Permaculture Basics and Permaculture Design Workshop

I’m not leading this workshop, but I’ll be attending it. In fact, I’m so excited about taking this class that I Freudian typo-d my title to read “Permaculture Desire Workshop.” 😉 These events offer free or very low cost learning for people who love the Earth and want to learn more about good land stewardship, permaculture gardening, and see some hands on implementation of ideas found in Gaia’s Garden. The free event is on Tuesday, April 16, followed by a weekend class on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can find details on the flyer below.

I checked with Phil at Transition Goshen, and this event will welcome anyone who wants to attend, including out of towners. The menu hasn’t yet been determined, but I will have some personal input regarding that menu a little closer to the time. If you have an interest in permaculture and can make the class, I’d love to share this experience with you. You can find additional information at this link. I don’t have any stake in this workshop other than loving the Earth and having asked the Universe to provide a Permaculture Design Workshop in Goshen. Just sharing the abundance of intention and answered prayers. Cheers!


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