Faery Winks

I do love a good, synchronous faery wink, along with layers and layers of intertwining messages. A blog reader alerted me regarding yesterday’s post:

“Just curious if you knew that Michael Pilarski from the dandelion video [you posted] is the head of the International Fairy Congress. He started the Fairy festival in Twisp, WA years back. Perhaps your yard Fairy’s were encouraging you via Michael 🙂 If I’m way off base here and being intrusive, forgive me, I felt compelled to share this info. Micheal is interviewed at the 1:50 mark”:

No intrusion! I am smiling and giggling, especially given yesterday’s message: “Pay attention, Laura…we don’t give you and your sister a simultaneous double-whammy message to remain open-minded and then just drop the ball. Seriously, girl … we use it all. ‘Can you hear me now?’”

Those Faeries, aka “Earth Angels,” and Nature Spirits are always sending me their merry winks. Many thanks to this reader for letting them speak through you, as well!

Laura Bruno, wild and free on Halloween 2009

Laura Bruno, wild and free on Halloween 2009

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  1. Now I keep on looking at all the dandelions around and thinking of food. They are everywhere right now.



  2. Posted by Jackie Wright on May 6, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Laura, don’t know if you’ve seen this youtube from TedTalks

    11 year old exposes Monsanto and tells Monsanto where to shove it…Brave Child http://www.youtube.com/user/renegad127

    I enjoy receiving your blog and appreciate all the links you provide. thank you, Jackie Wright



  3. Beautiful picture of you! 🙂



  4. Thank you! 🙂



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