Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Tom Lescher ~ April 24, 2013 Pele Report

This is an unusual Tom Lescher video in terms of resonance. In reading the comments on YouTube, I noticed that viewers either totally connected with what he says, or they completely rejected this message. Very polarized, just like the energies right now! I find that interesting, so I’m posting this one for those who will find the resonance. If you don’t, the message is either not for you right now, or it’s worthwhile shining some light on your resistance and asking “What do I need to let go of?” I will say that in sessions, my various clients have shared concerns about all of the dynamics he mentions, especially this week.

As Tom comments, “the whole thing was about the moon eclipse……,” which he mentions as “tomorrow.” Please note, the report came out on Wednesday, so the Full Moon (partial) Eclipse is today. The water background noise is fairly loud on this video, but again, I’m sharing the video in case the message resonates for you.

Happy Full Moon! Make of it what you will. 🙂

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  1. Tom is such a rock ‘n roller!


  2. good stuff! resonate with message. been in the midst of writing my newsletter within same vein 😉 so perfect timing again. thanks! core stuff is hard to swallow sometimes for people


  3. LOL, Chele, he is, indeed, but always brimful of powerful insights.

    True, true, Tania! Always on the synchronicity train. I was going to write my newsletter today, too, but then the day filled up too fast with sessions. Oh, well! Quite the ride we’re on these days …


  4. Great message!

    The eclipse is on my 5th house Moon in Scorpio. Neptune, North Node, and Vertex are also in Scorpio in the 5th house.



  5. it deserves a weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, as that’s the way to ride ’em!


  6. Posted by diana allen on April 26, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    This eclipse happened right on my natal 4th house Neptune, which just happens to square my 12th house Venus in Leo. Meanwhile, transiting Neptune finally entered my 8th house….only to oppose natal Pluto in Virgo until Jan. 2015. Throwing in the towel on relationships! I surrender. Nirvana or bust.


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