A Spiritual Perspective on the NSA Surveillance

As people freak out (or bizarrely enough, don’t!) regarding the ongoing leaks about the NSA monitoring all online and phone conversations, emails, website visits, etc., I feel called to point out yet another instance in which we get to choose the way so-called transparency manifests. We live in an information age — one that most people interpret to mean internet, phones, cell phones, text, Facebook and Twitter — but, as usual, that’s only the shiny surface of a deeper evolutionary process.

We can choose to remain on the surface and move increasingly quickly into a Police State that exceeds 1984 and Brave New World combined. We can continue to lull ourselves into the arms of an eerie Artificial Intelligence (AI) existence in which corporations, Google and the government profile us and predetermine what we think, feel or do via targeted ads and filtered information. Humanity can sing the strange praises of “certain positive benefits” of RFID tracking and computerized “medical devices,” mandatory black boxes in cars, and a cashless economy controlled by a central government or “entity,” and continue to give lip service against GMOs while simultaneously buying and relying on the very processed foods that contain them. (If it doesn’t say 100% certified organic, you can safely assume it contains GMOs.) Americans can express outrage at the invasion of their “privacy” while eagerly (and voluntarily) tuning in for even more insidious invasions of their subconscious mind via programming, advertising, political speeches, co-opted spiritual movements, mainstream “music” and television.

Or …

We can recognize this information age for the evolutionary opportunity and call it is. There is more than one way to multi-task, and contrary to what your iPhone might tell you, the world is far bigger and more diverse than Google Maps or your GPS would indicate.

For those humans who choose to embrace the energies coming our way, the information age looks quite different. It involves being able to read people’s energy, accessing subtle clues to emotional state and history via electromagnetic pulses transmitted non-stop but on finer levels than most people tend to access. These levels are becoming more accessible by more people every day. And guess what? So are other dimensions. More and more people have begun to notice orbs and other visual anomalies in photographs — images that lend support to those same people’s inner sense of something sacred or otherworldly about the place or moment of the photograph. As people wander in Nature and wonder about Nature spirits, angels and visitors from other worlds, our technology sometimes reveals clearer layers than our imaginations manage to delineate.

Yes, technology can support and underscore spiritual awakening. It need not preclude our inner awareness. The trouble arrives when people export their inner experience to the digital interface as THE determiner and interpreter of experience. If we remember to recognize technology as a tool, a reflection, of internal processes, then life retains its Mystery. We also discover clues as to where we’re headed as a species.

Consider that in an evolved human consciousness, old ideas of privacy grow obsolete. Lying will remain a “luxury” of the past, easily recognized by shifts in vibration, discordant energies, and the dimming of the Deceiver’s glow. Many of us already see, hear and feel through the constant lies of media, Hollywood and politicians. Once you learn to recognize the vibrations of un-Truth, half-Truths and, in particular, the vibration of deliberate deception, you stop falling for all the surface glitz. The deceivers and their pawns lose privacy. They become the emperors with no clothes, naked and obvious with all their ugly “privates” hanging out for those with eyes to see.

Granted, many of us prefer not to see so much ugliness, and that very aversion has partially kept humanity in a voluntary stupor for millennia. Unfortunately, without a willingness to recognize and process all the information available, humanity serves as prey to the sociopaths and energy vampires currently running this world. Those same sociopaths … in some cases, outright psychopaths … attempt to clamp down the controls in a technological inversion of the information age. They try to monitor everything from the moment we get out of bed (note, I did not say “wake up,”), including the food we eat, the poisoned air we breathe, what chemicals (drugs, pesticides and additives) we consume, what thoughts we think, and what feelings we feel.

As usual, the NWO and its sicko cronies offer us a perversion of Nature. Humanity, left to its own un-manipulated, un-hypnotized, non-poisoned state, would already be awake. With the Reality Creation tools at our disposal, we would already be living in a radically different, positive, shared Reality.

We can always count on those in power to point to the very things that undermine their control. Just look at what they persecute for clues to what will free you. Also look for the spiritual inversion of the AI technology they use, i.e. awakening the pineal gland and its access to Akashic Records, rather than recording every email ever sent. And perhaps most importantly, recognize their “this will save the world” solutions as perversions of truly sacred things. Find the sacred, find the esoteric equivalents, and you will rapidly transcend anything the NSA, DHS, or any other alphabet agency can attempt to implement. Think Runes (quantum packets of energy) compared to alphabet agencies, and you’ll begin to grasp what I’m sharing here. The perverted, slap dash, synthetic world being molded and offered to us can be completely transcended and replaced by one of magical resonance, harmony and beauty.

Did I just say “magic(k)”? Indeed, I did. We live in a world that predominantly considers magic(k) “fantasy,” “supernatural,” or “spooky vying for unnatural control.” In fact, magic(k) is the most natural force in the Universe. By reclaiming magic (with a “c” or a “ck”), humanity can return to center and then expand outward and inward in new and glorious ways.

“Magic is folk parapsychology, an art and science designed to enable people to make effective use of their psychic talents.” ~ Isaac Bonewits

“Another fundamental point: magic isn’t a means of forcing nature to do your will. This is a completely erroneous idea, fostered by the belief that magic is somehow supernatural, as if anything that exists can be outside nature. Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.” ~ Scott Cunningham

Magic isn’t a means of forcing nature to do your will. No, that would be genetic modification, weather modification, mandatory vaccination, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, water fluoridation (public Prozac!) and the mass hypnosis of our AI-infused default 3Dality. Magic is natural. We are natural, and in our natural state, we have far more access to information — past, present, future, all at once — than any machine or alphabet agencies can hope to imitate. We get to decide which way we take this evolutionary nudge. Do we merge with the machines and become government drones legally killed by government drones? Or do we transcend what they’re offering us in order to reclaim and expand our own humanity?

I don’t like being tracked anymore than anyone else does. That’s why I don’t do Facebook and why I use alternate search engines on my computer. Am I still being tracked? Sure. Laura Bruno’s Blog has its own YouTube channel that I never created, even though YouTube shut down my own channel that I did create due to “repeat copyright violations” while telling my own story and observations as a Medical Intuitive. Gmail spams my blog posts to subscribers whenever I post anything too controversial. People tell me they’ve been unsubscribed without their permission. Yeah, I’m being tracked. But so are all of us. I was certain of that before any Guardian article confirmed it.

I know how it feels to have some creepy private detective or tracking device on me, just like I know to tell David to slow down if there’s a hidden police car using radar on the road. How do I know? First I feel it, and then I usually receive “actual” confirmation in the form of a cop car pulling over someone else or a phone call from a private detective wanting me to testify on behalf of someone for something: “You’re a difficult lady to track!” “Why, thank you, now up yours for tracking me.” 😉

On the flip side, I also have access to far more information than most people would feel comfortable with me having, just via my own level of awareness. That’s how I can offer intuitive sessions to people in Australia, India and New Jersey without leaving my living room, but it also freaks some locals out when they learn a bit of what I do for work. Do I walk around town looking at everyone’s “privates”? No! Absolutely not. I really don’t want to know all that stuff, and ethically, I refuse to do readings without someone’s permission except to the degree that it directly affects my own, immediate relationship with that person. (Or, in the case of someone being in a coma and their family wanting to communicate with them, but even then I get energetic permission before proceeding.)

My point is that all of humanity has these (usually dormant) capabilities. In a truly awakened world, we won’t have privacy as we tend to think of it now. Why not use these NSA revelations as a nudge to open our own awareness while also bringing our own healing Light and attention to any Shadow sides and skeletons we’d prefer no one else see or know about? Why not use this evolutionary nudge as a push to heal, to embrace, to transmute and yes, to transcend? We decide. Each and every one of us.

What kind of world are we creating?

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  2. Posted by Mary on June 9, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    About privacy… What you shared reminded me of the uneasy feelings I had years ago, back around 1999, when I realized that I could no longer hide my dark secrets, of which I felt I had so many coming from a shame filled abusive upbringing. Im almost glad that happened back then because I have to say it was really tough to cone to terms with the idea that my thoughts and actions were written on me energetically and sensative/aware folks could read that writing. I think the shock of that realization was tempered over time by understanding then finally acceptance. It forced me to come to terms with a lot of baggage – either own it or know it for not belonging to me. Obviuosly I have more work to do on that front but it did take a whilebfor me to grow into that knowledge.

    I wonder if this isnt what ancient scripts and stories were talking about when they said God knows your secrets or even Santa Claus lol. A kind of morality checker hijacked and then placed into the hands of some infallible patriarch instead of remaining for communal use so that we all might learn from each persons ‘dark’ side, without fear of judgment. How very disempowering to hijack this from us!

    Great post as usual my friend. Thank you!



  3. Thanks for sharing, Mary. Yes, “how very disempowering to hijack this from us!” Blessings and continued healing and empowerment … to you and all of us!



  4. Posted by tazjima on June 9, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.



  5. Terrific post. In an evolving universe, everything evolves, including the so-called “laws” (as in physics, etc.) and that would include such things as our notions of privacy. For those of us with memories of living in other worlds where we have no such thing as a secret, it’s perhaps a bit easier to see the old notions of privacy as part of the game of separation. When we live in the universal wholeness, life is a completely different game than the one we have played in this stilted little unreality.



  6. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:

    This June 2013 post popped up today. I’m not sure why, but whenever that occurs, it’s timely. I wrote this after revelations of the NSA spying on everyone, but so much of the post has become even more relevant in these bizarre and potent times.



  7. Bravo

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  8. Posted by Nikkoale on September 21, 2021 at 9:30 am

    So timely, Laura! Something that you might find interesting: Last night, I posted a link to an expose video about the plandemic on fb. I figured that it wouldn’t stay up for long. I was correct. Almost immediately it was censored. What was disturbing was that my “post” was flagged and censored 19 minutes BEFORE – that is what I said… BEFORE! — I actually posted the link. How is that possible? Well, In a quantum universe I know how that is possible; nevertheless, there must have been a more tangible reason. There is. I read the excerpts and watched the video before I shared the link which probably took about 19 minutes to do (the video is about 13 minutes long). I got a notice that the link went against community standards that was 19 minutes older than my actual post with the link.

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  9. I can’t believe this post was written 9+ years ago and is still so flipping valid!

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  10. “That’s why I don’t do Facebook and why I use alternate search engines on my computer. Am I still being tracked? Sure.” — If the generals in the boardroom want to waste their time checking up on you, that’s one thing. But it’s a different story to give 24/7 access to every single grunt level foot soldier. And yet as we unfold, this will eventually become a total non-issue.

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