ActivistPost – Andrew V PontBriand – Stop The TPP – Important Action Itmes (Update) – 11 December 2013

Well, I already contacted all my Senators and “Representative,” and each of them sent back some kind of weenie response that they “agree with me,” while their letter clearly iterated all the bizarre ways in which they believe this TPP is the greatest thing since Wonder Bread. Here’s the deal: Wonder Bread was a terrible invention! So is the TPP. This post lists dozens of actions you can take, but if your state is filled with backwards politicians, then feel free to continue the purging magick of intentionally flushing the TPP down the toilet. Magickal ethics and practicality say not to use magick unless ordinary methods don’t work. Perhaps you will have better luck with ordinary petitions, letters and phone calls. As for me, having tried all those, I’ll be flushing the TPP and all of its supporters down the John for treatment and purification. Because most traitors could use a good wet willie and sewage treatment. And while we’re at it, whatever happened to my call for mandatory colonics for all Members of Congress? Throw in the White House, SCOTUS and all alphabet agencies, too. Way too much sh!t clogging the annals of the world these days. Puns relevant and intended.

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The TPP, or Trans Pacific Partnership is on its way to being fast tracked this week, and could be pushed through via POTUS as soon as today.

The TPP, is one of the most secretive trade deals since NAFTA and GATT, that the Clinton Administration was largely responsible for, although it is well understood these plans go back many decades and are just now being primed to become operational.

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  1. love all the links the young man listed to contact and getting my toilet ready for a big dump! And….The current situation is it’s seems the TPP is not being fast tracked at all and it is in fact, in trouble, many of the nations involved are standing firm against Obama’s typical iron fisted tactics on a number of issue’s, this according to the latest WikiLeak doc two days ago: The Huffington Post, the only major media even covering this situation somewhat realtime reported also big fissures in the talks: The US even added an extra day of talks things were going so badly for them, let’s keep up the pressure to flush this awful Orwellian nightmare of a trade ‘agreement’ down the tubes. High fives to the countries involved for pushing back, standing firm to protect their nations right’s from being stripped away which is the ultimate goal of all of this, to dissolve all nations into one global nationstate. Thank you Laura!



  2. the talks are over until next month without an agreement the US was anxiously counting on, Obama even sent Joe Biden to Japan and other Pacific/Asian states involved to really put the pressure on the get this treaty done before the end of the year, didn’t happen! Yeah! This is from the WSJ yesterday, It’s so obvious that Obama and co were trying to get this slam dunked in secret before the world found out about it and pushed back, the push back, excuse me, the flushing has begun, bigtime!



  3. Heheh … kinda sucks to be the tyrannical emperor with no clothes on, doesn’t it? Thanks for all the updates. The poor, poor globalists are getting the old flush and swoosh. Buh-bye ….



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