The Body Knows What It Loves

The following quotes come from a beautiful article that will appeal to anyone who has ever struggled with body image or moments when the body doesn’t behave the way we think it should behave, i.e. not healing “fast” enough or craving “inappropriate” things. In other words, pretty much everyone can benefit from reading the original post by Victoria Erickson. I leave you with some of the loveliest quotes selected by David:

“The body knows what it loves and what it loves most are gentle yet powerful things, same as the way we must care for it.”

“It loves things like the space between a look and a kiss. It loves things like the release of memory stirred from a scent. It loves rocking of any kind, slow rhythmic rocking it can sigh along with.”

“It loves the rise and fall of the sun’s comings and goings, constant and consistent in announcing days and nights. It loves other bodies, their skin, and hands and heartbeats.”

“It loves the curves of waves and sand underfoot. It loves the caress of cool sheets, intense pursuit, and silent solitude. It loves curiosity and goosebumps and song and virtue. It loves foods grown from the ground and fluid movement and rest. It loves to protect, to thrive, to harmonize, to taste and feel blessed.”

(from: “Fierce Body Nourishment: 5 Gentle Steps – )

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  1. Thanks for the lift to my body-spirit, David and Laura. Fabulous post! Will share. g



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    Very excellent quotes!



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