Cola’s Are Effective Pesticides — Why Indian States Are Banning Cola’s

I often forget that people still drink soda, but if you or someone you love does, this video is definitely worth a watch. The video focuses on demands for India to ban cola’s due to unsafe ingredients, including pesticides as high as 24 times the regulated amount. There’s also lots of information in this video about Aquafina and Dasani water — which is just tap water, “sometimes purified, sometimes not.” [Buy a Berkey and make your own bottled water. It tastes great and purifies even stream water, preserving minerals, removing the poisons.] This video doesn’t even get into the dangers of diet sodas, but if you’ve not read this piece on aspartame, you might want to click here for “Confessions of an Aspartame Addict.”

In addition to becoming savvy about cola, India has been very active as a country in pushing back against the GMO’s that have ruined their farmland and plunged many farmers into suicide as the only way to escape crippling debt to Monsanto. I love how countries are beginning to return to their own healthier, cultural foods and beverages as they ban or contemplate bans of things like GMO’s and cola’s. As they reclaim their heritage, they reclaim their health; as they reclaim their health, they regain their sovereignty. I recently saw a list of countries that have banned GMO’s, including some surprises like Thailand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Madagascar, and Peru — which exports enormous amounts of organic food due to a growing international demand. As one forum commenter said, “Third world countries will ban and protect their people before the United States will. That tells me something is fishy.”

Wake up, world! Thanks for the video, G.

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  1. sharing on FB Laura. Good information…never been much of a soda drinker, thanks to my mom not ever buying it as we were growing up…but I know a number of people who are, this is shared with them with love.


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    Thank you! I so look forward to the global decolonization of food (and everything else:-)


  3. […] Cola’s Are Effective Pesticides — Why Indian States Are Banning Cola’s […]


  4. I admit to sometimes drinking Soda. When I do, I cannot help but think, “I am drinking poison.” Just today, my sister requested I bring her some Mountain Dew. I had some reservations because it was late at night, and it would hurt her sleep quality. I got it for her anyways.

    If I sent my sister this video, she would just laugh it off. My older sister has been known to say, “Lisa you believe everything you read on the internet.” I will talk to her about GMO’s and she will say that human’s have been genetically modifying foods since we started agriculture. Sigh.


  5. The most obvious way to see the effects of GMO’s, imho, is to look at photos of obese people from the 1940’s vs. obese people today. First of all, there weren’t as many in 1940! But even the ones who were overweight, still looked human. That is still true of overweight organic food eating people. If you compare them to the GMO eaters (pretty much anyone who doesn’t eat organic), you see humanity quite obviously morphing into pigs. It’s really creepy. The men are “pregnant” and people have a stuffed sausage look now that they didn’t used to have, even if they were overweight. Faces have also become more snout like.

    If you look at overweight people in countries that have GMO bans, they look like 1940’s overweight Americans, not 21st century pig-human hybrids. It’s super creepy, especially when you consider that many of the genes used in GMO foods aren’t active in the food itself, but only when that food is consumed by humans. Pigs and human genes are used in genetic engineering. Pigs have the intelligence of 3 year old children. If you consider that the agenda is dumb down the population to make them sick but compliant, then pigs and poison (i.e. soda, aspartame, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) start to make a lot more sense … to those with eyes to see. Those who don’t want to see will continue burying their heads in the sand and chowing down on poison. Can’t make ’em see what they refuse to recognize!


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