‘This is Not a Doomsday Talk’: Allan Savory’s address to the Savory Institute International Conference

This is an inspiring and illustrative speech given by Allan Savory at the Savory Institute International Conference. He covers greening the desert, as well as the options we have for addressing the needed shifts in approaches to agriculture around the world. The post includes a link to his TEDTalk about greening the desert, and it provides a model for getting government on board with needed changes … in part by going ahead without waiting for their permission/permits. Savory suggests what he calls a national holistic context that reaches far beyond opposing political agendas. Definitely worth a read!

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  1. Thank you Laura, this is stunning, inspiring and incredibly daunting as it requires the free movement of livestock, complete re-imagining of land use, being a vegan, how do you view this as this is so livestock intensive, ie, assuming lifestock is being used for meat consumption or not?


  2. Hi Mitch, you’re welcome. Well, I’m not vegan anymore due to my teeth, although I do eat a very large percentage of my diet as vegan; everything is mostly vegan, and anything like dairy or eggs I purchase in its most natural state possible directly from farmers whose farms I have visited and seen the conditions myself.

    That said … Allan Savory is presenting a solution that can be implemented as quickly as possible. I have seen firsthand that the more people grow their own food and shop in Farmer’s Markets, the more fresh, local produce becomes part of their diet. If we start out trying to convince everyone to go vegan or even vegetarian right away, we’re slowing down the process of transformation, and we don’t really have tons of time right now. Savory’s methods will no doubt shift as the Earth is more healed and people return more to natural cravings from having eating more natural foods. We will also see changes in how people can provide for themselves and their communities that will reduce the need for all the GMO soya and corn crops used in factory farms, which then frees up more land. The difference between factory farm conditions and truly free ranging is vast, and that includes compassion for the animals. Is it a perfect solution creating a world in which there’s never any violence? No. But even the natural world has violence and predation. What Savory’s re-imagining of land use does is provide some options that currently aren’t much on the political radar.

    I really urge a variety of solutions, not least of which is turning lawns into gardens, parks into food forests, brown fields into productive land, and a total healing of the soil. For soil remediation, livestock are very, very good … and if they are free range and not eaten, great! These are just some initial thoughts, as I don’t have time to delve more deeply into it at the moment. 🙂


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