Back to Eden

I thought I’d share the inspiration for all my wood mulching. It’s a film called, “Back to Eden,” and you can watch the whole thing for free by clicking here. You can also support their projects by ordering the DVD here. I’m pleased to see it’s even available in Spanish!

Fair warning: the main speaker in the film offers a strongly spiritual take on gardening drawn from his own Biblical perspective. I personally found his passion refreshing on many levels, but if you really, really have an issue with the Bible, then you probably won’t like this film. That said, he shares some powerful insights into the Garden of Eden, no-till gardening, pruning, generosity, abundance, the healing power of organic food, and Nature. Everyone I know who’s seen this film has walked away inspired, and many viewers have also started wood mulching — albeit maybe not quite as majorly as I have!

Anyway, this is the inspiration for all my front-end hard work in Goshen. Imagine my smile when I saw that their next film project is actually called, “GOSHEN.” They’re not filming it here, but ya just gotta love those synchronous winks! šŸ˜‰

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  1. I too watched Back to Eden and found it very inspirational. Have told loads of people about it.



  2. […] It’s actually very easy! Just lay down a several layers of newspaper or one layer of thick cardboard over whatever area of lawn you’d like to turn into garden. If you’re using newspaper, pick a non-windy day, or make sure you have something to weight down the papers. Otherwise, you’ll just make a mess. On top of the newspaper/cardboard, start layering up natural waste: leaves, straw, unfinished compost (i.e., whatever fresh kitchen scraps or compost that hasn’t had time to rot down yet). Mix that up with some peat moss and some kind of minerals (rock dust, vermiculite, etc.), or just keep layering organic matter. Then top it off with some kind of untreated mulch. Surprise, surprise, I’m using wood mulch, as inspired by the film, Back to Eden: […]



  3. […] good folks at Back to Eden (the film that inspired my wood mulch gardening technique that has now spread to many yards in […]



  4. […] perhaps you see why growing your own food, walking in Nature, and hugging trees are so radical (rooting) and empowering. And maybe the […]



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