Tom Lescher/Kaypacha ~ September 11, 2013 Weekly Pele Report

Tough Love from T.L. Booyah! Rock it, Kaypacha. 🙂 I have soooo been feeling this, both in my own life and observing clients and the world stage. Boundaries seem particularly on the table of issues to deal with — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — all the levels are getting major pushback. No more Mr./Ms. or Mrs. Nice Guy Doormat.

Enough is enough, and no, the world is not the patriarchy’s personal poop yard. Neither is our yard, the unleashed neighborhood dog’s personal poop yard — well, not for much longer. Project Dog Detective is in effect. Then comes more vigilant fencing, then come the warnings, and after that? Project Faery Hound. 😉 In all seriousness, we’re in an increased phase of needing to strengthen boundaries on all levels. People tend to project their own ideas of what’s appropriate onto others, thinking “Oh, I’ll just be nice. Surely, they won’t continue abusing the privilege or become obnoxious.” Well, sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes we do need to speak up, shore up boundaries and strengthen our resolve. If you’ve already been feeling that, get ready for more.

From Tom/Kaypacha:

I have a right to be angry and get fired up,
When giving voice to the Goddess whose had enough.
For by piercing the silence imposed from without,
We create a new world worth shouting about!

“This week is all about 11’s, a master number to help us clean up some of the messes around here! We are all being called to task these days and it can be hard. It is a time to face the wind as strong, cold, or hard as it is and with determination forge a new world order (beginning with our own inner reality, then close relationships, then larger and larger circles of influence).

“The challenge afforded us through these times is to integrate the feminine qualities of softness, feeling, and inclusiveness into our personal and social lives. The old, easy way is when the going gets tough, we turn callous, cold, and hard….. let’s see if that can change into a strength that includes rather than excludes the wisdom of the feminine.

“In this report I mentioned a Lilith webinar I am giving as part of the EA network and a series I will be offering next month titled ‘Relationship and Intimacy in the Horoscope.’ You can find out more about both of these on my website I also mentioned the work of Mark Josephs-Serra that can be found at Namaste’!”

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  1. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Once again, on the same “feelin’ it” train with Laura Bruno and Tom Lescher/Kaypacha. Sometimes you don’t want to hear what would be of most support to you. We’ve all experienced that. As Tom says, it really IS time to ground all of these concepts and love nature energy. Resistance is futile. The Mercury aspects are calling for heavy focus on communication, the Throat Chakra, speaking your truth…and I, for one, had felt this, as the other day I had to raise my voice for the first time in a very long time, with someone I had met recently, to stand in empowerment. Not in an attacking way at all, as I thanked the person and honored their truth, but was clearly and concisely going to speak mine. Tom shares some great insights through his fun and passionate expressions.



  2. Posted by Mia Morales on September 13, 2013 at 2:42 am

    What an awesome report~ I really loved his energy and the way he described the masculine and feminine. Definitely can relate personally to all of these current energies and events. Thanks Laura!



  3. I’ve always been fairly vocal anyway but I’m laughing right now as I’m watching this and recalling how I raised my voice against a bully at the children’s library yesterday–it was an 8 or 9-year old boy who was intentionally kicking chairs (with people still sitting on them) and antagonising others, obviously without his parent/guardian in sight. People were telling him to stop but I was the only one (another library user, not a librarian!) who put some volume and clear consequences into my “request”. LOL, I had an audience by the time I was done, and he went off to sulk. Anyway, I love these videos, they are always a joy to watch/listen to and timely indeed!



  4. Yes, lots of opportunities for communicating boundaries these days! xo



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