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I’ve seen several notifications that the IRS website is supposedly indicating a planned power outage from approximately 4 p.m. East Coast time today, Saturday, November 9 through 7 a.m. East Coast time, Tuesday, November 12. Given the curious timing with the continent wide grid-down drill the government plans to run on November 13-14, I decided to check out things for myself. Is this fear-mongering, or does the IRS website really indicate a 3-day planned outage?

Well, it turns out the IRS site really does post that warning. You can click here to see one such page.

I don’t claim to know what this means, but it does seem related in some way to the November 13-14 drill that explicitly lists as one of its goals to find out what happens in the event of supply disruptions. Given that most grocery stores only keep 1-3 days of food on hand, that would be about the right timing for things to start getting tense or crazy, depending on your location. The grid-down drill is not just conspiracy theory. Even the New York Times posted about possible implications and disruptions related to the drill to “simulate a knock out blow.”

How widespread and how long will the power outages be if they occur? If you believe the IRS, which is a big if, but if you do, then that would seem to indicate just a few days of outage. Where, though? The grid-down drill is supposedly intended to involve the entire continent, including Canada and Mexico. But who knows, who knows, who knows? … I’m putting this out there in case people want to do some last minute shopping for food, water, candles, pet food, and cold weather supplies. You might also want to get some extra cash out of the ATM and fill your gas tank (if you drive) before 4 p.m. East Coast time today (Saturday).

If nothing happens, big deal, you’ll have some extra supplies and cash on hand. If the power does go out, you’ll be really glad you stocked up a bit. This is just a super wild month in the US — around the world, too, but especially in the US. Lots of bizarre and conflicting plans. It’s always wise to affirm, “I am always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.”

Expect the unexpected, remembering that “unexpected” could mean “good.”

If you’re prone to freaking out when unexpected things happen, then you might also want to get some Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy,” or “Walnut” flower remedy. Rescue Remedy calms the nerves and emotions, while “Walnut” helps insulate you from others’ influence.

All I have left to say is, “My, my, my! That Mr. Toad and his Wild Ride! They just keep goin’ and goin’ and goin’, just like the Energizer Bunny … speaking of which, you might want to check that battery supply.” 😉


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  1. thank you, miss laura. wild ride, indeed. ❤


  2. ❤ You're welcome. Yep, it's kooky crazy weeeeeeeeeee time! Or not. LOL … sometimes ya just gotta grin and vacuum the house while you still have electricity. Worst case scenario? Those dust bunnies have nowhere to hide. Or is that the best case scenario? In any case, I will save my mulching and composting chores for another day, which feels like quite the treat. ❤


  3. We are ready Laura, Divine Love for you all..!!


  4. Posted by Maureen on November 9, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Perhaps the IRS is going to do an upgrade on their computer system which they would do offline? Let’s not create panic and fear but stay in Oneness and harmony.


  5. Appreciate the info Laura…I had planned on filling up with gas today and getting pet food anyway along with some extra items at the grocery store…so all good. I will pull some cash out just in case. As my girl scout training drilled into us, always be prepared!


  6. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Being Prepared is the Girl Scout motto I grew up with. So whether this is something or nothing, prepared I will be. You have to make your own choices. Thanks for this info Laura, it’s always appreciated!


  7. @Maureen, maybe so. I’m just reporting what the website says and a larger context. My apologies if you consider this creating panic and fear. The IRS website specifically says “planned power outage” not “due to system maintenance,” but you are free to do whatever you like with this information, including nothing at all. 🙂 It was simply meant as a courtesy heads up for anyone who likes to be prepared so they have what they need to continue enjoying life. Blessings


  8. Love and blessings, Dawn, Diana and Nikholas. Power still on here, although some areas did have a major outage, most notably the San Juan Islands in Washington. Personally, I’ve had a lovely day. Best wishes for continued lovely days as we continue to prepare for and create that which we wish to experience, regardless of what might be less attractive defaults. 🙂


  9. the idea of a cyber attack that knocks out the national power gird is pretty terrifying. this would create the perfect storm in which to implement martial law.

    this has me thinking about the blackout at last year’s super bowl. at the time, i had the thought that an emp weapon may have been used to knock out the stadium’s power. of course, there is no evidence (besides my intuition) to back this up. but if that was the case, i wonder if it was a practice round for something bigger.

    i’ve felt strongly moved by the word “pulse” over the last two years. as if this is has a big hand in altering the course of history.


  10. Yes, there are multiple, simultaneous timelines in effect so who knows which agenda will win out? Ultimately, humanity needs to be transitioning away from the grid anyway, as our current way of life won’t last. The question is do we do this willingly and in stages or is it forced on us? I prep because this is a direction I am interested in exploring anyway. Friends of ours had power out for about five days and some still don’t have it after the tornadoes last weekend. America isn’t ready for a full on grid down, but yes, it would be a perfect storm. Here’s hoping enough people get set for survival in that scenario that it’s just not worth their time and effort to try to implement. Preparation may in a very real way equal prevention if enough people can live without panic and looting after such an event. I’ve seen things shift before when fears are faced, addressed and transcended.


  11. maybe it sounds morbid and nihilistic, but i think a catastrophe may be necessary to shake people out of their “sleep”. to use a gross analogy: the zit only disappears after it pops.

    in a sense, i believe it is our collective darknesses that must be addressed and healed. there needs to be an event that allows the muck to come to the surface, acknowledged, and healed. and after that, light like you’ve never seen.

    however, maybe through transcendence none of that would be necessary. i’m not sure what equals transcendence – maybe daily meditation and individual focus on our true nature (the “me” outside the illusion).

    thanks laura, and happy holidays!


  12. You’re welcome. You, too! I always hope people will subscribe to what David and I call the “ease and please” method instead of the “trauma drama” method. Both work … the first tends to be a much more pleasant embracing of needed changes before life/Fate/undealt with Shadow side forces our hand … 🙂


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