Timothy Glenn ~ Uranus Square Pluto Part 4.5: The Heliocentric Square

Tim promised me this article was on its way, and now, here it is, with a bit of inner preparation time to spare before the big Heliocentric Square on November 23, 2013. Wild times this November! I always enjoy Tim’s wisdom, peppered with musical references and humor.

Uranus Square Pluto Part 4.5
The Heliocentric Square

By Timothy Glenn

Let’s begin with a thumbnail sketch on Heliocentric Astrology. Here on Earth, we almost always use Geocentric (or Earth-centered) Astrology. The reason is quite simple: this is the planet we are living on, and so we experience our lives from this perspective.

Heliocentric (or Sun-centered) Astrology nonetheless has an impact on the entire solar system of which Earth constitutes a tiny part. When it comes right down to it, the Sun is boss.

As soon as we watch the planetary orbits from the perspective of the Sun, we notice a fun phenomenon: retrograde motion does not exist. Indeed, the Sun has never had to deal with a Mercury retrograde. All the planets orbit the Sun in continuously smooth motion. As a result, each aspect formed between any two planets will only occur one time from the perspective of the Sun.

In our Geocentric Astrology, Uranus and Pluto will exactly square each other seven times over the course of nearly three years, from June 24 of 2012 through March 16 of 2015. At the beginning of this month of November 2013, we experienced the fourth of the seven Geocentric squares.

November 23 is closing in on us, bringing the one and only Heliocentric square of these planets of evolution and revolution. The end result will trigger revelation for those of us with a spark of awareness. This marks a time of Apocalypse, which does not denote catastrophe. An apocalypse indicates an unveiling. The etymology of Calypso concerns covering or hiding something, so the Apocalypse will remove the veils, and we will see Reality from a profoundly more expanded perspective.

We Can Work It Out

At the square of these planets, we are playing out the ideologies that burgeoned forth at the conjunction, which occurred in the heart of the Sixties. It has been fun, in writing this series of articles, to harken back to those times through allusions to the music we enjoyed.

At the Heliocentric conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in January of 1966, the song at the top of the charts was “We Can Work It Out”. Although the song dealt with a single relationship, we can apply its purport on a global scale. The pressure of an evolutionary leap emphasizes that “there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.”

A huge realization is pressing itself upon humanity: that we have been manipulated for millenia to divide ourselves against each other. Our world has been dominated by a small group of Souls incarnating along the same bloodlines, and these Beings have never held our best interests at heart. We have allowed ourselves to be governed by the criminally insane.

Back in the Sixties, many of us sang along with “Masters of War”. On a nearby wall hung a poster asking the question: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Really: what if the human race woke up, grew up, and simply quit allowing itself to be herded into senseless, needless conflict?

Sounds of Silence

Also at the time of the Heliocentric conjunction, another song swept to the top of the charts. The lyrics from “Sounds of Silence” hardly typified the standard bebop relationship songs predominant in the world of “top forty” music. Its popularity showed promise that a deeper, more thoughtful part of ourselves was yearning to emerge and express.

“Hear my words that I might teach you. Take my arms that I might reach you.” These lyrics were applied on a broad human scale within the context of the song itself. The Heliocentric square of November 23 calls this idealism into action. The human family would do well to reach out to one another in compassion and understanding.

Petty differences can be set aside, so “we can work it out” from our common ground: that we truly want a world of peace and harmony. Instead of manipulating each other to reach agreement, which is mental, we can see ourselves in alignment in our hearts. If we live in genuine alignment in our hearts, we can go from our current madness all the way to literal paradise, and never agree on a damned thing the whole way.

We all have our own visions of Heaven on Earth, and the Reality of it will probably not look like any of our visions. This gives us one more way to celebrate diversity. Universal Divine Love can serve as a “Bridge Over Troubled Water” into the vibrant reality of the New Earth.

Visions of Paradise

As we imagine the world we would love to co-create, our connections to the old world are falling away. Sometimes the “falling away” fails to manifest gracefully, and often not easily. Deeply ingrained thought forms and emotional patterning will continue to rise to the surface for release, especially now that we have reached the Heliocentric square. Anything not compatible with paradise will be left at the door.

The fourth Geocentric square on November 1 generated an upheaval of outmoded psychological baggage, most notably sorrow. Many people have reported waves of unshed tears flowing forth, sometimes with gut-wrenching grief. The pain cannot follow us where we are going.

And going we are.

Since the Moody Blues told us that “Thinking is the best way to travel”, we have discovered much more of our consciousness than mere thinking. Consciousness creates everything, including paradise and the means of traveling anywhere in the universe. Our consciousness includes and transcends all forms of thought; concrete, abstract, surreal and primal.

On the Threshold of a Dream

Some people have been feeling stuck, and chomping at the bit like a race horse waiting for the bell to ring and the gate to fly open. We have weathered an intense buildup of tension as the Geocentric squares have been plodding their way past their halfway point. We have an overwhelming sensation of an impending something. We stand on the threshold of the New Earth, the world of our dreams.

From the Heliocentric perspective, the energies have intensified gradually, moving inexorably toward the square of Uranus and Pluto. November 23 marks the moment at which all bets are off. We will still experience the remaining three Geocentric squares into 2015, but the center of our solar system will no longer give off a signal of waiting. As we move into 2014, we can be swept into the action demanded by the Uranus/Pluto square.

People Get Ready

The Apocalypse has arrived. We can resist and have our illusions shattered, or we can flow with the unveiling and allow our illusions to dissolve. Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus the Revelator will help lay bare the facts about our history, ourcurrent situation, and our future of glory.

We are being prepared to vibrate as part of the Harmony of the Spheres. When the Cosmic Conductor taps the baton on the podium, the period of tuning will elapse. The Symphony of Earth will be played with all our hearts.

Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions told us, “All you need is faith.” John Lennon and the Beatles told us, “All you need is love.” Instead of debating, we can opt for both. This evolutionary process may also require yet more patience.

Love, patience and faith? This brings to mind Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step

One: Come from a loving heart.
Two: Put one foot in front of the other.
Three: Walk in faith.

Individually and collectively, the time has come to awaken in the midst of this magnificent universe, and to face the music. We might be wise to accept the distinct possibility that the universe may not be playing Sixties tunes.

Timothy Glenn


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  1. Posted by Mary on November 19, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Love Tim’s articles. Thank you. 🙂



  2. Posted by Michele on November 21, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Terrific!! Thankx Tim…Michele B



  3. Posted by tcherina on November 23, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    Thank you Tim, I love your way of writing and it makes perfect sense. Tcherina xx



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