated DNA.

I do love Poetic Justice. Careful what you pray for, creepers and crawlers. When humanity sees its radiant Self beyond the veils, then you will be reabsorbed into Light or turned into compost where your decomposed nastiness can actually do some good.


So don’t fear the NSA, NROL, or the octopussy tentacles of the spy matrix. Octopi are smart enough and freedom loving enough that they routinely escape their tanks and research enclosures. Who’s to say that all this dragnet won’t tangle and strangle the very control freaks trying to keep running things?

I hear that Elf Blast’s a real b!tch. Best to stop doing things that need cover if you insist on stripping away all privacy. When the Emperor Wears No Clothes and everyone else has nothing left to hide, we shall see if scum still rises to the top.

4 responses to this post.

  1. WOW, Laura, you really outdid yourself this time — and we can now see your Self fully emerging 😉 AWESOME!!! I’ve been ‘coming out’ lately, too. It’s time to take off the kid gloves, don’t you think??? Direct contact with the soil is always the most natural and effective way anyway, right? 🙂



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