Timothy Glenn ~ A Celestial Star of David

Yay! It’s always a treat to get a sneak peak at my friend Tim‘s astrological insights. Here they are for you to peruse, too.

Is it just me, or does early June seem like several years ago?! I did a serious double take when I realized that “flipping through the pages of the calendar” referred to weeks, not months or years. My Goddess, I’ve been feeling these transformative times!

Speaking of the Goddess, Tim shares some potent insights about how this “Star of David will open the door for the Goddess, and fling rose petals at her feet.” Tired of a small group of old men lying, stealing, killing and cheating to impose their increasingly fascist patriarchy of domination and control? Yeah, me, too. Buh bye, boys. “The Goddess is alive & magic is afoot!” Even the planets agree.

A Celestial Star of David
The Grand Trines of Summer 2013

By Timothy Glenn

Trine, trine, everywhere a trine: the middle of 2013 is filled with trines, and the trine is generally regarded as the most user-friendly aspect in astrology. At an angle of 120 degrees, the energies between planets will flow more smoothly and gracefully than at any other angle. A Grand Trine requires three mutually trining celestial bodies to form a triangle in the Zodiac.

The major Grand Water Trine reached its peak on July 17. Saturn and Neptune had been hanging out in a cozy trine for weeks on end, just waiting for our favorite Uncle, Jupiter, to come along and fling open some windows of opportunity for anyone ready and willing to receive the benefits.

Many astrologers feel that for an aspect to qualify as a genuine Grand Trine, all three celestial bodies must form their triangle within an orb of two degrees. Otherwise, the structure seems a bit too wobbly to exert a momentous effect. I have tended to be even more stringent. Show me a Grand Trine with an orb of less than one degree, and my eyebrows will go up, along with my enthusiasm. The tighter the orb, the more powerful the aspect.

At its peak on July 17, these three gas giants tightened their triangle to less than four minutes of arc. Considering that each degree of the Zodiac is divided into sixty minutes of arc, this means that the Grand Water Trine of July 2013 maximized its impressive power within an orb of less that one fifteenth of a degree. Wow.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

As we now enter the last week of July, some people are talking as though the Grand Trine “already happened” and now it’s done. If the Moon had flown through to produce the Grand Trine, then we could say the proverbial fat lady had sung and the ball game is over. But Jupiter, even as the fast guy in this triangle, never does do a fly-by. His twelve earth-year orbit might seem quick when contrasted with Neptune’s 165 earth-year orbit, but Uncle Jupiter always gives us a few weeks to play with his energies every time he makes an aspect to something in our charts, and thus in our lives.

Uncle Jupiter loves triggering opportunity for everyone, and has the habit of blessing everything he touches. His windows of opportunity are not like a game of peekaboo; now you see them, now you don’t. He allows a reasonable length of time for his gifts to be delivered. And not merely windows, but doors and gateways are opening for us now.

In the Beginning…

To help us get a feel for the scope of this astrological event, we could flip the calendar back to the month of June. Mercury had just made its ingress into Cancer on May 31, and then pulled within a five degree orb of influence, beginning to trine Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on June 1.

On June 3, Venus also made her ingress into Cancer, and later the same day Mercury exactly trined both Saturn and Neptune, forming a Grand Water Trine within an orb of less than half a degree. This began priming the pump. Venus pulled within five degrees of the Magic Spot the following day.

By June 7, Venus had also exactly trined Saturn and Neptune to form a Grand Water Trine, adding a touch of Goddess energy to the brew being prepared. Summer Solstice on June 20 brought the Sun into Cancer, and by June 22, the Sun also drew within a five degree orb of influence to the Magic Spot.

The table was officially set on June 26. Uncle Jupiter Himself did a magnificent cannonball as he splashed his gigantic body into the waters of Cancer, and later that very day, the Sun exactly trined Saturn and Neptune as part of a Grand Trine in the watersigns. The pump was now primed.

July Heats Up

As we flipped the pages of our calendars forward into July, Jupiter moved within his five degree orb of influence, and the power of the Grand Water Trine began to build with gusto. As if this process needed an extra boost, Mars entered Cancer on July 13. The following day, Jupiter tightened the Grand Trine to less than a single degree as Mars pulled within a five degree orb of influence.

Do you really think all this energy would disappear on July 17, as though Mars had simply ignited some flash powder? This would be like saying that when the roller coaster has barely crested the top of that first big hill, the ride is over.

On July 20 through 22, Mars exactly trined Neptune and Saturn, and then capped off its contribution by conjuncting Jupiter. This added a booster rocket to the Grand Water Trine as its energies loosened up and unfolded into an orb of a whopping one whole degree. Excuse the sarcasm, but people thought the Grand Water Trine was finished on July 17? Oh, please.

The floodgates are open, kids. Get out the rafts, kayaks and rubber ducks. It’s time to play.

The Grand Earth Trine

As indicated earlier, the Moon always does a fly-by when it makes aspects. So even though the Grand Trine in the earth signs on July 29 will appear like a flash in the pan, its vigor will enhance the Grand Water Trine as the unleashed energies play out. Besides, this Grand Earth Trine will occur within an orb of less than one degree; nice and tight, just the way we like it.

Pluto crawling along at 9 degrees of Capricorn sets the template on July 29, as Venus in Virgo dances up to 8 degrees. The Moon in Taurus will fly across the 8 and 9 degree mark on that day, providing us with a brief but intense Grand Earth Trine.

Meanwhile, our glorious Grand Water Trine will still be within a three degree orb as it continues to blossom.

Stand Down, Men.

Allowing a relaxed orb of five degrees, these two Grand Trines will form a Star of David in the sky. These earth and water Grand Trines will amplify each other’s potency. However brief, coming and going in a single day, the Star of David will open the gateways for yet more possibilities, propelling the beneficial effects of the Grand Water Trine to an even more profound level of influence.

It cannot escape our notice that all six of the feminine signs are activated here. Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto will combine their essences in a Celestial Star of David, and since a Star of David involves nothing but sextiles, trines and oppositions, the six points of the configuration will be in either all masculine or all feminine signs. The earth signs are feminine. The water signs are feminine. The Star of David will open the door for the Goddess, and fling rose petals at her feet.

The days of the patriarchy are fading away, and the Age of the Divine Feminine is dawning. The Earth Herself is a feminine planet, and Her time has come.

Open, Sesame!

Some of us have been gazing at where this occurs in our personal charts, at the areas of life most likely to be stimulated. Uncle Jupiter is the guy who muscled this cosmic event into fruition, and his imagination stretches far afield. The Universe, also known as The Field of Infinite Possibilities, creates a pretty big playground for Jupiter to conjure up ideas to implement in our lives. The flowers are still being watered by the Grandest of All Trines, and we will see what blossoms where.

The next few weeks will show us new pathways, and will provide us with tools for navigating the unchartered waters ahead. Keeping our hearts and minds open will certainly facilitate the process. Jupiter is reminding us to keep our options open as well.

Timothy Glenn

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sonja Verway on July 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Oh my gosh. I have felt this (old boys club) for many years now and coming to an extreme a couple of month ago. Totally frustrating with these people reigning the world. Now I feel we have a great shot at the world coming together as one. I am implementing the universal mind every day. My husband joined facebook, but only to put out awareness and not for any kind of gossip, he has no time for that he says. Too much important work has to be done. We got rid of TV for the next half year and already we are seeing productivity in our Life’s for the better. I believe the world is on its way to healing and make sure you hug some trees today. They can be our best friend’s and Healers.. Have a great sunny day.



  2. How wonderful all the changes you and your husband are making! As a matter of fact, I am off to hug some trees today. A special walk in the woods is in order after I finish some sessions and other work. Big, Sun and Moon blessings to you and all!



  3. Posted by Mary on July 26, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    I love Tim’s work. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!



  4. @Sonja: Hi! It seems like lifetimes ago when we were connected through Facebook, which Laura and I both left behind. Good to hear from you again!
    @Laura: June might indeed feel like years ago for most of us. It now feels like we need to do a past life regression to remember the previous year.
    @Mary: Thanks for the feedback. It’s always nice to know there’s someone on the other end of the transmission.



  5. […] Loaded” emphasized this phenomenon as we prepared for the Grand Water Trine in July, along with “A Celestial Star of David” or a Grand Sextile. The water sign activity this year has provided impetus for us to allow clearing […]



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