Stress, Overwhelment, Anxiety…Spirituality Isn’t An Immunity Pass, But Does Seed You With The Alchemy Of Awareness To Shift It

Some excellent tools and personal sharing from sweet Tania Marie! I’ve been hearing from so many people these days — people who’ve done a lot of inner work and therefore wonder why they still feel stress. As Tania shares, “Spirituality isn’t an immunity pass,” but becoming aware of various tools, triggers and processes will greatly ease those times of stress. Tools and “crutches” may not be permanent fixes; as you heal and grow, you’ll find you don’t need them anymore. But sometimes a little extra help and support makes all the difference! Think of having a broken ankle — crutches do help in the appropriate time frame, allowing you to move on to the strengthening and freely running phase again. This seems like a message many can use right now, for comfort and encouragement. No, you’re not crazy. No, you’re not alone. Yes, sometimes even “spiritual” people feel the zaps of stress … but you can support and strengthen the ways you deal with stress so that it becomes more of a blip or catalyst than a paralyzing “fact of life.”

Tania Marie

A couple of days ago on Facebook I shared a post about “overwhelment” and the personal messages that later came in to me, said to me that this is a topic that really hit home for people. So I decided to repost it here and to expound upon it to support everyone that is currently experiencing this or has felt it at some point, as I know we all have. 😉

To begin with, I am actually quite well-versed in stress. Stress, nervous anxiety, overwhelment, feelings of pressure….all of that was my expertise not only in experiencing, but in being quite well-adapted in repressing it so that no one knew. That can actually be even worse, as you don’t get it out like others do and it can reek havoc on your health and well-being, little by little internally attacking yourself to a slow, soul death, not to mention can…

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  1. it’s been quite the journey. was just thinking yesterday about one of the huge transitional shifts that took place for me back in i believe ’06 when i got the chicken pox as an adult, due to stress wear-down and to create a wake up call for myself. that created a confirmed commitment and after that i catapulted and it also led me directly to you <3!!!


  2. Yeah, I was thinking how much you’ve grown since ’06! Like a different person … or rather, the difference between a seed and a plant in full bloom, capable of creating exponentially more seeds. Quite the growth cycle, Love! xoxo


  3. aw thank you ❤ love you bunches


  4. Love you, too!


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