Thomas Moore ~ Care of the Soul

This is a lovely interview of Thomas Moore, author of “Care of the Soul,” which I found so helpful (on tape) while navigating my brain injury and radically altered life path. Given my suggestions that people begin to get much more in touch with the Soul as the antidote to today’s challenges, I thought I’d share the interview here. In the beginning, he gives a nice explanation of the difference between Spirit and Soul. Many Blessings!

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    In doing some personal soul nurturing last night, I stumbled upon this video interview yet again. With so much happening in the outer realm and the spiritual realm, it’s really important to reconnect with that deep, emotional, primal part of ourselves. Spending time in Nature, creating a beautiful home, finding our center, creating daily rituals, nourishing the senses, knowing ourselves at a deep enough level to know what our heart wants …. Thomas Moore gives some gentle reminders about the importance of the body, soul and spirit, remembering all of these. Blessings on ALL parts of the journey!



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