Abby Martin ~ NY Times Endorses TPP’s Corporate Coup d’état

Breaking the Set:

Abby Martin talks about the New York Times’ bizarre endorsement of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a multi-nation trade deal that is being negotiated by corporations behind closed doors and kept secret from the public. (Thanks, G!)

Please let your “representatives” in Congress know that you support them demanding details about this treaty before it’s passed in secret. Yes, non-compliance is an option, but what has been leaked of TPP, is pretty outrageous stuff that completely undermines national sovereignty and any local attempts to improve food quality, labels, work conditions or sharing of information. As with all international trade agreements designed by globalists (such as Codex Alimentarius), it’s much easier to prevent passage than it is to turn the tide once these regulations go into effect. TPP actually allows corporations to sue nations or localities whose laws interfere with their profits!

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  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I hope enough people protest this to bring the whole corrupt, sordid mess to light for the public before it is too late. None of these deala has ever been beneficial to actual people:-/



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