Interview with Susun Weed ~ Plant Telepathy and More

I watched all five parts of this interview yesterday and loved them! “Herb Mentor” interviews Wise Woman Herbalist Susun Weed in a delightful conversation about plant communication, healing relationships with herbs, various traditions of healing, herbal regulation, and more.

People really devoted to colon cleansing may not like part three, but she makes some excellent points about the importance of attitude in healing: do you need “to be fixed” or are you already healthy but looking to get healthier? Are you broken and filthy and can never become clean, or are you looking to add nourishment so that your body can enter into relationship with plants, people, food and the cosmos in order to tap into its own innate healing wisdom?

I very much enjoyed both sides of this conversation, and I trust you will, too!

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  1. Hmmm, this is very synchronistic, as I am contemplating going back to school for herbalism and was talking about it yesterday ;-). It’s an intensive that lasts 8 months and would be a lot of long driving for me though… But this video definitely got my attention. Watched the first installment so far. Hooked.



    • Nice! I am contemplating taking some additional herbalist courses, too, but haven’t decided on a program or teacher yet. You can learn a ton by reading and doing and observing, but there’s also a time and place for a teacher. xo



  2. […] of Plants, they really are listening and aware. I’m relieved to know that other gardeners and herbalists have had similar experiences with plants and that science appears to support claims of plant telepathy. I know my garden also […]



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