No Need to ‘Stoop to Conquer’ the Sociopath

Wise words for anyone who has ever had the misfortune of forming some kind of relationship with a sociopath. … And really — given their propensity to rise to the role of bosses, politicians, gurus and “high achievers” — who hasn’t? In recovering our world and our individual lives from the sociopaths’ games, let’s remember to create lives and worlds so wonderful that the sociopath simply becomes obsolete — or, as Paula so aptly puts it:

“Sociopaths want us to stoop to their level. It validates them. Let’s not do that. Let’s, instead, leave them on their island at the center of their world. It’s where they think they belong, anyhow, so let’s give it to them. Let’s just leave them alone and go about our lives.
Let’s nurture our conscience, our empathy, our care, our joy and our love for all living things. Let’s step away from the hate. It’s not really the Sociopath that we hate, anyhow. It’s the continued injustice of never getting justice for the despicable acts the Sociopath inflicted upon us.” Use the contrast to springboard forward into something utterly, entirely, obviously, deservedly more wonderful. Blessed Be!

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No need to Stoop to Conquer the SociopathThe biggest lie Sociopaths tell is to themselves about themselves.

Sociopaths “honestly” think they are superior and better than others and feel entitled to treat people any way they wish to treat them as long as it benefits the sociopath.

The Sociopath will kiss the ground that his current supply/girlfriend/boss/social group walk upon until they serve no material benefit or purpose.

And every other person that crosses the Sociopath’s path will also be looked upon as a means to an end:

>>The waitress
>>The bartender
>>The police officer
>>The lawyer
>>The Judge
>>The social worker
>>The department store clerk

The Sociopath will use his charms in the moment to get the best results he feels entitled to receiving. He’ll smile to their faces and call them morons behind their backs. And these people are so unsuspecting of the Sociopath’s evil and despicable intentions that they WILL grant the charming Sociopath…

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