Zoe Hind: Astrology 1-7 July 2013

Zoe Hind offers lots of good tips for exploring our own authentic, sovereign, real emotions vs. “programmed emotions,” with special emphasis on Tuesday and Wednesday. She also discusses the alignment between Sirius and the Sun this week, reminding us of the opportunity to receive and “remember our cosmic origins” on Thursday. “Just be a star for the day.” Later in the week, we continue a theme of cleansing and releasing so that we can then decide with Saturn turning direct and its potent aspect with the Dark Moon: “It’s time to step forwards to be self-supporting, self-sustaining, self-knowing.”

We’ve got an empowering week ahead of us here with a cosmic emphasis on sovereignty. In America, we may have few shreds of “Independence Day” left, but politics and tyranny can never fully trump cosmic law. Bring it! Be it.

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