Love, Power, Healing and the Shadow

More comments that really need their own post … in response to Paradox, Illusions and Unconditional Love:

Posted by Mary on November 30, 2013 at 6:55 pm edit

Good read, thank you. Not sure about having to do our inner work before taking action though. I think the two could go hand-in-hand. Combining action in the ‘real’ world with our personal inner clean up might just create some kind of synergistic boost inceasing effectiveness of both endeavors simultaneously. Indeed, as within, so without.

Posted by laurabruno on November 30, 2013 at 7:08 pm edit

Thanks to everyone who commented, and Mary, I agree. There’s no time to waste!

Posted by Dawn Vierra on November 30, 2013 at 7:30 pm edit

Thanks Mary and Laura you are right about the time being no, if I gave the impression that one must do all personal work prior to participating, I didn’t mean to. My intention was that it needed to be done hand in hand. I don’t see how one can not be accomplished without the other. Hope that’s clearer.

Posted by Dawn Vierra on November 30, 2013 at 7:31 pm edit

correction…time being NOW.

Posted by laurabruno on November 30, 2013 at 9:51 pm edit

🙂 Thanks for clarifying, Dawn! One of the greatest challenges I see all the time during intuitive sessions with individuals and also playing out on the larger world stage is this idea that we need to be perfectly healed ourselves before we can “presume” to offer any kind of healing to the world. Individuals who have various ailments but have wisdom to share shut themselves down, waiting until those symptoms disappear before they are willing to start living their truth or extending a helping hand to others. What many people don’t understand is that if your life path includes being a healer (and for many, many, many of us that’s true), then you will not ever experience full healing UNTIL you START offering whatever kind of healing you can right now, from where you are.

Law of Attraction and resonance can help to ensure that only those people you can help will cross your path or that you will know the resources to send someone else to in the event that you feel you have nothing to offer them. Many of us through networking can act as clearing houses for healing … but to wait … to assume that none of this would exist w/o our own un-healed parts and then paralyze actions that in and of themselves help to initiate our own and the worlds’ healing? Well, that’s why we’re in such a pickle on this planet! It’s a Catch 22, and it doesn’t need to be.

Sometimes we may fall short of an imaginary ideal or some kind of platitude of everything being nice and neat and clean, but sometimes a little grit and dirt are what get the job done. Sometimes it’s our flaws that allow the opening for conversation and the opportunities for healing. While I very much agree with many of the ideas of Unity and Oneness, I also recognize a sneaky way that those concepts can foster a “spiritual bypass” and allow otherwise caring, capable, loving individuals to bury their heads and become so P.C. that they won’t shout out “Hey, that person’s committing mass murder” or intervene if they see someone about to kill a child. In those instances, the appropriate response is not JUST meditation and a silent OM. Those things can help, but the appropriate response when you recognize repeated attempts at mass murder, kidnapping, genocide, etc. also includes, in my opinion, doing some major soul searching and gift searching so that you can responsibly find what you can do about it.

As conscious beings, we are not meant to play three monkeys in the face of evil, just because another 3 dimensions up, these people are all playing a cosmic game. On THIS level of the playing field, we need to find that balance of compassion, as well as dealing enough with our own Shadow so that we are not too terrified to use whatever tools and power we have at our disposal to help shift the energies. Jon Rappoport wrote a good article recently on the dance between Love and Power:

Ahhh, and here we have another comment that really ought to be its own blog post. Oh, well. 🙂

Thanks for commenting. This is one of those topics that really concerns me as I see otherwise kind, generous, loving people completely uninspired to do anything other than meditate or post a link on Facebook. These are both valid things … but a multidimensional world requires more than one or two approaches. At least … in my opinion. But then again, I communicate with the unseens and the animals, too. It’s not ALL about the humans, although humanity’s actions (or complete non-actions) and consequences spill over into other realms.

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  1. love your last comment miss L! 😉


  2. 😉 Yes, and don’t we both know it from personal experience as well as helping others! ❤


  3. I’m really glad you posted this as a separate post Laura. I found myself in this conundrum a few years back. I first had a kundalini awakening while I was still living in Atlanta around 2005, then at the end of 2006 when I was returning to California to be closer to my Mom who was going to need help shortly, I had a car accident where I hit black ice on my way driving there and literally as well as figuratively had my life turned upside down. The large moving truck and trailer carrying my car that I was driving began spinning round and round, then falling on it’s side, sliding in the highway median for what seemed like a long time. That shook me to my core at that point. When I arrived to California I didn’t realize I wasn’t the same person and I had entered a whole other realm. I moved to a place in Carmel Valley, where my landlord who was very gifted in seeing and reading things in people’s aura, told me at that point I needed to learn Reiki. She didn’t know what it was, but told me I needed to do that. I hadn’t a clue at that point about what I needed to be doing, so I started checking out Reiki. That’s when I found you, and shortly after started classes. I remember this same woman told me I couldn’t help people till I was healed myself. I had a real hard time with that. I couldn’t figure out how that could be, but at the same time I was thinking she possibly knew more than I did, I bought into that for a time. Then it started to dawn on me through the classes I was taking with you that that wasn’t the case. You even told me that and since then, I have practiced Reiki as well as Shamanic work with people, animals and the world itself. I realized this well meaning woman herself didn’t think she should do any work until she was “healed” whatever that was. I hope she has found her way through that. But it’s something that affects way too many of us. So glad you and Mary brought this up. Hugs, Dawn


  4. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Here’s an awesome dialogue of comments/responses to one of my dear Laura Bruno’s posts which came in with a resounding yes to inner work and taking direct action going hand-in-hand by everyone. Yes!! And I love, LOVE Laura’s last more detailed response on just how that looks and what it means. I see this so much. I constantly have been telling students and friends, that that the time is now to start “doing” whatever you can and to learn through experience. Experience is far more valuable and will, as Laura shares, holds the key to your own healing. The reason you have certain things to heal is because you aren’t doing what it is your symptoms are needing of you. I know this first hand. I felt the same as many of you, thinking how could I have something to share, if I didn’t have it all worked out, but in fact discovered that the more I put myself out there, the exponentially greater my evolution, joy, and personal healing expanded. I continue to challenge my own fears because they are the keys to freedom and I know that my experience benefits others, just as other’s experiences have and will benefit me. There isn’t any perfected state to achieve in order to be of service. You are of service by gifting yourself the experience of service for a greater good. Thanks Laura!!


  5. Thanks, Dawn, for sharing some of your story. The part that especially made me smile was, ” Then it started to dawn on me…” 😉 You are another perfect example of how much power and good people can do even when they are still doing their own healing. So is Tania. So am I. I still have some brain injury symptoms if I wander off path or spend too much time under fluorescent lights. I still have parts of me that flare up every now and then (ahem, temper, temper, Fire Faery…), but I do what I can with what I have. I’m still learning, and I’m still healing.

    According to some of the best neurologists in the country, I was never going to heal from my brain injury. Have I? I don’t know. Most people would never consider me “brain injured,” or recognize that at one point in my life, just the amount of reading and writing I’ve done just on this blog today would have leveled me with a migraine for two months. Do I have full, 100% awareness and neutrality/love of all everything, everywhere in every moment? No. I really don’t. Much of the time, I know I have a lot broader awareness than most of the people I encounter, and I know I love people enough to see them bigger, and better and more healed than they see themselves. I help people shift from being victims to recognizing their own agency in their lives, but that doesn’t mean that I never get annoyed at repeat abusers. I recognize how much I’ve learned from various narcissists in my own life, in particular how much Shadow work and magick I learned in order to extricate myself. Valuable tools that I’ve then passed along to others.

    But do I never get pissed off that we’ve allowed energy vampires, sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists to rule this world? I get pissed and sometimes I even feel a bubbling, roiling, seething rage. For a few moments, just enough to extract the energy from those emotions. Then I fuel that anger back into fiery loving creativity to do my own little part in making this world a gentler, kinder place. I’m not perfect, but sometimes I get the job done when no one around me has. May we each be able to say that and embrace our simultaneous power and vulnerability as we offer healing to ourselves, each other and the world.


  6. yes, indeed we both do, laura. i love what both dawn and you added here in the comments. and just like you laura, i smiled when dawn wrote, “it started to dawn on me.” 😉 dawn’s story is what i think everyone has at one time or another believed, been told, or was taught..that you can’t help/heal others, until you fully heal yourself. or that you have nothing to offer until then. and most people are operating from this belief and completing shutting down the amazing gifts they have simply because they are striving for this ideal that NEVER will be. but it boils down to our own insecurities and fears. even people very close to me, including some family and friends, believe the same. and so i just do the best i can to be an example of how that simply isn’t true. i feel that our ability to help others increases because of our vulnerability and willingness to share how our weaknesses in fact strengthen us. i hope every person will recognize what they DO have to share right here and now.


  7. Big hugs and love!!!


  8. thank you so much Laura and Tania for making this really clear….I don’t think there can be any misunderstanding now if anyone reads this. As Tania notes it is about our insecurities and fears. we all have them, sometimes they rule us and sometimes they teach us to over come them. I so appreciate you Laura, one for the teaching of Reiki two your nudging to go forth that you gifted me and all that you do above and beyond that. Tania, you as well go forth as a shining light just as does Laura, revealing yourselves from your heart, as well as your strengths and struggles….are we perfect, heck no. If we are infinite beings, then there really is no point where we know everything or are healed, we will evolve and transform ourselves as circumstances present themselves, or we won’t. Thank you for this in depth conversation of this particular subject. Well done!


  9. Posted by Mary on December 1, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Thank you. Several synchronistic gems for me here. Im have to admit Im one of those waiting for whole health to act. Ive been seeing 999 everywhere lately and have been asked to take the next step to discovering what the heck Im doing here anyway (a reading did show my true earthly vocation has not yet been ‘invented’, for now offer counsel to those few who come along here and there, but keep an eye out for stepping stones). I guess I feel at odds with not having done more.

    Its frustrating because I really do feel paralyzed! When I do take a step in the ‘right’ direction, my resistance kicks the snot out of me, all the work Ive done so far has not done much to reduce the intense subconscious resistance I have to becoming a healer in this life. Ive been down for the last two weeks from taking just a small step.

    My health is really confusing me too, seems that is written into my resistance programming as a stop measure as well. If I could just get out of my own way…

    Anyhow. Thank you for reinforcing the nudges Ive been getting to act. 🙂 And thank you for the validation as well! 🙂


  10. Thanks for sharing, Mary. Your experiences with resistance are all too common. Some of us need a metaphorical whack on the head, and others of us take that quite literally. 😉 I would say just start by focusing on the things that you CAN do without having a backlash. Maybe that’s just having an uplifting word or giving someone a compliment in line at the market. Maybe it’s holding the door for a woman with three screaming children and smiling at her instead of judging her for “not being able to control her kids.” Maybe it’s learning the name of the person who cleans the office and making a point to make eye contact with them and greet them by name.

    Healing isn’t just about the miraculous, spontaneous removal of symptoms or the perceived ability to do that for someone else. Sometimes healing is much more about respect for self and others — making a conscious effort to recognize and cultivate the humanity in someone who has all but forgotten themselves amidst the busyness of life or the demands of a job that feels constricting or demeaning. When we take those moments to recognize the spark — not just of the Divine, but also of the human — we change our world, person by person, moment by moment.

    So what if you don’t feel like you can quit your job tomorrow and go on the self-help talk circuit! Surely, you can find one random act of kindness to do each day. Those unexpected gifts of re-humanization are often more healing than multiple visits to a doctor or “energy worker.” We are constantly sending out energy. By becoming at least a bit more conscious of our opportunities to send out positive, compassionate, change-inducing energy, we ARE taking action, and those actions build. Eventually, you will begin to think differently of yourself, and it will just be a huge “of course!” that you move into larger and larger steps. But never forget the little steps. Those are like pixie dust in a downtrodden world.


  11. I just finished crafting a short fiction piece on fighting the shadows we cast for ourselves. And then I read this. I love the synchronicity life revels every now and then.


  12. Oh, fun! I love that, too. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Posted by Leah on December 16, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    “you will not ever experience full healing UNTIL you START offering whatever kind of healing you can right now, from where you are.”
    These words struck my core. I am putting them up where I can see them everyday. Thank you for being so good at manifesting and playing in the physical and spiritual worlds. You are inspiring.


  14. Thanks and you’re welcome, Leah!


  15. […] to Mary for sending this my way. It goes right along with the series of posts here, here and here, along with many others. Wake up, get grounded, take action. Lather, rinse, repeat. As James says, […]


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