2013 March Equinox ~ Real Ending of Precessional Cycle

Thanks to KP for bringing this video to my attention.

People sometimes wonder why I don’t post certain announcements, channeled material or calls to group meditations on this blog. Am I just not aware of it? The short answer is that yes, oftentimes I am already aware of the links people send me; however, I still choose not to post that material. We live in a free will universe. We just need to reclaim our own sovereignty before we can reliably exercise that free will. People are free to believe or reject whatever they choose.

This George Kavasillas video reiterates an ongoing message I receive and share:

Get grounded.

Tune in to Mother Earth.

The Earth is rebirthing herself, so tuning into this planet is your best hope and easiest, safest, smoothest strategy to ensure you’re on a positive timeline.

Shining the Light of Truth on hidden Shadows is a positive step; however, inviting in any and all Light for the purpose of expanding the crown chakra can radically unground people. Just like plants with shallow roots, top-heavy chakras result in weak humans. Please use discernment in the coming weeks and months. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If something has no grounding in the Earth but comes from the top down, it’s probably not what it appears to be. If something requires all your mental attention to begin to understand it, consider the possibility of it being a distraction. I read vibrations and scan energy. Top-heavy anything raises my hackles, activates my Spidey senses and leaves me unreasonably anxious until I can get my hands back in the dirt or exercise extreme clearings of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Trust your body. The body and emotions know far more than we give them credit for. If fear or an internal warning system comes up, don’t just repress those feelings. Fear is not a terrible thing. Yes, it is much maligned by New Age thought, but fear does have a purpose. It lets us know when we need to be careful. It lets us know to sniff things out, get quiet, go inside ourselves, go outside in Nature. If you feel fear, anxiety or uneasiness, don’t just dismiss those feelings. You are wiser than you think, precisely because you do feel.

Exploring fear and its manifestations as potential warnings allows you to approach life as a whole being, from all the levels. Yes, you may find that it’s just ego throwing a tantrum. Now you know. … But … if it turns out there’s more to it, or if you find your rational, researching, evaluating side now agrees with your intuition, well, then … you’ve got more to explore before committing to some “gift.” Follow the power trail when someone you don’t know insists on giving you a handout. Pray for clarity and discernment when someone calls you a troll or scoffs at you for not believing the latest, greatest revelation, prophecy, prediction, system that ends all systems, or some new/old Messiah/martyr spin.

We are in transition to a potentially very positive cycle. Those who know how to ground themselves, develop an intimate relationship with the Earth, and honor their own and others’ sovereignty will thrive. Please pay attention to your body, your feelings, your intuition, and to your own sense of integrity (integration) before giving everything away to your mind or spirit. Desperation or the perceived need for (or promise of) someone saving you are big red flags!

We each have an opportunity to become whole again — really, to recognize our own wholeness. “Divide and conquer” has been the way of this world for far too long. “Divide and conquer” applies not just to nations, political parties and religions, but to individual units as well. Beware the “One World” solution that demands you reject cherished parts of your being in favor of a generic de-individualized humanoid soup. “Uniquely You, Divinely One” is not the same as Collectivism. What George calls “False Light” is not the same as the Light of Truth. You do know the difference. Grounding and clearing yourself will make that difference obvious to you. Then you can use these energies to empower your fullest potential.

As George says:

“It is a momentous and pivotal time in our journeys and is unfortunately either being forgotten by many or hijacked by others for their own nefarious purposes. We are most certainly on the cusp of a most auspicious time in our lives.

“Enjoy and shine your beautiful authentic and organic Soul Light Essence.”


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  1. [Original comment slightly edited at Cassie’s request]

    Just skimmed this, but literally just got home from spending time in nature contemplating many concepts. Have known of George Kavassilias for a few years, although I haven’t followed his material for a while now, but last night was prompted to watch this video and two other short ones from him.

    I find myself at a junction in regards to archangels and certain healing modalities, including reiki, as it just hasn’t felt like a paradigm that is authentic to my sovereign self if used in a way that is following a programmed model and focusing on outer light/help, without integrating intutitve inner knowing and aspects of one’s own essence and innate inner light. Although it served as an important stepping stone to have that model, and for that I am very grateful. I am also grateful to have had you as a teacher, as you taught us that integrating our own essence into our healing work was ok, as opposed to only following a rigid structure.

    I have also heard George speak about the false light and when I first heard this, I was studying the gnostic teachings of Mary Magdeline as the Christ Sophia, and she spoke of the same concepts. That there are many false paradigms of light, and that the True Light is beyond both darkness and light…. Which my being resonated with deeply, as it echoes integration and moving beyond duality.

    I don’t know if you realize this, but George also speaks about the chakra system being a synthetic program, and other very controversial topics to spiritual seekers. Curious what your thoughts and feelings are about this, as it is a very different concept to what most spiritual seekers believe in. Also would love to know your thoughts on calling upon Archangels.

    Thank you for your sharing and wisdom as always!

    Love to you, Xoxo

    Sent from my iPad



    • I have been familiar with George for awhile. This is the first I’ve posted his material, as in this particular video he sounds very grounded and like he has done some major inner work. Some of his earlier videos have a palpable fear vibe to them. I appreciate that he’s been speaking of this stuff for years, but I try to keep the blog more solutions oriented than just exposing how everything’s false. 😉

      I have not heard his take on the chakra system, but I have long known that the system as we have it today is incomplete. There are chakras below the root chakra meant to connect humans deeply to the Earth. Those were snipped with the Fall of Atlantis. That was one of the primary goals of those in power during Atlantis. I’ve intuited that info a long time ago, but Shawn (the Druid) also confirmed it for me. The Telluric chakra is one of those “missing” chakras.

      As for Reiki … I teach it the way I do so that people can experience it for themselves in a way that feels authentic. That’s why I emphasize that in our most natural state, we don’t need an attunement. I have also found that there is “reiki’ and then there is Reiki. The New Age “reiki” doesn’t feel the same to me at all. It’s terribly ungrounded and has that false light energy. Ditto on most of the Archangel and other New Age “channelings.” They make me ill. Does that mean there aren’t ANY positive forces/beings out there willing to collaborate with humans as equal but different friends? I believe there are some positive beings/forces out there, but that very few people exercise discernment.

      In the Bible there’s a line, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Not that I trust the Bible as a whole, but there are little snippets of wisdom in there, and I believe that is one of them. Look at the fruits of various New Age teachings and how people treat each other and the Earth. If it’s all fluff love and light, then they tend not to be congruent. When cornered, New Agers are the most fundamentalist, fearful and judging group I’ve ever encountered! The whole movement is just fluff, but it’s based on some actual Truth if you dig around long enough, just like any of the world religions. The problem with the New Age material, for the most part, is that it’s been co-opted and just slightly misses the mark or keeps the deepest secrets hidden but then presents itself as giving all the secret answers beyond the “traditional” religions. It’s very deceptive. That said … the reason it’s able to be so deceptive is because it does keep a fair amount of Truth hidden in plain view. That attracts seekers. Very few continue to observe themselves and observe Nature to be able to sort out which things are fluff and which things are valuable.

      Anyway … I could write on this topic for decades, as I have spent decades walking the fine line of looking like a New Ager in order to help those lost in the New Age morass to find their way to solid ground. It’s a sign of the Awakening process that I am discussing this on my blog, but I have been aware of this as a calling for 20+ years. 🙂

      Love and continued grounding and empowerment to you,



  2. Two more things:

    1) There’s also the fact that all channeling comes through a person as they are, with their own filters, biases, etc. Someone could be accessing a truly benevolent source and yet the message comes through garbled. This has been true probably since very early times and is why most spiritual teachings do have some value in them, but one must always check his or her own inner radar for resonance with the teachings.

    2) Humans are meant to connect heaven and Earth. We are a bridge, and the heart is the center point. (There are also untaught chakras above the crown, just as there are hidden chakras beneath the feet.) Spiritual movements tend to denigrate the body and thus further sever our connection to the Earth. We are meant to connect to both. We ARE the Rainbow Bridge.

    Much love …



  3. Posted by Judi on March 19, 2013 at 11:38 am

    Resonate totally with your last comment Laura about humans being meant to connect Heaven and Earth. This is what Nature has also shown to me. I am being more and more moved to leave book learning behind – it’s always someone else’s filter as you say. Learning direct from Nature serves me best.
    I am feeling such fear these last few days. It is overwhelming. I just don’t know where it’s coming from. Is it me or is this something more “cosmic”?
    Anyone else feeling this?



  4. Hi Judi,
    Thanks for commenting. Yes, there is a LOT happening right now, as George shares in the video. He doesn’t get into a lot of the specific details, but there are many, many things in the works. That’s why I felt called to post (again) about the importance of grounding and discernment. Hug a tree. (Literally!) Walk barefoot if you can … even pruning a houseplant can help. Salt water baths can help. Also, don’t be afraid to engage your fear. Ask what wisdom and compassion it has to share with you. What path is it pointing out to you that would feel much more in alignment with your entire being?
    Blessings and calm centeredness to you …



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