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When David’s sister sent me this story yesterday, I immediately felt called to share it here. I was running out the door to give a presentation, though, so I made a mental note to post for later. While waiting on the porch for my ride, two notifications came through from a blog called “The Bees Knees,” linking to two pages on my own blog. Not only did “The Bees Knees” seem like a message, but the post itself was unusual even for that blogger: “I normally read Tyberonn’s posts on Spirit Library, but this is a link to Laura Bruno’s Blog (27 October article) that has this wonderful affirmation.”

OK, bees, you’ve got my attention, and I am now keeping my word by sharing the article and link back to the original. Formatting also appears as it does on the original post.

Telling the Bees
posted by Shadows

Bees figure largely in folklore although these days people are mostly uninterested in the old stories of how bees are an important part of our society.
The Egyptian Sun God Ra was supposed to create bees and humans from his tears.
In the Scottish Highlands you could go and ask the bees what the Druids knew because the bees knew everything.
Country folk had a deep respect for bees, recognising that without them there would be no life as no flower would be pollinated to create seed for life to continue.
The respect for bees continued for thousands of years, and as recently as the death of George V1 of England it was reported that beekeepers went, scarf on head for respect to inform the bees of his death.
Because Telling the Bees was the most important act of all.

I started keeping bees about 25 years ago and knew nothing about it, but that didn’t halt my enthusiasm.
Shortly thereafter I read in an old folklore book about Telling the Bees.This means that you must tell the bees the significant events, births deaths and marriages that occur within the family or suffer a consequence when the bees become hurt by neglect.
I didn’t take it seriously, but remember very well when on returning from my mother’s funeral I found my bees had swarmed and the hives were empty.

A friend gave me more bees,( You must not buy them according to folklore),and I set up the hives again, and this time the father of another friend came to rob the hives for me.
We continued this practice for some years because he had excellent equipment for robbing the hives and we traded wax and honey and queens with each other.
Then he became ill and over a period of a few months his health deteriorated and he died.I was very shocked at his death and busied myself with my friend preparing for his funeral.
A day after the funeral I found my hives empty again, the bees had swarmed.

The husband of another friend came to help and he became my bee-partner for a couple of years and then died suddenly in his sleep.
I had now read that as well as informing bees of deaths and births in the family, the beekeeper was also very important to them and they would be devastated if they did not hear of his death.
I decided I would tell them but time got away from me and a couple of days after the funeral I found all my bees in a swarm on the fence post.I lost them.

By now I was convinced that there there is a definite connection between everything that is alive on this earth and we must treat the bees with the respect they deserve as the bringers of life.

But what happened next convinced me like nothing else ever could.
A dear friend lost her 3yr old son very suddenly from a deadly virus and the family was distraught, specially the 5yr old sister of the little boy.
It was a tragic funeral with people weeping and the coffin covered with flowers,the family of the child stunned with grief.

Suddenly as the service was coming to an end a bee flew into the church.It flew to the coffin placed in full view of the mourners in the church.
For a couple of minutes it buzzed around the flowers, and the mourners, one by one, focused their attention on it.
Everyone watched as the bee made larger circles and then slowly, very slowly, flew over to the bereaved family.
It circled the heads of the three family members and hovered for a couple of seconds over the young girl’s head.
She looked up at it unafraid and it flew to about a foot beyond her face and hovered again.
She watched it happen as if hypnotised.The bee then flew out of the church.

Some cultures in olden days said that bees were a young person’s soul and they flew from the mouth of the deceased upon his death.
All cultures treated them with respect and awe and in some cases worshipped them.
I know I love bees and miss them now I no longer live in the country.

One wonders though what JK Rowling was thinking when she named the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore.
Dumbledore is an old English name for a bee.

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  1. Animals have to much to tell us! Namaste _/l\_



  2. Posted by Dina on November 13, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    Wow. I got goosebumps while reading this. My grandpa was a beekeeper, too. He died in February and my grandma made arrangements for someone to take the bees in spring. She shouldn’t have worried. All the bees had died together with my grandpa. We always thought about it as a weird coincidence…



  3. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I feel it is a special blessing and call to your spirit when the bees noticeably enter your life.
    In the old Goddess culture near the Mediteranean sea where everyone knew the bees as sacred tbey had their own priestesses called the Mellisae ( if I spelled it wrong please feel free to comment and correct me!)
    Starhawk has the bee magick in her book The Fifth Sacred Thing. I have noticed that the nutters trying to ensla e and destroy the world have tried very hard to kill off and harm as many trees, forests and bees as they can. Knowing of course that the illuminati are a magick based order and that bees and trees/forests were sacred to the Druids and other ancient spirit based ruling groups like Egyptian priesthood I am sure this is no accident or “coincidence”.
    One final note I must add is that Derrick Jensen was a professional beekeeper before he wrote what I consider to be the master deconstruction manual of western civilization (otherwise known as colonization) A Language Older Than Words. I am sure Rowling had a very good reason for her choice of name for Dumbledore:-)



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  5. Thanks, ohnwentsya, yes, I named one of the characters in Schizandra and the Gates of Mu “Melissa,” in honor of the bees, as well as the herb lemonbalm. I am certain you’re right about it being no accident to try to kill the bees. Even as I type, Bayer is suing the EU to remove the ban on the toxic pesticides that the EU banned due to bee die-off. Bayer is realllllllly pressing this one:

    ” In just 3 weeks, Bayer could succeed in defeating the bees’ best chance of survival — by overturning Europe’s landmark ban on the pesticides that are killing them.

    The European ban is due to go into force on December 1 — but not if Bayer gets its way. If they succeed in forcing the EU to drop its ban, it won’t just be a setback for bees in Europe. It could mean the end of attempts to save the bees all over the world from these deadly pesticides.

    That’s why we need to step up now with our plan to save the bees. In the next 3 weeks, we need to show massive public support for the ban to push the EU to stand strong and show Bayer’s investors that there’s a cost to ignoring science. If we don’t, then the bees’ best hope could die with them in 3 weeks’ time.”

    People can click here to donate even $1 to the campaign:



  6. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    I love this information about the bees, doesn’t surprise me at all…I wish we honored and revered them more.



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