Raw Honesty May Deepen the Bliss Into Actualization and Full Embodiment

Right on, Tania! 😉 One of my favorite passages from this excellent post about “spiritual bypassing” and “the right words” not fully integrating and grounding in one’s actual life: “If you keep having a recurring challenge come up, couldn’t it just be possible you are missing the mark that is something you don’t want to look at and address? Could it be that at this point in the game, there isn’t anything or anyone anymore to blame, and really it is that you’ve shifted that energy onto yourself and attacking yourself, but out of avoidance of responsibility are unable to acknowledge this, as this would mean your life would shift?”

Tania Marie

shaman-heart-lemurianI’ve consistently been receiving information that something is missing from a lot of what I’m experiencing from others out there. This is a constant message that comes through and is what I have been discussing with close colleague, and touching upon in conversations and classes. I’ve also been sharing snippets in my posts and likely will continue to expand and reiterate this topic, as it feels so important to me to share.

The theme is around really living the ideas, not just talking about it, being able to throw out intellectually grand metaphysical explanations and “key” words, or inadvertently pretending to live it.

What I share may not be mainstream thought in the spiritual realm, but I have to share what I am feeling and experiencing. And given that I have my own 25 + years of experience in this realm, I do recognize the traps and the processes, since…

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  1. Posted by jan norman on September 14, 2013 at 12:23 am

    There is a lot to absorb here. I believe she is correct. We’re all shifting our own way, but her suggestions might help some of us to see some of our own ‘issues’ more clearly.


  2. really very helpful….thanks for sharing……


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