Beware the King Amendment

As consumers continue to demand Mandatory GMO Labeling laws at the state level, Monsatan and other biotech giants are trying to sneak in something called “The King Amendment,” which would eliminate states’ rights to mandate GMO labeling, thereby nullifying any anti-GMO laws passed at the state level. Not only does this outrageous (yet somehow not surprising) amendment violate the will and rights of consumers across the U.S., but it would violate state sovereignty as well. As usual, the Farm Bill attempts to derail and defund natural, organic farmers as well as defraud health and freedom oriented consumers in favor of biotech giants that few people really want around anymore. I guess you don’t get voted the world’s most evil corporation without trying to earn that badge of corruption and abomination.

Here’s the text of a MoveOn Petition:

“I want you, as my elected official in Congress, to know that you will lose my vote, regardless of your party affiliation, if you support the King Amendment, or any other amendment in the 2013 Farm Bill that would nullify states’ rights to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs). I belong to the more than 90% of Americans who want what consumers in more than 60 other countries already have: mandatory GMO-labeling laws. Even more important, I expect you to represent me, not a corporation, and to protect the more than 225-year-old right of states, counties, and cities to enact laws that protect the health and environment of local citizens. This isn’t just about GMO labeling. It’s about states’ rights.”

Click here to email your Congressperson.

Petition Background

“Monsanto has been poisoning our food and environment for nearly 20 years. Consumers are finally fighting back, by demanding labels on GMO foods. Will Monsanto try to take away our right to pass state GMO labeling laws? Monsanto already slipped a rider into the emergency Continuing Resolution, giving the biotech giant immunity from federal law. Now, there is talk of an amendment or rider to the 2013 Farm Bill that could take away states’ rights to pass GMO labeling laws.”

Again, if you care about this issue or your right to know — at all — then please click here to email your “Representative.” Make ’em earn their keep! Let ’em know that we are keeping an eye on them. If you’re involved in any kind of GMO labeling project at the local or state level, please make sure to follow through about the King Amendment and spread the word to the right people. Otherwise, all your hard work could be undone with the stroke of a sneaky, corrupt vote.

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  1. Thanks Laura, signed the petition and posted your article as well as direct link to the petition. I really like the tone of this petition…no nonsense and to the point. I like you think GMO’s should even exist but one step at a time.


  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Thank you Laura Bruno….the King Amendment is all about voiding states rights to mandate GMO labeling laws. There is also a link to a petition by MoveOn to tell our representatives that they will lose our vote no matter what party affiliation if they support the King Amendment.


  3. Hmm, a part of me wants to take Rep’s Steve King and big Dick Durbin into a back alley for a good going over! I’ve alerted the yeson522 campaign folks to this, will be interesting to find out if they know about it already and try to rally people via constant facebook, twitter posts. The one silver lining in Kings rider is it’s mostly targeted to remove any restrictions for unethical treatment to animals, ie, torture, even cock fight’s etc, this will get PETA, other animals right’s activists on board who we all know are able to rally alot of people quickly to kill bills. Thank you for always being so ‘on it’, with Monsanto and Co’s ever morphing plots, they really are like corporate shape shifter’s.


  4. One thing I’ve learned about gardening is that even THE most persistent weed can be eradicated if you keep yanking it out and cutting off the leaves. It will eventually die, if you are persistent enough and “on it” enough. No Roundup needed. Monsanto and Co. are like bindweed — horrible for your garden, dangerous if left unattended, signs of other problems and imbalances … but if you keep on ’em, they will eventually go the way of my poison ivy … which is to say … away. I think all the energetic Earth lovers and organic food and food freedom lovers should all create mirrors around us to reflect back the energy of Roundup and Agent Orange on Monsanto et. al. Mirrors and magnifying glasses. Shine on them until they die out or burn out. I really don’t care which, so long as they are gone, gone, gone.


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