Full Blue Moon in Aquarius ~ August 20th 2013

More lovely sharing from Tania Marie. I just had to reblog this quickly on a break, because I bought a print of this Blue Moon painting, just waiting to be hung in the downstairs bathroom I described earlier this week — the one with the portal door. Indeed, I noticed a card on the windowsill I photographed this morning — a card that also wants framing for the bathroom — and, as Tania noted in her comment on my Beauty Inside and Out post, she sees “Nestie,” her beloved bunny, who’s also in the Blue Moon painting. Ahhh, timing! My Moon is in Aquarius, and Blue Moons have held particularly wonderful, empowering significance in my life. Thanks for the nudge, Nestie and the Universe! Message received. 😉

Tania Marie

Once in a Blue Moon webWe are at yet another Full Moon (time flies) and a Blue Moon at that! This is the second Full Moon in the air sign of Aquarius we are experiencing this year – the first was July 22nd, 2013. It is opposite the Sun in the fire sign of Leo.

Air and fire are both wonderful purification elements that can be useful in supporting the release of outmoded everything – especially ideas and beliefs about yourself that are blocking you from being your natural you and living from your authentic core beingness. This is particularly a good time to create a sacred ritual around this process of letting go, transmutation, and integration.

“If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” ~Henry David Thoreau

This is a time for grounding visions into…

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  1. Posted by Nikkoale on August 20, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    This morning a friend, who is also one of my “Ascension buddies”, used the phrase “out of the blue” In an email. I replied, “Aha! The word “blue”! And I explained that I had awaken very early this morning thinking about the significance of the color blue showing up in my life right now. The time was 4:56. The meaning I got from that was that my thoughts are “moving” in the right direction.

    And now this post from you and Tania Marie! Synchronicity! Love it!

    Btw… My friend and I are meeting for lunch, this day of the Blue Moon.

    Oh, also, bunnies and butterflies, lots of special encounters with those.



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