Doreen Virtue ~ Weekly Oracle Card Reading: March 4-10

Good news for those of you undergoing intense healing journeys on various (or all!) levels right now. This week’s energies lighten up a bit. As Doreen says:

“It’s a gentler week ahead, with a lot of inner healing work to help you keep the faith and keep going. There may be challenges this week, but you have the strength and tools to deal with them, and grow and learn from these situations.

“NOTE: Because we added some licensed music to the end of the video, youtube put a little ad in the video (they call it 3rd party matching). To get rid of the ad, just click the X in the upper righthand corner of the ad box and it will go away. Next time, we’ll know!”

From Laura again:

Blessings and Love, and a special acknowledgement to all the feline friends out there having struggles right now. Many people have contacted me in the past two weeks about not just their own health and spiritual issues, but also with deep concerns about their kitties. Cats are particularly energy sensitive, so when big energy changes happen on the planet and we need to integrate new frequencies, cats (as well as sensitive dogs and humans) often show imbalances. Let’s all send them some extra love and surround them with healing light. Thank you to all the cats and empaths out there buffering some of the intensest waves for other, less tuned-in folks. We need to use this week to nurture and heal ourselves, and that includes any and all healers, regardless of species.

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