The Gayatri Mantra Around The World

Just beautiful and powerful — all the connection points of Deva Premal singing the Gayatri around the world. … And I must express my great relief that my dear Tania carries “my” Gayatri tattoo on her own arm. When I got the message to get a tattoo, I was initially a bit nervous, but then Tania called and mentioned looking for a mantra for her arm. “Oh!” I said, “I guess that was for you! Phew.” And so, beautiful Tania has also traveled the world with the Gayatri, one of the most potent and delicate mantras of all time. I also love the Findhorn still frame on the video, as I’ve just been reading about this magickal place where the plants grow so well because the gardeners speak with them and the faeries and Nature Spirits who care for them. Blessings and love to all!

Tania Marie

Deva Premal’s beautiful version of this ancient prayer and most sacred of Mantras felt like a powerful way to start today. My good friend Amy (whom I had the chance of “bumping” into at Sunday’s Deva Premal concert in Escondido) passed along this video that takes you around the world as Deva sings to all sentient beings across the globe. I love this Mantra and even have it etched into my left forearm as part of my “spiritual skin” and I sing it sometimes when doing distant Reiki sessions and while I paint, hike, or am just being with myself.

Love and blessings to each of you.

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  1. that’s what twin sisters separated by 3 months and a continent do for each other right?! 😉 lol. i actually didn’t make the same connection that while i haven’t sang the mantra in all the places i traveled to (many the same as deva) that similarly i was doing the same carrying it with me. good catch! ❤ you and happy to relieve your "almost" tattoo



  2. Chanting Gayatri Mantra may bring huge, useful rewards straight into your health in addition to scholarship an individual the ability to grow to be everlasting, lustrous light.



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