Timothy Glenn ~ Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula

I am loving these latest posts from my dear friend and soul brother, Tim! This one covers the oh-so-oft demanded “how?!!!?.”

Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula:
A Simple Guideline From the Proterrian Channelings

By Timothy Glenn

The multidimensional/extraterrestrial collective known as Proterrian has noted the Earthling propensity for asking “how” questions. When Proterrian expounds on our infinite possibilities and our probability lines, people in the audiences will often ask for the instruction manual on how to achieve whatever Proterrian is suggesting as a reality we can create. These folks are basically asking for an explanation of how to evolve, or how to become what we truly are. How? How? How?

In such cases, Proterrian likens the Earthling Humanoids to young strawberry plants who are fretting over how to make strawberries. In a voice mimicking an overanxious, almost hyperventilating human, Proterrian will say something like: “They expect me to make strawberries, but I’ve never made strawberries before. Oh, my God, what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to make strawberries. How do they expect me to do that? Look at me: I’m all green and leafy. Strawberries are red. Where would I get the pigments? I have no idea what to do.”

Proterrian’s 3-step formula for young strawberry plants: “One: you’re in the earth. Two: you have water. Three: you have sunshine. Done deal. It’s part of your design.” Everything will unfold according to its design.

First, A Specialized 4-Step Formula

Before we delve into Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula, we will cover their formula specifically designed for the “how” questions. It has come to the point that any time an audience member asks a “how” question, Proterrian immediately responds with this formula:

1. Access thinking dictionary.
2. Go to “H”.
3. Scroll down to “how”.
4. Delete from dictionary.

The Ultimate Answer

Ranking right up there with “The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything”, Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula covers the vast majority of “how” questions, and perhaps covers all of them regarding our quantum leap in evolution. How can we ascend? How can we transmute? How can we become what we are designed to become? How? How? How?

People with complexity addiction may be extremely disappointed by the beautiful simplicity of Proterrian’s All-Purpose 3-Step Formula:

1. Come from a loving heart.
2. Put one foot in front of the other.
3. Walk in Faith.

Although this requires no elaboration, it may not hurt to indulge in a little, if only to keep the Monkey Mind happy.

Step One: Come From a Loving Heart

In 1980, I had a t-shirt made with iron-on letters, sporting my definition of love: “the vibratory essence of everything that exists”. In the early 90’s, it became obvious that we had lots of theoretical physicists and others from the scientific realm interfacing with us weirdo mystics, and many more to follow. To welcome them into the fold, I added a second definition of love: “the energetic essence of the unified field of infinity”. For some people, the words “of infinity” are redundant, since we are talking about The Field. But there are others who have not come to grasp the concept, so we can regard “of infinity” as repetition for emphasis.

David Icke words it quite elegantly: “Infinite love is the only truth; everything else is
illusion.” The New Testament distills it down to three words: “God is love.”

If our motives in life spring from the purely unconditional divine love, we are automatically aligning ourselves with the Infinitude.

Step Two: Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Be here now. Live in the present moment. We have heard this literally for millenia. When we are living in the Magic of the Now, we are not concerned about where we are going to be twelve steps from now, or five hundred steps later. By contrast, if our consciousness is scattered across an illusory timeline, we are not presenting ourselves as prime candidates for transcending linear time.

Infinity is always right here, right now.

Step Three: Walk in Faith

When we accept ourselves as part of infinity, we can proceed with full confidence that we are unfolding into direct expressions of the spirit that creates and maintains all universes.

As Proterrian loves to express it in an almost thunderous voice: “Thou art God.” This
is followed by a comic pause, with fists on hips. “Now act like it!”

Timothy Glenn

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  1. This is Michelle, from Minden, A loyal fan of Tim/proterrien and in hopes that he is well. I would be delighted to connect with him for an opportunity to “review my game”.. it’s getting out of control.. Thank you, Michelle 775 782 4313 HELP!



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