Excellent Lyme Disease Article in The New Yorker

A major score for Lyme and co-infected patients, Lyme Literate MD’s and those people looking to learn enough about ticks to avoid infection: The New Yorker has published a six-page article detailing Lyme Disease, co-infections, controversial treatments, the difficulty of diagnosis, as well as tips for avoiding ticks. The article also gives neutral to positive attention to Dr. Horowitz, an LLMD in the Hudson Valley area.

I hear from so many Lyme Disease folks that I wanted to spread the word about this article. Like brain injuries, evidence of Lyme and co-infections often don’t appear to the naked eye, even though they are often life-changing experiences. The New Yorker article doesn’t detail all of the diverse intricacies of a life with Lyme; however, it presents Lyme literate doctors and patients in a rational, sympathetic light in a mainstream publication. Those of you who have Lyme or know people with Lyme might want to share the article, since mainstream news still (unfortunately) seems to hold more weight than all the alternative publications combined. Click here to read the six-page article on a single screen.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for posting this Laura. I had lyme disease as a child, but thankfully I was diagnosed really quickly. Greater awareness of the symptoms allows others to have that experience.



  2. I do hope nothing like that ever happens to my Niece who was bitten by a tick. When the doctor said she was fine it was a relief. I pray he wasn’t wrong.



  3. It’s true, greater awareness of the symptoms helps people to recognize what’s happening early on.

    I do hope your niece is fine, too. 🙂



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