Two Questions for Doctors — And Congress

I sent this as a private email to my dad today, since he’s needing to evaluate some recommended treatments. Even with my own dad, I am not diagnosing or prescribing — just encouraging him to keep his eyes, ears and Spidey senses open. I thought my comments were worth sharing here, too, with a little addendum at the end:

On the rare occasions I was allowed into one of [my very health-challenged ex’s] doctor’s appointments, I would invariably ask two questions after the doctors had had their say:

1) If this were you, would you pursue this same diagnosis and treatment?

2) If this were your spouse, would you pursue this same diagnosis and course of treatment?

The squirming, lack of eye contact and question dodging were usually quite telling. Every once in awhile, a doctor would look me in the eye and say, “Well, if it were me, I would get acupuncture” or “Well, if it were my spouse, I would do what YOU are suggesting, but I’m not allowed to suggest that to a patient.” Usually, they would just mumble about how those questions were completely irrelevant.

On the contrary, I found the questions ever so instructional! If someone answered yes, I would ask them to tell me why they would choose this particular treatment or diagnosis over all the others available, making sure to ask them if they knew of the variety of other options and how much they had studied those other areas to see if they actually knew what they were talking about.

Not surprisingly, I was usually not allowed in my [then husband’s] appointments, but I was always very polite. 🙂 At least one doctor in Reno and one in Monterey changed their definitions of and treatment of Lyme Disease based in large part on our conversations. One doctor in San Francisco admitted to me that he would not pursue traditional medicine at all and in fact, only uses TCM/acupuncture for his own and his wife’s health issues. I understand that a large percentage of surveyed oncologists would refuse chemo themselves.

Anyway … in your decisions you might want to ask your various doctors recommending certain courses of action what they would choose for themselves as well as for their spouses. Then watch their body language, listen to tone of voice and see if they make eye contact if they’re still trying to sell a particular item –because, unfortunately, sales are a factor. Chemo drugs are very, very expensive, and many doctors get major kickbacks in terms of bonuses, grants, and other perks based on what level of drugs they prescribe. This is not me being paranoid. It’s quite well-documented if you look for the information. I also heard it straight from the pharmaceutical rep’s mouths when I knew sales people from Merck and straight from the MD’s at the Lyme conference I spoke at in January 2011.

Cancer and drugs are big, big business.

Along the same line of questioning, one might ask Congress if they would engage in the same “care” offered in the body-sovereignty crushing “Affordable” “Care” Act. Of course, they have kindly saved us the trouble of asking that question by quietly exempting themselves from Obamacare. The IRS — who will be enforcing this “health” “care” is arguing for an exemption, too. Sometimes silence is deafening, even in a torrent of rhetoric and sales pitches. Sometimes hypocrisy screams so loud you wonder how the whole world isn’t suffering from tinnitus!

Whenever anyone — doctor, priest, armed FDA agent, mandatory vaccine pusher, or Congressional critter — insists he or she knows what’s best for you and your body, take a moment to ask if he or she would willingly accept the route they want to impose on you. Maybe they will, but often they won’t.

Even if they would follow the imposing protocol, that still doesn’t mean they know what’s best for you. It might just mean they’re stupid, brainwashed or mis-educated. When I spoke with some lovely state representatives in Wisconsin back in 2011, they didn’t even know what a GMO was, and they thought people who wanted to drink raw milk would be buying it from factory farms! Um, ewwwwww! No crossover market there: it’s vegan or organic raw dairy from small farms. I gave them a little education of my own, all about accepted pus levels, factory farm conditions, antibiotics and Frankenfoods. Let’s just say, many of them pushed away their snacks during the course of our conversation. I don’t know if it ultimately changed their votes, though. Lobbies work hard for their corporate money, providing free “education” and perks to lawmakers, just like BigPharma reps do for doctors … just like all those Rockefeller grant regulations do for Med Schools.

Personally, I trust myself and my own body’s wisdom far more than a corporation, government or system that only profits from me being sick, weak and too brainwashed to fight back. There’s a time and a place for everything, including Western Medicine. I just personally do my best to ensure that I’m far, far away from that time and place.

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  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    I did feel that given the limits we have on healthcare, “Obama care” was at least a step in the right direction allowing more people to get care. But given a real choice of removing those limits and habing Real choices of actuall effective therapies like TCM, reiki, acupuncture, hydrotherapy like in Japan and Europe I would choos e real choice. Unfortunately those are nit the options now. It is “Obamacare” or nothing for far too many. Imho healthcare dhoulf NEVER be a profit seeking venture. I think no insurance should exist and no corporations should ever be allowed to profit ftom any aspect of health care. That would end Big Pharma and the Cancer Industry. In China they have universal care but for nonemergencies the first prescription was for some time reportedly to learn and do the 24 form tai chi for 6 weeks and come back after if still not well.



  2. Posted by Joyce bowers on August 23, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Hi loved your ideas. I wanted to share that I used an amazing dr trained in western but also practicing eastern medicine to heal my back. Doctors were insisting surgery was the only option. This dr said acupuncture, yoga change of mental stress …. And I now regularly play tennis, hike and feel better 6 years later!!!

    I learned the body brings you down to stop you and can heal you too!!



  3. Posted by Cheryl on August 23, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Wise words, Laura. I did just that with the first oncologist we met with when Mike was diagnosed – only I used himself and his mother in my question about the chemo/radiation. His answer? Some mumbo jumbo about the 3 magic words “standard of care”. You should have seen his face when I replied I knew he wasn’t allowed to recommend anything but surgery, chemo & radiation for fear of losing his license. He then said “Look, if I were you – I’d have the brain radiation, do the chemo & then take a nice vacation…” What was left unspoken were the words “and then come home to die”. We left there without agreeing to treatment & went to a facility out of state that at least offered an integrated model, but they scare the patient into starting treatment so quickly that you still make decisions you later regret…at least we did.



  4. Thanks, Joyce, yes, that comes up a lot in Medical Intuitive sessions — look for the blessing. Your body never betrays you. As the Earth continues to become wiser, so does your body. If you’re body’s screaming for your attention, perhaps now would be a good time to listen. Your soul will thank you for it! Blessings and thanks for sharing here.

    Cheryl, I am so sorry you went through that but also do see how the nice vacation you took has continued to flow outward in your life and work. Sometimes we get the bigger picture in retrospect, yet some things remain a Mystery until they reveal themselves. Big hugs, love and blessings!



  5. A good news update: my dad emailed me today that he had asked a variation of these questions to his doctor and got some very heartfelt, “real” answers that helped him feel good about declining two very aggressive treatments. He’s also got his doctor now wanting to explore some herbal and nutritional support between chemo doses, which is a big switch for both my dad and his doctor. Because of this line of questioning, he now has a more open line of communication, and his doctor will be calling in additional experts in areas he’s not as knowledgeable about like herbs.

    I do love it when doctors just act like people — curious, willing to learn, and remembering their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Well done, Dad!



  6. Posted by Cindy Wineburgh on August 30, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Laura, Cindy here (you gave me distance reiki treatment earlier in summer).
    My breast surgery went well, though I wonder if it was really necessary. I was married to a graduate of one of the top medical schools in the US (Cornell) who all his life was opposed to “standard American medicine.” He was definitely open to alternative treatment (radiology), and it’s possible he died because he refused to jump on the cardiac catherization bandwagon for his own left ventricular failure with diabetes (caused by a medication he had needed to be on for 40 years – I’ve heard that happens too with aging – a med you’ve tolerated for years suddenly turns against the aging body). He asked the catheterization guy, “can you guarantee me that what you do will improve the function of my heart?” The doctor said no. So George said, “then why would I do it?”

    anyway, I knew I was climbing on a conveyor belt with this breast cancer thing and that chemo was the next stop. I feel like you and Ann totally about chemo and typical allopathic treatments. But this time I had the experience. The oncologist I “got” (I did not pick her, because I’m uninsured and just had one selected for me) would not listen to a thing I said about doing a modified dose, or anything else. She had for-profit genetic counseling materials in her office – that was our first disagreement. Do you know, Laura, there used to be something called the Stark self-referral laws in this country. They prevented doctors from profiting from the treatments and devices they prescribed. All I can figure is that over the years since Reagan’s deregulation, all those laws must have been struck down. I can cite specific cases, and as a former legal secretary for corporate lawyers, I know too much.

    so – I am building up energy to tell this doctor that I am transferring care (with the support of my regular nurse practitioner, who is open to alternative treatment ideas also) away from her. Why should I destroy my health to gain some “by the book” benefit? You are absolutely right on abt many things you say. Doctors often have flow charts – if patients have x, then the “standard of care” is this. This oncologist said, “well you will receive the maximum/standard dose, because you are healthy.” I’ve heard the joke “what doesn’t kill you will heal you” or the like. I did feel in the middle of the immune crisis this first treatment provoked that I was being killed (my white cell count dropped dramatically, though I have not seen her labs, also something I have ALWAYS done with my docs, always get copies of everything – and my husband George said “you have a legal right to all your x-rays, your labs, the dictation on your office visits, etc.” I don’t think most patients know this, and they just blindly trust. On an energetic visualization level, I “saw” the chemo agent enter my body and it was a violent, hateful destructive energy dancing from one foot to the other. I have felt all the cells in my body being affected, turning metallic or rubber. The first agent was not so bad, I fell asleep for it (Cytoxan). But Taxotere is a monster. It’s good for estrogen-positive cancer, WHICH I DO NOT HAVE. But they don’t have a chemo yet for estrogen-negative “so we just use what we have and hope along with everything else it kills, it will kill your cancer.” Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    I spent 17 years listening to this wise funny man George (not always perfect!) tell me what he hated in medicine – the profit motive was #1. He had Occupy type values.

    the person who commented on this thread above said insurance should be out of the mix – unfortunately that is THe most toxic part of our healthcare system. Wall Street has been moving in for 20 years. All the TBTF banks have healthcare sections. Insurance industry (specifically Anthem WellPoint Care’s lobbyist) wrote the Obamacare legislation, thanks to Senator Max Baucus, who is the most unethical sleazebag lawyer ever to run the show on certain committees.

    so it will take people becoming aware of the financial sector financializing the healthcare sector and wising up. ALl this drive for genetic targeting therapy – there is good in there somewhere, but with the Financial sector crowd running it, it is lost to the profit motive.

    More good doctors are doing what George did years ago in upstate New York – cut his fees to an affordable amount and make do – he was a radiologist, and opposed to nuclear weapons and war all his life, member of Physicians for Social Responsibility at one time. He told me he refused to sign any contract ever with any insurance company.

    so – thanks for bearing with me Laura! I know this is a powerful time. I may ask you if you can document those statements about oncologists refusing chemo for their loved ones – if I could show whoever I go to see next something in the clinical literature, they might just back off or even consider alternatives. I too have told sympathetic doctors – between you and me, I’ll sign anything you want holding you harmless, but I don’t want certain things done. The licensure thing is an issue but even my regular nurse knows about “grey” areas done for the patient’s overall health and wellbeing.



    • Cindy, thanks so much for all this detailed information, especially the ethical doctor perspective and the insider to the political process perspective.

      75% of oncologists surveyed by the Los Angeles Times and McGill Cancer Center would refuse chemo on themselves:

      According to this site, it’s even higher — 75-91% refusing chemo:

      And note that chemo is 75% profit.

      I am glad you’re standing up for yourself and exploring other options. The story shared on this Natural News post — — is what happened to my dear friend Leigh. All of this said, though, I have a mother who is a 26+ year breast cancer survivor, who went through standard chemo and radiation at that time and used zero alternative options. She had quite advanced, non-estrogen cancer by the time a doctor was willing to listen to her that she didn’t like the lump in her breast. We’re talking major malpractice, which she did not pursue, but the chemo and radiation did eliminate the cancer. Like anyone for whom any treatment “works,” she still needed to do all her inner clean up work, emotional work, and completely rebuilt her life from scratch.

      My theory on chemo is that the reason it sometimes works is because it so levels people, changes their appearance, makes them feel like death, that it completely transforms them on a soul level. It’s the soul transformation that does the real healing. I have high hopes for my dad, despite his chemo leanings, because the chemo limitations have truly caused him to reevaluate his life. He is a different person than he used to be, and he’s living much more joyfully now. He also expresses his love for people in ways that he rarely, if ever did before. Cancer’s a heart chakra illness. Love is a huge cure!



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