No, It’s Not Just You!

I’ve got a busy day of sessions ahead of me, but I felt called to post an acknowledgment:

If you’re feeling weepy, intense, overwhelmed, terrified of seemingly dire health issues, horrified at recent government/NWO moves, and/or just wondering if all your dreams and progress are merely an illusion … you’re in excellent company.

We’ve got so much Pisces and Chiron energy whirling around these days that most sensitive people can’t help feeling it. That’s why, even though I’m not an Astrologer, I post others’ Astrological forecasts on this blog. Whether we follow the stars or not, they influence us. As Joni Mitchell so eloquently put it, “We are stardust, we are golden,” but physicists and mystics have also expressed that fact. As Above, So Below … As Within, So Without. Astrological trends influence, but we need not accept them as unalterable destiny. It just helps to know what kind of world we’re swimming in, and we’ve got whirlpools and a bunch of scary looking sea monsters right now.

Relax. Nurture yourself. This, too, shall pass.

Trends I’ve noticed in clients, friends, family, and on the world stage: underlying issues (especially health or survival issues) that I have seen and warned about (often for years) have suddenly made themselves undeniably known. A switch has flipped, so that people can no longer hide from the decay, depletion, infection, condition, conspiracy or whatever they tried so hard to ignore. I’ve experienced this myself, as well.

Yes, seeing a giant boogie man seems overwhelming, but I still view this as a positive shift. People who’ve lamented their “failure to thrive” now have much more clarity about the parts of themselves (or of governments, churches, financial sectors, etc.) that have run sabotage programs and drained resources. With this clarity comes initial alarm, but once the shock wears off, this new found willingness to look at scary things head on allows decisive action.

Yes, decisions need to be made. When deep discomfort arises, we would all be wise to assess, “What’s working in my life, and what areas really aren’t? Am I willing to settle for the yuck, or am I willing to make choices, shift awareness and take actions towards thriving?” It really can be that simple. Solutions appear when we’re willing to admit that we could use them. Now.

If life has you feeling down, use this Mercury Retrograde and major Pisces and Chiron (the wounded healer) period to clear out the cobwebs, face your Shadow and reclaim sovereignty over your life — body, mind, emotions and spirit. You don’t need to accept mere survival or getting by. If you feel dissatisfied, you can rise above wallowing in that and use that dissatisfaction to invoke cures, solutions and inspiration. Life is what we make of it … and in the Freudian typo pool, I just typed, “Life is what we make of us.” Indeed, it is. As Pisces makes us all watery, and Mercury wreaks havoc on our rational side and communication, and Chiron shows us our wounds, let’s use this time wisely. Find support — from within, from God/dess, or vulnerably ask for what you need from someone else that you can trust.

Most importantly, know that we are all moving through intense energy right now. We’re not alone. Ever. Even when it most seems so. If you feel alone, that’s part of the Piscean illusion. Neptune rules Pisces and the ocean. For some reason, that reminds me of Kabir’s line, “Everyone knows that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.”

I will leave you with this watery bit of loveliness, also from Kabir (Songs of the Divine, translated by J. Das):

Kabir: Ocean-Heart of Mercy, and, O Lily-Like Soul!

O lily-like soul!

Why are you withering?

Your stem is in water,

The water is in the pond,

The pond is God.

It is while in the water that you grow,

And in it that you live

You ARE always in the water!

There is no heat below you,

And no fire above you.

So what flame is afflicting you,

That you are withering so?

Kabir says, “Those who remain in the water,

And continue to absorb and be absorbed by it,

Kabir knows they will not die.”

Ocean-Heart of Mercy

Keep on doing your work.

Keep on reciting God’s name,

And you will live pleasantly in the world.

With true love as your master,

Your life-map will change.

Remember the promise you made [in the womb],

That you would use your body wisely?

How easily you have forgotten it.

You have earned no merit.

You have become quite intoxicated with the world,

And lost the true wealth you possessed.

At the end of life you will be compacted,

Into innumerable birth forms.

You obtained human form,

After enduring sufferings and difficulty,

So set your vision straight ahead,

Walk the path of life.

Your feet have become delicate,

And at anytime, they could give way.

Abandon treachery and deceit,

Lose attachment and illusion,

Avoid strenuous effort.

Instead, develop love for God,

Seek refuge at God’s feet.

The ocean heart of mercy is like wax,

As soon as conditions are right,

It melts with love for you.

7 responses to this post.

  1. I love Kabir 🙂



  2. […] Laura Bruno’s blog March 6 2013 […]



  3. Thank you dearest Laura for this….& interesting enough my internet ID is ‘Lily-girl’…so this has plucked a chord directly to me….Have a most Blessed day !…..Bev~



  4. Laura, Thank you so much for this, and all of your posts. The poems are exquisite, as is your message of truth and hope. I did indeed feel despair this week (which is rare for me) after I made the mistake of turning on the radio news in the car, and heard Obama saying “We WILL use military force in Iran, if that’s what it takes to stop ‘them’ from getting a nuclear weapon.” NO! Despair.

    It helped to remember the so-called civilized world has always been teetering on the edge of collapse. That’s what civilizations do. They screw everything up! Nature has a balance, hu-man “civilization” (so far) does not.

    It also helped to read your Pisces-Chiron explanation for this wounded healer sensitivity swirling around. Ok, it’s not just me. It’s the energy times. And this too shall pass.

    Meanwhile, in following the campaign to promote Michael Moss’s new book “Salt Sugar Fat” I’ve been experiencing some new paradigm shifts around food addictions, by realizing at a very deep level “We’ve been had!” The book describes how processed food engineers have purposefully designed these products – chips, coke, snack foods – with the goal of hooking consumers, whom they refer to as “users.” Not okay with me!

    As a long-time chip lover myself, this means that even the “healthy” organic versions of, say, spicy tortilla chips (even Quite Cheesy Kale Chips, ahem), are formulated along the same fat and flavor lines, meaning they have the same addictive/compulsive effect.

    When I interface with that influence, and infuse that substance into my cells, I become enmeshed with that Matrix of craving and addiction. Knowing this, and being clear on not wanting to be part of that sticky web, is a new avenue to help support and inspire myself and my clients to move beyond addiction and into freedom and choice.

    Remember the promise you made,
    That you would use your body wisely?
    How easily you have forgotten it [when Doritos came to town].


    Sorry for this Loooooong comment. Big hugs, xo D.



  5. Thanks, Diana! When I lived in Sonoma County, a doctor came to talk to our raw food potluck about salt, fat and sugar, basically saying that if you add those three things to any food, it becomes addictive. We tried his home food delivery, and it was … well … definitely NOT addictive. LOL, but in general we would all be wise to watch those “must have’s” as they are usually a sign of addiction, which saps personal sovereignty. On the other hand, ripping away all crutches before the legs have become strong, so to speak, can become a trauma in itself. Balance and going at one’s own pace, depending on the substance, seems to make the most sense. Thanks for your insightful comment! Hugs and love …



  6. You’re welcome, Bev. Glad it resonated! Blessings



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