April 2013 Specials

Thanks for your patience waiting for the April Specials. I don’t run the Monthly Specials from a left-brain, linear standpoint; I post them as inspiration leads. This month, I’m actually feeling called to continue one of the March Specials — The Healing Skills Reclamation — because the readings with a past life healer “filter” brought forth such amazing synchronicities and information. They’ve truly been a joy to share, and clients share that the readings have provided peace, affirmation and exciting new directions. Apparently, there’s more of that wanting to burst forth in April. I have also included a different type of Tarot reading for April. This one just, literally as I type, came to me. Details below.

Healing Skills Reclamation

This $77 Special Past Life Reading focuses on your previous lifetime(s) as a healer, helping you to access deeply buried healing skills. Such skills may appear as “natural gifts,” because you’ve already studied and/or mastered them in previous or parallel lifetimes. We are each individual expressions of Infinite Potential; however, some of us resonate with and respond more strongly to certain healing or creative modalities. The Healing Skills Reclamation will help you find out why and will also help you to become aware of which modalities and skills may come easier for you or produce faster, more fluid results in this incarnation. This topic arises in Past Life Readings, but I’ve never offered it as a dedicated Special. Here’s your chance. Half hour reading may be doubled for a full hour.

Offer valid if prepaid by 4/30/13. Please contact me to sign up.

Natural Reset Tarot

This unusual Tarot reading combines wisdom from three decks at once — Robin Wood, The Faery Wicca Tarot, and the Wildwood Tarot. In keeping with the integration energies so prevalent on 2013 planet Earth, this combo reading explores different ways that similar themes run throughout different areas of your lifetime(s) — past, present and possibly even parallel … relationships, career, creativity … physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

The goal of this reading is to provide Archetypes, tools and themes to help you bring vague, abstract “senses” and “intuitions” into more tangible, actionable understanding. As humanity faces major evolutionary challenges, embodying and re-membering the ancient ways and latent powers can help bring those flickers of the new reality into more obvious physical manifestation. We simply don’t create on one level. Rather, we bring our visions, imaginations, inspirations, soul longings and innovations into Being. We invoke Archetypes and symbols without even realizing we’re doing so. Without REAL-izing we’re doing so. Creation bursts forth from the subconscious mind, and this Natural Reset Tarot helps to bring more of that subconscious mind under conscious influence –the best of both worlds as humanity continues its Awakening.

$55.55/half hour or $111/hour. This Special is valid if prepaid by 4/30/13. Please contact me to schedule.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Julie Alukas on April 7, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    your specials and your blog, much appreciated…would love to do some work with you some time….Julie in Reno ps where do you live in the U.S. 




    • Hi Julie,
      Thanks for commenting. My boyfriend and I relocated to Goshen, IN in November 2012 to help support his parents. I’ve lived in Reno before, though, as well as Tahoe and pretty much all over the West, Southwest and Northwest, as well as Chicago, Madison, PA and NC. 🙂



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