June 2013 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

My sweet friend Tania Marie gives a nice overview of Lee Harris’ June 2013 Energy Forecast, along with the actual forecast, so I’m just reblogging her entry. Enjoy!!

Tania Marie

This is a FABULOUS sharing from Lee, in my opinion. So mirroring of what I’ve been talking about/reflecting back with others, as well as experiencing/reflecting on myself. He perfectly pin points the energetic themes that have been taking place.

Themes include:

  • Compression around finance and money worries – rooted in survival and your feelings/beliefs about this and opening to bigger safety within your experience
  • Continued awareness and opening expansively carries with it also the inevitability of your needing to open to and face EVERYTHING – to include the shadow aspects
  • Going further than you’ve ever gone before
  • Allowing yourself to catch up with the huge opening you have been doing
  • Finding that it is quick and easy to reset your mental patterns and catch things to shift your experiences
  • Becoming more of an observer, which lets the mental chatter release and you can focus on how the body is feeling

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  1. love you! bestest-estest LOL!



  2. Love you, too! xoxoxo



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