Flash Silvermoon: Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for March 2013

Today’s monthly forecast comes from Astrologer, Animal Communicator, Artist and Healer, Flash Silvermoon. She’s given me permission to share here insights here, but if you’d like to see fancier formatting and lots of photos, please click here to go directly to her site.

Flash Silvermoon: Astroflash Monthly HOroscope for March 2013

March floats in on a wave of Neptunian splendor and doubt turning our astrological world inside out. It looks good, feels good but what is really going on? To start with, since February 23 we have had our reality swishing around in the retrograde Mercury in Pisces soup. If you have been reading Astroflash, my monthly horoscope, you have heard me speaking about negotiating the “perils” of the dreaded Mercury Retrograde and of course it really is not what you could call perilous. More about that later.

In addition to a murky retro Mercury in Pisces, the month begins with Neptune,Venus, Chiron, Sun, Mars and the Asteroid Hygeia all in Pisces! I mean I am a double Pisces at least and I am used to this kind of mystical soggy stuff but even for me this could be a bit much. Of course as we move through the month some of this will change but this Piscean prelude suggests many issues with water and flow.

If any of you have been experiencing unusual body symptoms you are not alone. One of the fun ones that I have had on and off for some 2 years is what I call “menthol head.” It is not at all painful but my head feels like it is mentholated inside and sometimes that cool extends down my shoulders. I mostly feel this when doing spiritual writing like this and I believe it has to do with intense amounts of energies that are being downloaded into my psyche, changes in the DNA, frequencies that are simply too strong for us to handle etc. I also know that many of us are having these feelings as well. Restlessness, broken sleep patterns, panic attacks, visions, odd temperature changes, old injuries re-surfacing, and some of this doesn’t sound too weird but this is just the tip of the ice berg. These symptoms are not unlike those caused by the rising of the Kundalini and are generically referred to as Ascension symptoms. If you are worried then do see a doctor ideally a holistic one and if the problem is part of this picture they will find nothing wrong with you. Those of us who have been practicing Light Workers for a long time have been having a hell of a time with this stuff as we straddle the 3rd and 5th dimensional worlds.

Part of the reason that some people have trouble with the Piscean/ Neptunian energy especially so full on, is that you can feel less in control or totally out of control. You could feel like you are spinning inside of a whirlpool which might feel warm and pleasant yet without any kind of sense of how to get out and emerge back into what you once thought was your life. You may not feel like you have any hand in how your life is to unfold. This is when the Neptunian wild card of FAITH is key. This may be a really hard one but for the most part these energies require a kind of surrender, not to some god that hurls lightning bolts at the non repentant, no but to the Cosmic Wheel of Life to the Source, to the Goddess of a Thousand Names who beckons us forward on our journey with nary a road map. Then this becomes our Vision quest!

With so many water sign planets floating around in the heavens, it is Important to remember that anything that we view through water gets distorted. Water rules the emotions which can be lovely depending on which emotions. When we add emotions to the mix things can easily feel out of proportion, unclear and overwhelming. On the bright side this preponderance of Piscean planets can cast a lovely lavender glow around everything allowing us to feel carried away on wings of euphoria. Have we reached Nirvana, ascension to some higher plane or have we forgotten the first deception is always self deception? All paths lead to Neptune the great dis-solver and a place that makes the ego and ego driven most uncomfortable and the more spiritual and mystical blissful.

Astrology turns on the light and suggests the energies that are at play and the intuitive astrologer looks at the chart and the transiting planets and feels how the energies are likely to manifest. By viewing the house placements of the different planets the astrologer, or you if you choose, can see where in your life these events are likely to occur. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the flood of new emotions or the disillusions or outright deceptions of the times, it is a great time to seek the detached clearer view of a good astrologer or psychic. Even if you are a psychic by profession the waves of mystery that are cloaking most things at this time make it a good idea to see another that you trust and trade readings. I emphasize this at this time because Neptune is the very kind of energy that helps the psychic, medium, animal communicator or healer do their work and it is the very energy clients are seeking.

Another thing that these Piscean planets can develop in you is your intuition which should really be kicking it up after all the Uranian transits of last year. That being said, at certain times It is always a good idea to employ a good professional psychic, medium or astrologer when you need clarity and that impartial view for major decisions. Likewise, it is also very important for each of us to learn to go on the first hit, that gut reaction on the day to day to be our own director from minute to minute.. This is not an either/or prescription but a both/and OK. Being true to your own inner voice is a great path to personal liberation and one well worth taking.

Neptune which is the ruling planet of Pisces really sensitizes us on many levels, some wonderful and others not so much. As I walk amongst my flowers or the animals that I work with I feel so much of how they feel now as this transit is being downloaded into my consciousness. I find that the words for the feelings are so much more available and many of you may be discovering that your own sensitivities are opening you up to deeper realms and understanding. Do not fear these gifts, they are not of the devil or some other crap that the no-fundies like to tell us but truly a more beautiful and connected way to commune with Spirit. More and more people are experiencing this as we all become more attuned to the 5th Dimension. The not so pleasant sensitivities are not so much fun as we simmer in this soup of chemicals, chem trails, GMO’s, mercury and Goddess only knows what else as all of us get more sensitized and slowly poisoned. Folks like me who simply cannot be around any of this stuff any more are the canaries in the coal mines, but none of you should be using traditional cleaning products and particularly air fresheners and the like.

Neptunian energy can also bring all kinds of pollutants and drugs into plain sight and the global reaction to them may well be coming home to roost in our air and water and food chain. Speaking of pollutants, the oil spills all over the world that remain under or unreported are legion.The issue of the purity of our water and who owns it will likely become a huge deal as we move further into the time of Neptune in Pisces.

It is very exciting to see the Idle No More Groups rising up all over the place. The Indigenous people know what’s at stake as we should as well. We need to follow their brave lead and not settle for allowing the Earth to be lost to the greedy and the heartless. Once again this country is willing to bleed for oil, yet another fluid in the picture.

All over the world people are rising up against oppression!

The entertainment industry is ruled by Neptune. The potential and actualized offerings of musicians and entertainers can often turn the tide of public opinion in important ways using art and culture to elevate our spirits, teach and heal. However because of the corporatization of the music Business the illusory baubles of fame become more obvious as one by one great artists fall by the wayside eaten alive by the very world that canonized them. The music is so sweet yet like a Siren the industry drags one after another onto the rocks of drugs, overwork, intense isolation and loneliness. Being a Star means that you shine brightly in the dark so does that mean that they are destined for that place should they even grasp that brass ring? On the other side of the quest, music can take us to the inner and outer realms of the sublime where we can touch souls and even can heal the world. Wouldn’t it be great if the musicians and other entertainers would start saying no to the machine en mass? Some already are like India Arie, Ani Di Franco and even the great Aretha Franklin. Indie music is growing like other alternative offerings.

I do not share the problems that come with these times to depress because I feel that on the other side of Neptune lies the solution which is the focus of the many to elevate our vibration and heal the planet. We can and must recognize our interconnectedness, that we are all one. When we hold that focus and it becomes magnified by the millions understanding that simple reality, we can and will bring about a different way of living and viewing life. We elevate and change the vision for ourselves and the paradigm shifts. In fact it is already changing. As you align with this energy you will feel the changes.

Back to Mercury Retrograde which began on Feb 23 and ends on March 17, having this backwards version in Pisces is likely to create more of the obvious challenges. The likelihood of extreme confusion, missed appointments and opportunities, miscommunication and misunderstandings could make even the most patient want to tear their hair out. I am grateful that by my birthday Mercury will be moving forward again as the planets that surround your chart on your birthday have a great influence on your year ahead. See my website for info on the Solar Return Chart; this is your chart for the year starting with your current birthday and it is most useful. As I have said many times before there are a multitude of wonderful uses of the retrograde time so don’t worry or whine. Make this your time to get the proverbial ducks in a row, clear away all that could inhibit your forward motion and wait to kick butt out in the world by March 17 or a little bit later when you really can make a difference.

Jupiter typically a beneficial energy can really bring some challenging situations to the fore because all month it will be making a square [hard aspect] to one or more of the Piscean planets. This could create some powerful winter storms and we have already seen that this past month. As the energies become much more turbulent towards Equinox we are more likely to see more Earth Changes, storms, quakes etc. Remember the axiom, “As above so below.” Some of our dynamic weather patterns are about Mama doing some planetary cleanup but when you hear about huge storms going in strange directions and a series of tornadoes with intensity and duration like never before look to H.A.A.R.P. I have talked about this in other posts so refer back or please look it up as you need to understand what and who is directing such things.

At this time the animals of the world are particularly vulnerable so however you can reach out to these precious ones please do it really makes a big difference and they so deserve to be treasured and understood they totally give of themselves for their people and that unconditional love is a rare and wondrous thing so please make the time.

Slow moving Saturn and Pluto will be in harmony with each other all month which will give us more of a solid base under our feet while the Neptunian planets tend to make us feel like the sands are shifting beneath us. In terms of economics, I think this energy will keep the economy more stable. Truth is, we are not likely to be told what is real with the economy anyway. In these days where illusion is king, trying to find any truth about politrix is like trying to find teeth in the mouth of a hen. So I guess what I can say about the economic picture is that we will appear to be stable. Kind of like Saturn, which stubbornly holds the rules and ethics of the game, has made a deal with Pluto the game changer to let it ride for the time being giving the whistle blowers a vacation.There is an outside possibility that this calm may result in more cooperation on solving problems that are not really about partisan issues, now that would be a good surprise.

March 11 features a New Moon in Pisces along with 6 other planets in this sign so maybe on the up side we could see innovations for the use, preservation and cleansing of our beloved waters. This could also be a supremely spiritual time for all and I do encourage you to seek spaces and people on this day and night who will create sacred space with you – be it meditation, music, time out in nature or all three. This is a time of deep solace which we will need before the excitement of spring comes barreling in demanding its due. The other side of so much water of course could mean flooding be it emotional and/or literal. Create your own Temple, carry Kleenex and seek the sand bags if necessary.

Could be a relatively mellow month until March 20, Spring Equinox, unless we have some kind of watery disaster with floods or oil spills. However I hope you are all rested by the time Equinox starts to wake the world up with its fiery passion. Granted we learned to take it easier and go with the flow during the first part of the month but with the Sun, Mars and Uranus all in fire sign Aries for the rest of the month the time of confrontation is NOW. As I sit here writing these very words I can hear the bombers flying low over Lake Santa Fe in Melrose which is on their way home to NAS Jax from man-euvers by the Ocala National Forest about 1/2 hr away. This generally means that the brass have plans that we do not know about so always a good idea to get those Peace Pipes cranked and keep your ears to the ground for news.

Whatever has been percolating through the winter be it political, personal or natural [sort of] could completely explode when transiting Mars hits Uranus on March 22, even sweet Venus is dressed for war in the sign of Aries. We may have a lot of upheaval in the Middle East. Asteroid Pallas/Athena has been in Aries for some time and hence we see the rise of the women from the unlikely streets of Delhi, to the first Gay Pride ever in Uganda, to the Global 1 Billion Rising movement last month that had women rising up in dance and song in over 250 countries. In ancient myth, Spring Equinox celebrates the Return of the Mother. She has been underground during the harshness of Winter and now She is released to bring all the good things to the Earth that has suffered during her yearly sojourn in the Underworld. Any issues that are afoot to discriminate against women will not stand a chance in this climate and a huge demonstration by and for women could very well explode on the world stage. The most oppressed sisters on the planet are showing the way and I would encourage those of us who can to support their actions and let some of their fire sizzle in your own psyche to stand up when and where you feel the heel of oppression bearing down on your neck! Yes there I go, already feeling the Uranian fire singeing my fingers as I type.

By the time we reach the Full Moon on March 27, the Moon will be in conciliatory Libra which desires fairness, peace and beauty while Venus which rules Libra is in martial Aries. All that drama as the Sun, Uranus, Mars and Goddess Asteroids Ceres and Pallas – Athena are also in the Martian sign. The Aries energy opposes the Libra Full Moon so this can be a very intense time of choices. With all of this very inflammatory energy manifesting at this time which tends to inflate everything, I would do all that you can to promote peace and make the choice to stay in Love instead of Fear. You have the choice to be that shining example as you use the transforming fire in your belly to stand for what is right and release the war that lives inside of you.

Interestingly more wars have been started under the sign of the “Peacemaker” Libra’s energies because of that desire to make things equal and fair. The fire may be lit around the Equinox but I would say that the issues that are being dealt with are more apt to become fully recognized with the Full Moon. I know that it may sound really passe’ but Make Love Not War, really go retro, as a matter of fact this would be a great day for a Love In talk about retro because we really do have the choice of how to use this energy and how each of us chooses to spend this time does matter. If we create and co create a planet that is vibrationally inhospitable to War, war will cease!

Before the Full Moon peaks Jupiter and Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, will be exactly square giving us that wider view, access to really seeing and understanding the BIG PICTURE. With Saturn trining Chiron we will be gifted with ancient deep wisdom which is just what we need. The Ancestors are talking clear and drawing us near. Ideally this will offer some wisdom and vision to the inferno brewing so that we may use the action oriented Arian fire in a truly progressive way that turns us from being bored sheeple to being loving and inspired spiritual warriors, all in it together to save the planet. Talkin bout a Revolution…

In addition to all these aspects we see the Finger of God/Goddess, the Yod, with Jupiter as the focal planet working its energy through the sextile of Saturn and Pluto reminding us again to handle this extreme energy wisely to create change that will last and that will not merely be a band aid cure.This is an extremely transformative time calling for right action, using both sides of the brain. We can use our growing intuition to see what needs to be done while asking our intellect to secure the means and momentum to do it and our journey unfolds.

March 29 will be a great day for love of all kinds as the Sun is flanked on either side by Venus and Uranus all in Aries of course. If your love life needs a little heat this could be your day whether you are in a couple or looking to be in one even just for the night. Sensual energies will be most magnetic and electric. If you meet a new lover on this day you could have the time of your life, but if other aspects in your chart do not suggest longevity it could just be a very good time. If you are single and that appeals let yourself totally enjoy. Uh oh just noticed a potential wet blanket here as Saturn will be waltzing with the Moon in Scorpio which usually doesn’t bring in the zest and free flow of energies but perhaps will only temper the bacchanal. These energies will be around for a few days so immerse yourselves in sensual delights, creativity and magic.

Glad that we could leave this month on such a high note. As they say, In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion. I wouldn’t call March a roller coaster but a smooth ride it is not. If you tune in and use the time well though, you could have just the right balance to handle the twists and turns effectively with grace and courage. I am hoping that we do not see too many natural disasters and if we do please be sure to reach out where and when needed. Water and Fire, so much of both all in one month. Choose to live authentically and with an open heart; with that in place this will be a most memorable month for all. Love Peace and Justice Blessings Flash Silvermoon

Link to original article here. (Scroll down toward the bottom for individual sign forecasts for March 2013)

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  1. good stuff! like you, i’ve had several clients and friends share and ask what the heck is going on and feeling so challenged right now. there is a lot going on than meets the eye and it’s helpful to hear there’s a reason and you’re not crazy. is it ok to repost your post? i know some people that would benefit in reading this. xoox



  2. Reblogged this on Tania Marie's Blog and commented:
    Like my dear Laura Bruno, I have been receiving a lot of questions and concerns from both friends and clients alike about challenging experiences that seem to be hitting many people’s lives right now. When I read Laura’s post today from Flash Silvermoon sharing her Astroflash Monthly Horoscope for March 2013, directly and synchronously after answering a client in need, I felt it was a nudge to share Flash Silvermoon’s post. You can read the entire post through the reblog here that Laura posted, which includes links directly to Flash Silvermoon’s site. Being a full-fledged Pisces, I know the both the magick and the challenges that come with the Piscean energy, so I am a bit more equipped during such profound and powerful Piscean influences to navigate the waters. However, it can be tough if you don’t have any means to navigate with and no map to guide the way. I hope that what Flash Silvermoon shares, can help alleviate some of the anxiety over what you may be experiencing and not understanding, as well as perhaps provide some pointers to help make things a bit smoother. The key thing that stood out to me (something I’ve been focused on too) from her very thorough and insightful sharing was this message: “With all of this very inflammatory energy manifesting at this time which tends to inflate everything, I would do all that you can to promote peace and make the choice to stay in Love instead of Fear. You have the choice to be that shining example as you use the transforming fire in your belly to stand for what is right and release the war that lives inside of you.” Sending loving and peacful energy to your heart ❤



  3. cool info for March….those Piscean waters we are swimming in….oooooohhhh baby.



  4. Laura Thanks so so much for re posting my Astroflash I am a Pisces Sun/Moon/Mercury and Mid heaven so I do understand this Neptunian territory better than most . That does not mean its always a smooth ride but the more you can ALLOW the easier it gets and creates and atmosphere of learning. I really enjoyed writing this post too so please everyone enjoy and share as you will just post with my website http://www.flashsilvermoon.com and yes loads of lovely pix and the personal info for each sign as well we will move along swimmingly til Equinox and then….. the FIRE is ON! Blessings and Peace Flash Silvermoon



  5. I’ve got Mars in Pisces. LOL! Not the best, although it worked for Vincent Van Gogh. Thanks for all you both do to help others surf these waves. Love, Laura



  6. Thank-you, this explains everything especially the extreme moods. I’m a triple Leo, sun/moon 12th house and a intuitive pro. It’s like a see-saw. clarity, murky, clarity, murky. When in doubt, I do nothing but rest, meditate, cancel appt.



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