“Pay Attention” Snowden is a distraction from Manning and much more…

Thanks, Ann! As I’ve mentioned before, the Bradley Manning trial is one of the most important trials of modern times. I continue to pray for him to be surrounded by love, courage and strength.

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  1. Posted by Cheryl Batoon on July 11, 2013 at 2:26 am

    How is Snowden a distraction? Snowden is a whistleblower too and I’m not missing out on what is happening with Manning while focused on how wonderful the South American leaders are with regards to doing what they can for Snowden. These two men are on the same path…



    • Snow den is a whistleblower, but the media’s emphasis on his personal history, pole dancer girlfriend, and all the intrigue has far overwhelmed any rightful attention given to the Manning trial. The personal emphasis on Snowden has also largely replaced attention to what he revealed. If you are aware of Manning, then perhaps you have managed to maintain your own balance and discernment, in which case, good!



      • I posted this more for the people (and they are out there) who have become overwhelmed by the Snowden charm, the Snowden history, the Snowden capers at the expense of looking at the issues Snowden and Manning exposed. There have been numerous NSA whistleblowers who revealed essentially the same material as Snowden. Why the hoopla now? Manning’s revelations are much more damaging in their confirmation of war crimes and horrific inhumanity being perpetrated in the name of security and “freedom.”



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