Denean ~ Crossing the Event Horizon

“This beautiful song and tribute to Nassim Haramein was sent in by the talented composer and singer Denean and is performed in 432hz. Enjoy. For more from Denean go to – See more at:

Thanks, Zen! Crossing the Event Horizon is a song written and performed by composer and artist Denean. You may be familiar with some of her other music such as “Angels Calling Me”, “To the Children”, “All My Relations”, “Sundancer”, and numerous other songs from her previous albums ‘Fire Prayer”, “The Weaving” and “Thunder”. “Crossing the Event Horizon” is a song from Denean’s new album “Wiku (Sun Child Returning”. This beautiful 432hz music and video was inspired by the work of physicist Nassim Haramein. To learn more please visit

Thank you Nassim Haramein
Elizabeth Rauscher, PH.D.
and Michael T Hyson, PH.D.
for your profound contribution to humanity.

Lyrics to

I have come to catch a song from endless universes
May this song of life awaken in you
Ancient mysteries they unfold like flowers laid before me
Tetrahedron secrets I behold

Aahh… Aahh…

Fractal universe I see flowering within me
Giving birth to infinity
Spiraling, spinning round…rising to the equation
Crossing the event horizon

I am crossing the event horizon
I am crossing the event horizon



Messengers from the stars, they have heard us calling
Passing through the secret door of the sun
Saying: “Beware of false gifts that are broken promises
Much pain, but still there is time…there is time
Believe that there is good out there
We oppose deception”

Fingers clearly pointing to the truth
Within your heart you have it all
There is no exception
With circles of life they embrace you

As you are crossing the event horizon
As you are crossing the event horizon

Aahh… Aahh…

We are crossing the event horizon
We are crossing the event horizon

Aahh… Aahh…

We are crossing the event horizon…fade out.

©℗ 2013 Denean/Sacred Earth Music
All Rights Reserved.

You can find Denean at:



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