Overcoming Resistance to a Healing Path

One more comment bump-up — this one regarding the frequent wave of resistance that seems to arrive when people begin stepping into their own healing power. This wave can manifest as physical symptoms, Shadow mirrors in relationships or seeming “Fate” that intervenes and sends people back to “feeling small.” It has many forms, and I hear about it sooo often when people are in process of shifting their own self-definitions and expanding their influence and responsibility. Here’s the comment I made in response to some of these concerns:

Thanks for sharing. Your experiences with resistance are all too common. Some of us need a metaphorical whack on the head, and others of us take that quite literally. 😉 I would say just start by focusing on the things that you CAN do without having a backlash. Maybe that’s just having an uplifting word or giving someone a compliment in line at the market. Maybe it’s holding the door for a woman with three screaming children and smiling at her instead of judging her for “not being able to control her kids.” Maybe it’s learning the name of the person who cleans the office and making a point to make eye contact with them and greet them by name.

Healing isn’t just about the miraculous, spontaneous removal of symptoms or the perceived ability to do that for someone else. Sometimes healing is much more about respect for self and others — making a conscious effort to recognize and cultivate the humanity in someone who has all but forgotten themselves amidst the busyness of life or the demands of a job that feels constricting or demeaning. When we take those moments to recognize the spark — not just of the Divine, but also of the human — we change our world, person by person, moment by moment.

So what if you don’t feel like you can quit your job tomorrow and go on the self-help talk circuit! Surely, you can find one random act of kindness to do each day. Those unexpected gifts of re-humanization are often more healing than multiple visits to a doctor or “energy worker.” We are constantly sending out energy. By becoming at least a bit more conscious of our opportunities to send out positive, compassionate, change-inducing energy, we ARE taking action, and those actions build. Eventually, you will begin to think differently of yourself, and it will just be a huge “of course!” that you move into larger and larger steps. But never forget the little steps. Those are like pixie dust in a downtrodden world.

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  1. Love this Laura ~ Thank you


  2. 🙂 You’re welcome!


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    I love this post! Thank you for pointing this out.
    Even when I was mired in depression and resistance to my own path thru the underworld of ever growing limiation and physical suffering I always tried to take whatever small actions I was able to in the moment to help others. I felt that even if I can’t do much, brightening someone’s day is usually accessible to do. Everyone you meet has their own struggle and difficulty. Spreading love and compassion elevates the world. The same goes for things like recycling, letting your yard be habitat for wild beings instead of a show of status-any action that nurtures and helps other living beings can uplift you and the world, no matter how “small” it may seem. Every choice is like the pebble hitting the pond that is the energy all around us. The ripples spread out to the ends of the Universe:-)


  4. Thank you – wonderful message.
    Blessings and Sparkles,


  5. Posted by Mary on December 2, 2013 at 2:59 am

    Nicely said, thank you for the reminder that even what might seem small can be ‘enough’.

    I guess that’s my problem, while I do what I can, when I can, I feel like it’s just not enough, not enough to satisfy that burning deep inside that I’m supposed to do something here and what I’m doing now just ain’t it.

    See, it’s tough to put yourself out there to be of service when you have some very people phobic tendencies! How does someone who’s scared of intimacy and interaction overcome these blocks to create a service based life? This is how I feel trapped. Trapped because when I think of creating groups or joining a group I want to throw up because of the intense anxiety I feel. Or how I feel dread and fear of sharing my voice via my own blog, right now tears are welling up and my throat is getting tight and all I’m doing is talking about it!

    All these things I feel called to do, like somewhere in my soul, this is what I’m about (sharing, teaching, guiding) but this ego, this personality? No way man. I end up isolating myself wishing like hell I could join in but when I try I can’t handle the anxiety and fear. I’m beginning to think I’m clinically phobic, seriously. I have maybe one or two people that I talk too socially and even then I have to overcome fear of having a simple phone conversation just to pick up the phone.

    So what is a girl to do? I guess I’ll find out…


  6. I have known people who had “it” as bad or worse who are now very public with their blogging, teaching and healing gifts. I can’t name names due to confidentiality, but they are out there. Realllly out there. 🙂


  7. Posted by Mary on December 2, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    Well that is good news. I just got the message that hiding behind this shadow is big gift; that this is one of those situations where a big strength can be transmuted from a big fear. We will see… 🙂 Thank you.


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