Doreen Virtue ~ May 13-19: Weekly Oracle Card Reading

Wow, wow, wow … a very synchronous Doreen Virtue reading for me personally, but I know it’s also right in tune for a number of clients, friends and family members. The last card shares an extra special and insistent message from the angels. Peace and blessings to you on this journey!

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  1. Wow. This is synchronistic for me as well. I literally just put on my q-link bracelette and etheric weaver pendant (both of which protect and strengthen one’s fields) after not wearing them much, or feeling the need to, for about a year now. I was talking to hubby about how I was getting the message that I was needing the added protection, and was feeling drawn to wear them again, and even put them on together, which I never have done before. Shortly after this, I checked my e mail and watched Doreen’s weekly reading. Very interesting confirmation! Feels to be a good time to connect and work with our beloved crystal friends as well… Even a grid could be very helpful for those who feel drawn to do so.




  2. I agree! Something is in the air right now…. time to get those crystals out and get grounded, too. xoxo



  3. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    I keep on wondering why she would hold on to the torn card? Is there some rule where you never throw one of these card out? I have read many books authored by people who work with angels. Often they say contradictory things. So I am trying to figure out who should I listen to. What do you think?



  4. Cassie, see my next post about all the Solar Flares and CME’s! Definitely a good time for the Q-Link!

    Peacenowflower: I think you should listen to yourself! Follow what resonates for you. Most people like to have a complete deck, and I know Doreen’s animals tend to chew her cards … perhaps she just didn’t want to keep throwing out the deck every time a card gets chewed?



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