Urban Permaculture and Community Space

My friend, Nicole — a yoga instructor, doula, certified permaculture designer, and all around groovy, heart centered woman — and the Prairie Wolf Collective from Elkhart are doing some amazing things in their neighborhood! As a service and a vision, they’ve begun modeling urban permaculture and cooperative housing in a severely run down area of Elkhart County.

I’ve mentioned before our area’s strange mix of extreme talent and vision right alongside some of the worst poverty in the nation. Just this morning, my dad sent me an article about how Goshen ranks #3 in the top 10 cities where poverty is soaring. This project in the nearby city of Elkhart highlights the need and the creativity mixed with dedication that many local visionaries feel called to pour into loving and innovative solutions.

I hope you enjoy Nicole’s narration of this video, and if you feel led, please consider donating a little to their cause — money, prayers, time … spreading the word, whatever you feel led to do. If we can transform and heal things in Elkhart County, then things can be transformed and healed anywhere. This grassroots collective of concerned neighbors and dedicated young people can become a model for what’s possible.

Here’s the link to their indiegogo campaign: click here. In addition to various rewards/thank you’s for levels of donation, you’ll also find photos and much more inspiring information about what’s happening in the rust belt Heartland of America.

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