Lee Harris ~ November 2013 Energy Forecast

As usual, a lovely, highly resonant message from Lee Harris. I especially enjoyed his story and observations about Linda, his 81-year-old new friend. I actually know as many local people in their 80’s and 90’s as I do in their 30’s and 40’s, and I love spending time with these older friends, listening to their wisdom, trading stories, and feeling their energies. I often say about my friend, Martha, “I want to be like her when I’m 82!” Like Linda, she’s got a radiant energy, and she tells me that (thanks to daily green smoothies) her body feels younger and younger the more she interacts with younger people.

There’s such a beautiful synergy available when we remember to honor both older and younger generations. I love the Native American idea of making decisions based on how they will affect the “The Seventh Generation.” We could certainly use more of that! Even one generation on either side would be a vast improvement from the “just give me a fix” strung out mentality of our junkie culture. We would do well to remember that we may one day be the Elders or the Ancestors. In the meantime, we can learn from those who already are.

Anyway, here’s Lee with a special message about the fragility and potential of November’s energies.

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    Thanks Laura for posting Lee’s “on point” forecast. I think you’ll find Lee’s message to hold some gems of wisdom that will be meaningful to you. All of it based around the theme of things being very fragile right now and showing us a different kind of flow that is in the most aligned way, which isn’t the way we are used to in many cases – but reflect the highest good. He also shares about gratitude, which mirrors my 21 Days of Gratitude post from yesterday and that when we stop focusing on loss and pain and are just grateful for all things, small and big, this is when we are truly alive and exuding vibrancy that has far-reaching effects. Making the best of things rather than focusing on perpetuating a state of misery will help you to hit a bigger level of flow where what you are able to do and experience magnifies. There will become a point where you don’t “need” to keep searching, reading, etc… because you simply become the experience. Lee shares that if we can learn to swim the wave, be flowing and open-hearted, and ground the feminine integration into our lives these will be of most benefit to us and have profound effects. The more you want to fight, the harder things will be, so it’s good to stay aware of the masculine/feminine dance that takes place in your experience, so you can keep balanced. Lee shares that in the coming years we are going to see some amazing new heart co-creations that will be community and humanitarian based and this exciting potent pregnancy energy, as he calls it, is going to birth some amazing creations worldwide. We are seeing a lot of this in the beginning phases already and these are the things that are products of the work we’ve been doing that will shape a new experience for us all. Enjoy Lee’s message!


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