Shining Light in a Dark, Scary Place

I don’t usually post Alex Jones on my blog, since his energy tends to be rather bombastic and can feel very fear based. I’m making an exception today, because he delivers this information with more solemnity and calm than he normally does, and also (ironically) because I sense a far greater urgency to get this information out there. I’m not posting this for fear but in the hopes that the more people who recognize what’s going on, the faster the veils of illusion will drop, and the sooner we can all transition into a natural, non-manipulated, non-psychopath-dominated life on Earth. If the information revealed in this video goes viral, there’s far less chance that it can go “live.”

“Sen Lindsey Graham has warned of a nuclear strike in S Carolina following the report by Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi about low key nuke transfer from Texas to South Carolina.” This is an off-record, “no signature required” Black Ops movement of nuclear warheads — very likely in preparation for a desperate False Flag nuclear attack to try to get the unwilling US public to go to war with Syria. This off-record transfer coincides with massive FEMA drills on the East Coast this month, as well as with an unprecedentedly huge purchase of emergency supplies for delivery by October 1 to FEMA region 3 on the US East Coast. It also coincides with a conveniently timed announcement by pro-war Sen. Lindsey Graham mentioning nuclear warhead “terrorist threats” in South Carolina — the very location to which these warheads are destined. Multiple sources, including a leak in mainstream news, have now confirmed the information.

Since I know — not just believe, but have experienced to the very depths of my soul and the undeniable acknowledgement of my rational mind — that we can successfully exert potent influence on which experiences we accept or reject, I request that no one get stuck on this information. Instead, consider it like busting monsters with their hands in the nuclear cookie jar before they can throw those radioactive cookie crumbs anywhere else:

“Attention, psychotic cookie monsters. Put your dirty, insane hands above your head. Step away from the cookie jar. We are taking you into custody, because you cannot be trusted with cookies, and you are a desperate danger to yourself and others.”

Those of you who know how to do binding spells or protection spells or Rune magick might want to do some now. Others may wish to send Reiki and prayers for the light of Truth and the protection of Love to surround this situation, and for courage and conscience to enter the hearts of anyone in a position to put a stop to this scenario.

If nothing else, fill yourself, your surroundings and the East Coast with as much pure love as you can muster, and get the word out so that there’s no incentive for a False Flag. Those only work if masses are likely to fall for the storyline. If, instead, the scales fall from the eyes of Americans (and the world) before this happens, then those monsters plotting such things will meet their rightful restraint and treatment.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” ~Jimi Hendrix

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  1. Thank you Laura for this information. I for one will be doing the Reiki work in regards to shining a warm, loving, healing light in this portent of darkness.



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    Let’s be that light that is calling out to be felt and heard. Thank you Laura Bruno



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