Permaculture and the Sacred: A Conversation with Starhawk

This is a fascinating talk and Q&A session with Starhawk at Harvard Divinity School. She covers personal spirituality, planetary crisis, backyard gardens, city planning, stories of neutralizing the WTO and the globalists, “feeding what you want to grow,” the Transition Movement, and much more. An hour and 24 minutes well spent!

“Starhawk, contemporary witch, activist, and permaculturist, spoke at HDS on March 7, 2013, about how earth-based spirituality can inform and empower efforts to build sustainable communities and societies. Starhawk is a founder of Reclaiming, a contemporary Pagan tradition that blends Goddess spirituality and social activism, and of Earth Activist Trainings, which equips people to combine permaculture design with political organizing and spiritual practice. A leading interpreter of feminist Wicca, she is the author of The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, The Empowerment Manual, and many other books.”

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  2. […] Permaculture and the Sacred: a fascinating talk given by Starhawk to the Harvard Divinity School. You can watch it here. […]



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